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Locations as in, In the game? If so, I'm currently in Galbadia D-District Prison, trying to farm for Rosetta Stone On Floor 11.

First off I just wanna say thank you for how much on all you provided for final fantasy viii. Your the reason why I bought it on steam, I love your work.

But I'm having some issues with triple traid. The back of the cards and cardsmat_1 are HQ.  The rest are the original graphics. I've delete every mod and tonberry and re installed  it back. But it seems like its not working. Every other mod is working beautifully. 

Current Mods
  • TonberryEnhanced 1.61
    • collisions.csv
    • hash2map.csv
  • Project Eden v1.0
  • SeeD_Reborn(v3.2)
  • LunarCry_v2.1
  • HorizonPack_v2.1
    • have all the updated Hash map
    • and obj

The Problem only occurs after a battle. If I go straight to card duel the mod works. But if I fought any moster before hand the mod only halfway works.

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