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FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2019-05-17 18:41:17 »
hey DLPB

how your Teleport section on you Ochu trainer only works on save points and not on the world map field anymore

and can you add in Nibelheim South World on your Move to field/World Teleport section on your ff7 Ochu trainer please

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.3)
« on: 2019-05-09 08:10:37 »

is there anyway a enemy control feature could be added to this ff8 hyne save editor please, so you can play as the enemies on this game


this is the stuff i do not understand about adding enemies using the ff9 hades workshop

So, about adding enemies, there are a few constraints and some step-by-step method to follow:
1) Copy the enemy you want to add (right-click), then go to the battle where you want to add him and paste.
2) Copy some attacks for that enemy: it is advised to copy/paste attacks from its original battle since then the sequencing and animations will match. You can get any other spell as well though (but then you need to modify the spell sequence or the animations will look weird).
3) Select those new attacks you copied and change their field "Animations" -> select the new enemy.
4) Similarly, select the new enemy and change its "Default Attack" to one of those you added (it's only used for Berserk/Confuse),
5) Modify at least one of the enemy Groups to include the new enemy in it.
6) Click on "Edit Entries", select the last entry named "Object" in the list, Add one entry (it will pop between that Object and Zidane's entry) and change the entry type to 2,
7) Modify the AI script to include an AI for your enemy. You might copy/paste the AI of the original battle sometimes (for regular enemies mainly) but you can also use a very basic AI:

7-a) Function Main_Init
Add a line "InitObject" with the new enemy's entry for the first argument and 128, 129, 130 or 131 for the second (one that is not taken already). If you added more than once of the new enemy inside the enemy group, add more lines like these.
Example: I added 2 Abominations in a battle with 1 Adamantoise and so I added the two last "InitObject" lines
Code: [Select]

Function Main_Init
    InitObject( 1, 128 )
    InitObject( 2, 129 )
    InitObject( 2, 130 )

7-b) Add a function of type 0 (Main) for your enemy's entry (right-click on the function list for that). Nothing absolutly required there so you can just write a single "return" and parse.
Example: I let this example so you don't forget to add a main function nor a "return" line.
Code: [Select]

Function Abomination_Init

7-c) Add a function of type 5 (ATB).
You're not forced to make an AI as complicated as the ones the game has. You can go with something as simple as a "GetRandom" for selecting the attack and basic SV_Target selection.
Example: My Abomination has two different attacks: Silent Slap which is single-target and Fira which is Multi-target. I make it so Silent Slap is used 2/3 of the time and Fira the remaining third.
Code: [Select]

Function Abomination_ATB
    if ( GetRandom % 3 ) {
        set SV_Target = RandomInTeam(SV_PlayerTeam)
        Attack( 4 )
    set SV_Target = SV_PlayerTeam
    Attack( 5 )

7-d) Counter, CounterEx, Loop and Death functions are optionnal.

i did number 1 fine about adding the enemy, i did number 2 fine, but the other stuff i do not understand very well and i tried your very old ff9 steam mod, but it froze at the title screen and nothing happen and when i tried to open up your very old ff9 steam mod on hades it crashed it each time

I am trying to add Garland to the silverdragon boss fight at disc 3 on the original ff9 steam version

and everytime i try to do so, the game softlocks on me, what am i doing wrong then

Completely unrelated / happy holidays
« on: 2018-12-11 21:23:52 »
Happy holidays and merry christmas Everyone


i suggestion to add, is there anyway to make this mod alot more harder with bosses having new spells and making them attack alot more faster and stuff


where can i find a good ff8 hardcore mod at for the pc steam version


how is the mod fixing coming along so far on this mod


keep up the great work on your mod

i might play it 1 of these days

I just need some ff8 pc steam challenge please, like monsters and bosses to have new spells and stuff, and take off more damage off the party members


i do not think colly hardcore ff8 mod would work for me at all, because that mod has not been updated and tested since 2010

on KLITLIKA'S EPIC MOD i had a challenge back then, enemies and bosses attacked alot more faster, they had new spells and stuff and it made me think alot about what i should do about beating them

i just need a much more harder ff8 pc steam mod to play please

where can i get a harder challenge ff8 mod then

on the other ff8 modder mod, enemies and bosses had new spells and stuff that made it much more challenging for me and for everyone else

i had a challenge back then, i still like this mod alot but this mod needs enemies to have new spells and be alot more powerfull as well


is there any chance you could make this mod much more harder like the other ff8 modder did in the past please

what did he fix on this mod for v27 of this mod

I am very sorry for being so mean about your mod all the time, it just very hard for me to understand modder talk sometimes, so if i do not understand something, i get out of control and lose my temper when i do not understand anything

and the odin boss battle is still 100% broken on your mod, when there is monster beside odin the game softlocks after that normal monster is dead

is there anyone that can fix this mod please


how much longer until v27 of this mod is out, and what new features is v27 on this mod gonna have


i have another idea for your mod, on the end of disc 2 in the garden where you get the keycodes, how about you put bosses there insted to get the keycodes to unlock the doors in the garden at the end of disc 2, what do you think about that idea

I need help please


i do not see the help file anywhere on your RAW Mod, i have no idea on how to stop the Music from double echoing on your RAW mod

i tried everything


I have idea to share, how about you try to add in more seifer boss battles on your mod please, and try changing the boss battles on the final boss castle on disc 4 to different much more harder bosses

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.2)
« on: 2018-09-23 13:43:55 »

I would like to request for a Max status button to be added on this ff8 save editor please

so when someone presses that button, the status will get maxed out insted of typing it out manually


the roses and wine music on this mod is still double echoing for some weird reason when i use this RAW mod


will this newer version of RAW stop the eyes on me music from echoing twice in the airship when squall and rinao have there talk

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