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The "stop being a whiny git: answer: When it's done(tm)

The less "stop being a whiny git" answer: Not only is the catalog being updated, but a ton of mods are also being re-checked for bugs and problematic interactions, the guides and tutorials are being updated, and depending on how much time certain people have and the testing time others have, 7H itself may even see an update.  In other words, this is going to be bigger than just a list of new mods to pick from.

I was not being a whiny git, just asking a civil question for god sake. 

Hi everybody, for anyone tuning into this thread I am one of the contributors of 7h and from now the project requires VS2019 ( Community edition which is free works fine ).

Is there a ETA on a release of the latest catalog please.

7thHeaven / Re: Something totally broke my mods
« on: 2019-09-14 14:30:13 »
Hi there. A couple of months ago I installed 7th Heaven along with a bunch of mods, because I wanted to play "A New Threat". Everything worked.
Yesterday I decided to play again, but suddendly nothing worked. Upon hitting launch game in 7th Heaven, the game would make a beep and crash. So I used the FF7 game converter again (yes the 7th Heaven version). This allowed me to start the game, but now my mods arent working correctly, some will be loaded, some won't. Texture mods don't seem to work at all.

What can I do?

Sounds to me like you not got your audio configured in the FFVII config file.

Could some please send me a modified p0data2 please that has fraggaso npc background mod integrated into it I would be most grateful. Thank you.

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 Final Heaven Launcher Not Working
« on: 2019-07-18 01:10:06 »
No, driver only looks for 2.0... here's my start-up chain:
Code: [Select]
[00000000] INFO: FF7/FF8 OpenGL driver version 0.8.1b
[00000000] INFO: Auto-detected version: FF7 1.02 US English
[00000000] INFO: NVIDIA Corporation GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2 4.6.0 NVIDIA 388.13
[00000000] INFO: OpenGL 2.0 support detected
[00000000] INFO: Found swap_control extension
[00000000] INFO: Max texture size: 16384x16384
[00000000] INFO: Original resolution 640x480, window size 1280x960, output resolution 1280x960, internal resolution 3840x2160
[00000000] INFO: Shader limits: varying 124, vert uniform 4096, frag uniform 4096
[00000000] INFO: FFMpeg movie player plugin loaded
[00000000] INFO: FFMpeg version SVN-r25886, Copyright (c) 2000-2010 Fabrice Bellard, et al.
[00000000] INFO: VGMStream music plugin loaded
[00000000] INFO: Loading external library Multi.dll
[00000001] initializing sound...

Now that's not to say his chipset isn't missing something else (being mobile, that wouldn't surprise me), but the OGL version isn't the problem.

USMC: Could you also post your ff7_opengl.cfg?  Same folder as the other two.  I'm wondering if maybe it's trying to use a feature that's not present, and if we can shut it off, you'll be able to play.

Then I think it just boils down to then his old mobile and Intels built in graphics have all sorts of issues with games, even the latest HD graphics have problems.

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 Final Heaven Launcher Not Working
« on: 2019-07-18 00:45:35 »
GC looks good, but this might be the problem:I'll have to poke around and see if I can find anything, but it wouldn't be unheard of for a mobile chip to not fully support OpenGL :(  In the meanwhile, check Intel's website and make sure you've got the latest and greatest driver.

Final Fantasy VII with mods requires Open GL 3.0 or above, from the look of his device it look like his only supports open GL 2.0. Not only that CPU's built in graphics does support the internal resolution he set the game game at. Running this game modded off a mobile chip set with built in graphic is NOT a good idea. In fact going by the fact his chip set only supports open GL 2.0 his device is a good 15 years old.

7thHeaven / Re: FF7 Converter not working
« on: 2019-07-16 23:57:54 »
I did play it and it worked without an itch
Also by unzipping the converter like a zip file, I got this after I tried to use the FF7_GameConverter_7H.bat directly.
The FF7_CG.log

FF7 GameConverter, Version 7th Heaven
Creator: Kompass63
Editor: EQ2Alyza

Start running at    Date: 16/07/2019    Time: 14:25:53,04
Tabella codici attiva: 850
ActualPath C:\Users\Stefano\Desktop\FF7_GameConverter_7H

You are running "Windows 7 Home Premium" on a 32 Bit Operating System (x86)

Real Management 32Bit NATIV

This patch is not yet applied.

