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Kids these days... :P

Yes, in the base game, all things related to Vincent's sidequest, Chocobo breeding and possibily Ruby Weapon spawning require random battles to be done, like 10-20.

I still remember in old game guides they wrote that certain things could be obtained only in Disc 3, but that's because they skipped most battles or simply moved on with the storyline.

Missed deadline? I thought it was releasing next month, not this one :o

Yesterday night (for me) they announced a truckload of Final Fantasy ports for Xbox One and the Switch. Including FF7... which will probably based on the old PS4 version which was itself a port of the Steam version. I bet they'll still keep the very same audio issues that will only be fixed by this mod :P (it's like FF8 that will probably never be ported to any consoles because they didn't even bother to put their own soundtrack patch like they did for FF7)

Meh... somebody should make a list of all remaining audio issues in this game (the ones unrelated to RaW)... even if they probably won't be fixed for at least another couple of years...

I don't get it, we have to download separate Xbox buttons but no PSX buttons? Do we have to use your buttons from the other thread, Mcindus?

@DLPB since my issue with the Balamb Town and Triple Triad music cannot be fixed by this mod i think it should be added to the Known Issues.

Yeah, like i said in the opening post, the issue(s) happened without having RaW installed, too. Too bad. Maybe i'll check again.

EDIT: yep, it's still there. Of course being MIDI it doesn't fade out, it just stops abruptly.

I had to test the PSX version and everything is fine in Balamb Town with Triple Triad. So it's definitely only the PC version to have this issue.

The only solution at this point would be to give the "The Reunion" treatment to this game (so you could finally fix other minor audio issues like the Quetzal/Phoenix sounds, hopefully not as many as FF7)

What Triple Triad error? The one in Balamb? I don't remember it happening on PSX... but i could be wrong.

Both of those are PC field coding/porting errors and not Roses and Wine.   The latter is intended.  The former probably needs Deling to fix it and I am not sure how.

Well i thought the Balamb thing was similar to a fading issue that was probably fixed in W04... years ago i talked about a guy in Seaside Station that kept playing the Triple Triad music after quitting a game.

EDIT: years ago i also mentioned a volume issue with "The Salt Flats" being played at a lower volume in Lunar Gate (Esthar continent) in the RaW thread, but it's no longer an issue apparently.

Ok thanks. I posted in the other thread by the way...

ps: in the Help file you wrote this:

"2. Music can play where it originally didn't (so far I have only noticed this at the Fisherman's Horizon concert, where the victory fanfare will play after an instrument is selected."

The victory fanfare plays after selecting the last instrument, at least on PSX, as seen here: (45:14)

I tested RaW W07 and issue #1 is mostly fixed. Now "Eyes on Me" (which i chose on my PC playthrough) plays properly in all areas, and goes away/fades out when i go in certain areas or leave the village.

HOWEVER... when you enter the village itself after leaving the elevator, you can still hear "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\Music\stream\010-ante.wav" which is the elevator audio file, playing at the same time with the FH concert music. Entering the hotel (which changes the music to "Julia") or the workshop (which changes the music to "Fragments of Memories") and returning to the first area fixes the issue.

Also i'm not sure if it's intentional but in certain areas of the village the volume of the FH concert music goes down a little after a couple of seconds, after starting from the default volume.

Issue #2 is still there in its entirety, sadly.

I haven't tested anything else.

I'm redownloading FF8 on Steam so i could test it :)

The changelog says it plays the Shumi Village music correctly, but does that mean it can even play "wrong" combinations of the FH concert music now?

Sorry if i ask this, but i only chose a wrong music once, and it was 19 years ago... on PSX... and couldn't even get to the end of the quest :P

Explain exactly what part.  If you mean Shumi village playing the right music - that's fixed.

Yeah, i mean that. I'll try the new release of RaW as soon as it's released.

Aww too bad :-\ but does it fix that old bug i mentioned above?

But what does that mean or entail?

That everything related to music and sound effects is going to be as "perfect" as the original PSX version...

No he's trying to fix all the faulty sound effects and bad loops in the official soundtrack...

I am ready to release this now - but I need to test FH concert and Eyes on Me aboard ragnarok and I havent got a save.

Editing with hyne has proved futile.


FH concert has to do with that bug i reported years ago?

Sorry i never touched the game since then...

So R06 finally has a REAL release window? Cool ;D

What's the size of R06 in its current status? ???

No, what I mean is - if you have 3 enemy skill materias on one person, and one of those materias has a skill - the other 2 can then no longer learn them.

"no longer"? Isn't that the normal behaviour in the base game?

There's a steam community for having it. They've made some progress with some mods already. One adds the original licence board with the new stuff in it. Pretty exciting. :)

Seriously? I need to grab this game when i get a new PC.

You checked the files? We would like to translate it to Hungarian. Which file conatains the text?

I don't have the game.

Completely unrelated / Re: DRM pisses me off!
« on: 2018-02-05 00:17:31 »

DRM is the "new black" for the new age!
Oh gosh.. I miss the old days!

Wrong example though, it's a F2P game ported from mobile, it has an expiration date written all over it so it'll be eventually forgotten. Let's talk about FF12TZA using Denuvo maybe...

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