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Ooh, that'd work nicely! Cheers MaKiPL :)

Thanks for the answer!

Dang, sad to hear that, I tried making the backgrounds very red (an example the Selphie model) - and it seemed like there were transparent bits around her hairline that actually went through her head - I'm not sure if this is just this one model or perhaps it was down to something else (I've never done 3D work) - but if I was to try and get transparent images of the models, is the PS way the optimal route?
Or is there perhaps other software than Noesis that would be better suited?

Hi guys! Long time reader, first time poster. ;)

So I was having some fun with the Noesis program and the data models for FF8, and I can manage to export a nice image with the Ultra-shot feature, but I would really really prefer if it was possible to export an image with a transparent background - as I believe .tga files can have transparency?

I know I might be able to export it with a specific color and then work it out in Photoshop (I have CS5 installed), but any clues on how to do this optimally would be much appreciated!


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