Steam is installed in "C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VII"

Have you got another drive, on your PC like D:\ or E:\ something like that. C:\ drive I found before caused me issues but installing it on another drive caused fewer problems.

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: New Avatar Pack
« on: 2019-07-08 18:24:17 »
WOW these are brilliant, very well done and thanks.

7thHeaven / Re: Out of position
« on: 2019-07-05 19:48:23 »

After fighting for several hours I finally have things running and not crashing

But no matter what I seem to do, the window is out of position. It doesnt matter if I am full screen or windowed, its zoomed in to about the top 45% of the screen and shifted to the right with a black bar.

I tried running with High DPI settings, tried fiddling with resolutions, tried full and windowed mode, it just doesnt cooperate.

Tried ff7.exe and ff7 bc too

Just running the four mods that come with the remako right now.

I can run from Steam and it is fine though.

Surely I am missing something silly can someone please advise?

Note: I did have one arrangement that sort of worked, it was windowed mode with the top two boxes still at 0 and the bottom two at some value I forget, but it was really too small for me to play on.

Go to were FF VII is installed, right click the EXE  go to properties, then compatibility and then tick the box to run at 640X480 and then apply.

I'm not sure, I'd like it to be done by the end of next month but that's probably optimistic. I've got FF8 NT on the go as well.

Hey no rush man, you sound like you are giving yourself too much to do, again great MOD. And I will try FF VIII new threat MOD soon as well.

It'll need scaled back a bit if doing that, which might not be a terrible thing actually. Stops the game being too top-heavy when you hit Disc 3.

I like to thank you for this MOD, I was just wondering is there a ETA of 2.0 version of this MOD. Thank you you in advanced.

Installed 7th Heaven to use the Remako mods just the other day on my laptop computer and everything was working fine. I played through the first bombing, saved my game, and went to bed for the day. Now when I come back the keyboard controls don't seem to be working, and the only response I can get out of the game by spamming every key on my computer is managing to skip the starting animations by pressing enter.

I have the keyboard patch installed, my laptop lacks a numpad, and I have tried pressing FN in tandem with every other key. What do I do? Is there a config file I can manually edit to make things right?

Try running game converter again and say no to the keyboard part.

7thHeaven / Re: FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe error
« on: 2019-06-21 17:57:12 »
The one in the modding tutorial page and windows 10

Can I suggest a clean reinstall of FFVII, and use the FF VII registry cleaner to clear out the old entries, if that is not working CC Cleaner is a good tool as well too use. Then use the game converter with admin rights. Also it could be as well (as it has happened to me before you might be awaiting a windows update than caused me install issues in the past)

7thHeaven / Re: FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe error
« on: 2019-06-20 21:54:02 »
hello, the converter don't work:

-When I launch it, the black window appears and immediately disappears. It's the first time it's happened to me, I did not have that problem before. please help me.

What version of the converter are you using, and your operating system please.

7thHeaven / Re: Cannot download Spell textures mod
« on: 2019-06-13 16:36:32 »
While downloading the Spell textures mod using 7th heaven, the mod download was interrupted. Now the download always freezes. No other mod is giving me issues with downloading. Is there some kind of cache that I can delete, or even a direct link to the mod/list/post that I could use to manually download the mod? Any help would be appreciated.

Try this link it is for a newer version of the mod as well.

7thHeaven / Re: 7th heaven No music/Dualshock 4
« on: 2019-06-13 16:09:23 »
Well I figured out the music problem... Basically I was skipping the opening cutscene to check the mods, but whilst it skips the into it cuts the music, so you leave the into to run = no problems...

I just need to work out how to enable controller support and PS buttons...

To get a PS4 pad to work, you will need a third party piece of software called DS4 for windows. I would post the link, but I think I might not be allowed to, Google is your friend. This piece of software will basically make the PS4 act like a XBOX pad, it will also give vibration support for games that have it.

