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Oh crap that crash bug was never ever fixed in any PC release...

Well FF9 was like an homage to the earliest FF games. But i'll always be #TeamFF7 #TeamFF8 :-)

The French version... back in 2003, many italians who were waiting for the Italian fan translation had that version for some weird reason... i've always wondered why...

That's on hold...  Lesser concern.
... oh, okay. But i didn't know you were planning a R07 as well :-o

On a side note, weren't you going to merge/rework the Bug Database?

W-wait, removing critical hit flashes? I hope it's totally optional.

Good luck in finding a "different" program like this lol...

Download link is broked :(

No it isn't...

Yeah, all sfx related issues are likely fixed because I have replaced the audio functions entirely.

Cool, thanks. I was worried because it wasn't in the Database, even as a fixed/green entry.

Hi DLPB, have you seen the Chocobo Racing bug i mentioned in the previous page?

I would wait for a hypotetical Megaman X Legacy Collection 1 or 2 lol.

Chocobo Racing sound issues:

In the Short Course, in the final part of the race, you enter a "windy" part, and the wind noise doesn't stop until after the end of the race.
In the Long Course, when you enter the "underwater" cavern after the waterfall, the waterfall noise doesn't stop until after the end of the race.

Not sure why it wasn't reported yet, but here it is. The problem of course doesn't exist on PS1, and i have no mods installed. Fully updated Steam version.

I've been racing Chocobos, and I've noticed if one races on the long course, a roar of white noise starts in the underwater section (which I think is intended) and continues for the rest of the race. I have been able to reproduce this on a second race; I haven't tried in an un-Reunioned FF7.

Oh, i know what you're talking about. But somehow i've always forgotten to report it... there's also a sound issue in the "windy" part of the SHORT course, near the finishing line. Both are supposed to end immediatly after you passed those sections...

Well, I mean he is placed five times in the formation to give the illusion of five targets, but the four additional models are invisible by default. I guess some sort of script error could cause them to become visible. Typically something you'd see in mods developed by inexperienced modders, but I've literally never seen it myself, ever.

Well no i didn't use any mod (it was the Steam version long after it received the PSX soundtrack), now that you're saying it there were probably more than 2-3 models. The weirdest part is that when i killed Bizarro Sephiroth only one model did the "dying" animation (when he collapses before fading to red like most enemies), the others simply didn't do any action.

Aeroga (and Supernova) both use effect 00163, which, as Cicciolo pointed out, is wrong in PC original. This is an error in audio.dat.  163 is accidentally the same as 162. This means there will be a totally wrong effect in Supernova too lol and other places.  But since I worked entirely off the PSX version, this effect has been fixed.
Ahah, thanks for fixing it, and for putting my name in the database. But i never noticed that for Supernova, perhaps i defeated Sephiroth before he could use it lol (i had everything already maxed out)

On a side note, has anyone noticed a weird bug with Bizarro Sephiroth duplicating/triplicating his model during the boss battle? I'm not sure if i could replicate it though...

Here's a funny one: if you access the menu while you are moving in the buggy, the menu sfx are all higher pitched. It appears the buggy simply has the one engine noise that is pitched up when accelerating, but it affects all sfx across the board.
I'm 90% sure to have noticed the same issue when i played the Steam version ages ago... no it's probably not happening on PSX.

The mansion theme should be fixed with Anxious Heart.  I'm sure I've had this convo at least 5 times. Please check for me. We definitely discussed the other bugs. They are fixed.  :)

Really? I don't see some of them (i.e. Comet2, Aero3) in the database... but i'm seeing other stuff that was already fixed, or is planned for The Reunion R06.

"Certain sound effects fail in battle. So far, these are:
xxx (played when beam is at the end of Cloud's sword during Omnislash)"

Please also add that Comet2 has a similar issue. And the enemy attack "Aero3" plays a wrong sound effect compared to the PSX version. It's all written there:

Also, there was a small issue with the Shinra Mansion music, but a fix was provided years ago, however i think i still haven't seen it in any version of The Reunion and/or Anxious Heart.

Well, that's it, i don't remember other sound-related issues, the Chocobo Dance Music bug and "Cloud revealed" were probably already fixed in the lastest versions of The Reunion...

Audio Mods / Re: Final Fantasy VII - Omnislash sound fix
« on: 2017-06-24 15:31:27 »
I was one of the people who reported that issue... i also noticed other issues, as explained here:

Feel free to add anything that's not in the bugs database (i thought everything was already there, though)

And Cert Serth, there's actually something far worse than Quetzal using Phoenix sounds, hehe...

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-19 09:07:14 »
He really called people autistic? Sorry, but this thread doesn't deserve to exist anymore, it's just too much for my poor intelligence.

Graphical Mods / Re: Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-18 23:01:25 »
Meh, for a moment i thought this mod was real and was actually completed in my absence. Nothing to see here folks.

I'm trying to download the mod, but I don't have a Torrent downloader installed. Does anyone have R05c or later on Mediafire or something?

Sorry for the dumb question, but there's really no way you can install a torrent downloader?

Oh, so it's simply part of that database. Thank you :)

Well thanks for everything. "ferned"?

Also is this "Bug Tracker database" something available for public view?

Well it says something about the sound effect missing when collecting the Chocobo Materia, but nothing about the "Chocobo dance" music fading off too early... oh well.

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