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I don't think I got a response to my question regarding the Text of Materia in reference to


Instead of

Fire 1 - Fire 2 - Fire 3

It would be

Fire - Fira - Firaga?

Sega, where can I find the second Enemy Materia, I've already started a new run because I thought I had forgot it somewhere aha.

I derped Kaldrasha.
I was thinking of it being the IN MENU Materia Textures, where it was field textures for the Materia and such.
All though the Restore Materia in the Reactor WAS BLUE, I decided against using it.

Very satisfied with this over Tifas though, thank you for compiling this and everyone elses involvement.

EDIT: Is there a mod to translate the Materia text?

Fire 1 - Fire 2 - fire 3

Where should I place "Field Models - Characters, Enemies and Objects"

On the priority list.
I cannot get it running.

I'm using
Battle Models - Weapons
Field Models - Characters, Enemies and Objects
Battle Models - Characters
Battle Models Enemies
Battle Textures
Field Textures
Spell Textures
World Textures
Minigames - Chocobo Race
Media - Music and Sound

in that order currently, but I cannot get "Field Models - Characters, Enemies and Objects" to work ( No Materia Edits, Save Edit, Potion Edits are working, I'm assuming the field models are cause they look fine. )

EDIT: Fixed.

Bootleg Questions / Music Bug with Bootleg?
« on: 2014-11-26 08:00:49 »
I run Bootleg with pretty much everything minimal out side of

Materia Textures.
GJoerulv Hardcore.
Rumbah Smooth.

And I cannot get anything but MIDI music to work.
When I have the Plugin enabled on Bootloader I get no music, I disable I get MIDI.
I've tried installing all of the available options for music in the BFE.exe, Anxious Heart, FinalFanTimOST, to no avail :/

Could I run this package after doing a minimal install on Tifas Bootleg?
I've only installed Field / Terrain / Materia Textures with Gjoerulvs Hardcore mod.

And how would I install these?
Relatively new and if anyone would be up for helping me I'd really appreciate it.

Yeah, Anxious Heart installed fine this time, but no music on launch again.
I'll keep at it, at least I'm learning.

Thanks for the recommendations guys!

Whats a good OST for the game out of the available ones in the latest Bootleg?

I've re-modded and tried EVERY version of Anxious Heart.
NO sound yet.
I'm highly confused.

EDIT 2: Got it. Have no idea what I did, but its working like a charm now. Ill be looking through my logs and such to see what I fixed and meddled with for users who encounter the same issue.

EDIT 3: I'm apparently getting the crappy MIDI files because it cant locate the Plugin for Anxious Heart.
Im completely lost.

Will I need to re-mod everything?
As in Full Install etc etc as noted in the FAQ?

It seems that way, as when I installed Anxious Heart its telling me "plugins\vgmstream_music.fgp" cannot be found.

I have everything working but ingame Music.
I've ran the Music Patch.
Still no good, only SFX are playing.

Is there a list of OTHER mods COMPATIBLE with this?
Getting into Bootleg for the first time and such and I'm highly interested in this, but I don't want to have conflicts and such.

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