7thHeaven / Re: download not launching for field models
« on: 2019-06-12 20:49:55 »

First, I would like to thank this community for the work that was/is done, can't wait to play again at an updated version of my beloved FFVII more than 20 years later.

I have a problem with downloading some of the mods presented in the catalog (in particular field models for main and non-player characters).
Clicking on the link makes a loop of "error downloading" and i have to cancel manually the download to break this error loop.

I tried :
- to relaunch the .exe , refresh catalog, reload catalog...
- to use the last subscriptions version presented on the 7th heaven page (iros://Url/http$
- to search for another link of a previous subscriptions but i could not find it

If someone has any idea why i have this problem, I will be grateful to get some help.

Post the app log please.

I hope this is ok with DLPB, I have uploaded this MOD to my Google Drive account as a mirror, if not I be happy to take them down.

Full version

Lite version

7thHeaven / Re: FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe error
« on: 2019-06-09 20:33:56 »
If anyone runs into this red screen issue, I believe I have a workaround that so far seems to be working. I extracted the FF7_GameConverter_7H.exe and deleted a few lines within FF7_GameConverter_7H.bat.

The lines that I deleted are below. After deleting those lines the FF7_GameConverter_7H.bat seems to work, and patched the game after pointing it to FF7's install directory. I have made it to the Sector 7 train yard with all mods in the 7thHeaven catalog installed including The Reunion/Because and haven't noticed any issues. This probably isn't the best way to fix this, so it might not work for everyone.

Lines I deleted:

:: Test for Adminrights
   ECHO Access Denied, Installation Aborted...
   ECHO Run this Program with Administrator Privileges.
   ECHO Access Denied, Installation Aborted...>>FF7_GC.log
   ECHO Run this Program with Administrator Privileges.>>FF7_GC.log

The simple answer is just right click on the EXE and go to run as admin you do not need to go into the the compatibility tab.

 :o :o  These are looking very beautiful, keep up the awesome work. Are you close to finishing?

General discussion / Possible upload please.
« on: 2019-03-01 21:07:46 »
I was wondering if it would be possible please to upload the files that have trilliti alternate fantasy, hd background mod and the hd npc and battle textures mod rolled into one please so I can just copy and paste and play please. I have tried getting it too work several times but never seems to play ball for me.

The regular New Threat Mod (v1.5) for Steam.

Have you tried turning on the DPI settings on the FF VII EXE, right click the exe, go to the compatibility tab go to change DPI settings and tick both boxes.

Here's the IRO:

This is Grimmy's Jessie mod, with the encounter table chunk removed. Functionally it should be identical to the one available on the catalog except it can be used with NT and any other gameplay mod that alters their encounter table in field screens.

There are some issues with the Jessie mod that I noticed but these seem to be specific to the mod itself, rather than compatibility issues (as in, they appear even when playing with no other mods enabled); text boxes are misaligned in the elevator, and the portrait looks a bit off.

You are a good man, Mr Chief and thank you very much again. ;D

7thHeaven / Re: Text box issues when playing FFVII
« on: 2019-02-18 22:33:36 »
I'm a pretty new user to 7th Heaven, and I wanted to try out FFVII with all the mods that make it look nice (Remako and just about everything that comes with 7th Heaven). However, while playing through the opening bombing mission, I noticed that a number of text boxes were cut off or wrapped in weird places. I tried to fix this by using the Menu Overhaul, but to no avail. I followed the steps for this correctly. I am using the latest version of 7th Heaven, and the Steam version of the game. Please help!

Have you tried to right clicking the FF VII EXE, then go to properties, go into the compatibility tab and click the change high dpi settings then in that menu tick both the top and bottom options and see if that works.

If that does not work could you please let us know what mods you are using as it could help.

I looked into the issue a bit more, the source of conflict with the jessie mod is that it contains a flevel chunk that enforces default encounter tables. Removing it allows NT and Jessie Mod to work together with minor issues (some text boxes get misaligned but I can prob sort that). I'll upload an adjusted version of the jessie mod iro that doesn't have the encounter chunk tomorrow.

On man, Mr Chief you did not need to go through all that trouble, but still very much appreciated thank you. :)

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