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Sorry for posting in this thread. I would like to give a massive thankyou to all involved in this. The work is absolutely amazing, second to none especially for my all time favourite game. Looking forward to whats to come in the future, wished I knew how to mod and program stuff, I would happily help if I could.

Once again thank you guys so much!!

Bootleg Questions / Re: Music Bug with Bootleg?
« on: 2014-12-17 06:49:24 »
Sorry about that :) I am still having issues with the installer, it wont install any custom music (it doesnt install ff7music at all) or custom opening credits :S I did have a torrent for an older tifas package which had everything working well. Dont know what is going wrong here

Many thanks!

I am having problems with bootleg installing the music. It seems to only install a few files and I cant find ff7music to configure it manually after. It happened when I downloaded a more recent version of tifas package. I dont know if that has anything to do with it

Bootleg Questions / Re: Music Bug with Bootleg?
« on: 2014-12-15 07:44:03 »
I signed up just to post about this! I am having the same issue after I downloaded a more recent release of tifas package. The one I subsequently deleted after downloading the newer version never had this issue and installed all the music. Now during the BFE install process, it seems to only install a few files. I hope someone has an answer, I am tearing my hair out about this!

I dont think bootleg is installing ff7music at all, I installed it manually and the Final Fantasy 7 shortcut regained its icon. I will post back if this has corrected the issue :)

It has fixed it, bootleg isnt installing ff7music for some reason. Unless its a problem with a more recent tifas package release. I never had that issue with an older release :S I hope someone can shed some light on this

➣ How do I start over fresh?
Uninstall FF7Music via Windows Control Panel.
Uninstall the game via Windows Control Panel.
Clean your registry using this tool:
Delete the old installation folder completely. It will have junk files leftover from modding, and installing back into will cause a nightmare.
Install the game and start modding again!

Follow this exactly and you will fix the music problem.. Its the registry causing the music and several other mods (in my case) not to install!

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