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Hi guys, one question: Does Multicut works with commandcounter??


First time poster and I want to say I'm really loving the New Threat mod. The new fights and tweaks to the stats/materia have been great and I love all the little humor added to the game.

I don't know if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, but I just can't seem to get the Chocobuckle Enemy Skill. I've just gotten out of Midgar and am at the Chocobo Farm, but the chocobos don't seem to want to use the move. I feed the chocobo a Gysahl Green then use Quarry Fuse (which I assume replaced L5 suicide) but the chocobo just runs away every time. I've tried other things like using Quarry Fuse without feeding it a green and also waiting until it finished eating the green, but every time the chocobo just runs away.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it not a 100% chance it will use the move?

Thanks in advance for any help.
You have to use another Green, Try using the most expensive one that you can buy in the farm and then use Quarry Fuse to the chocobo.

Same as Vanilla; disc 2 (or later) Wall Market weapon shop. The guy who sells you the batteries on disc one sells it for 129 000 gil.
Thanks, I found it. Now I am now in the post game and I am a little lost of what to do and what order use.

Hi! Someone knows where are the Sneak Gloves?

Spoiler: show

Dude, wtf? How many of this trolling strawberries are around there?

Hi Sega, playing this time the NT I figured that I always play with two types of builds: 1 for bosses, other for mobs, and it is a waste of time change between this two builds, so, Why not introduce a feature where you can save builds and when you select them, they equipped all the items and materias automatically??

I'm gonna check it, when i found the problem i will fix it and i will send you a private message,Bert Shadow.
If you have other problems with the Spanish version, leave a post here,to not mix the problems o_O:
Oki, gran traducción por cierto, lo de borracho de los suburbios como job es de 10.

Hi Sega! I think that I found a glitch here. So, only with Cait Sith (Idk Cid, Red13 and Yuffie yet) when he is going to rank up the number of the rank remains in 2.

Some Image here:

This time is not the second time he ranked up, its the Fourth time. Mi question here is: Do this glitch going to ruin my game? Would be Cait Sith ranking up for eternity?

Thanks for everything!

Ah I see, there is no innate speed-up option but there is a tool called Ochu which can vary the framerate of fields, battles, and world map (along with other features):

To edit the FPS, go to the frame tab and press F1 I think it is to enter edit mode (text should turn green). Make changes then right-click on the form and save. The press F1 again to exit edit mode.

As for exp plus, I can't quite recall and at work right now so can't check. Will be between 300GP and 500GP.
Thanks for the reply, I have another question for you. Look, I rank first with barret with the marauder set, now I am ranking for second time and my thoughts were to use 4 ranks to marauder and 4 ranks to heavy Metal, the thing is, It is recommendable to use two sets when ranking the characters or is better to use only set full game?

I ask you this because my intentions are use 2 sets in every character.

Thanks for everything!!!

Velocity x3? I'm unfamiliar with that; Quadra Magic and 4x-Cut are in the mod if those are what you mean.
Some modern versions of FF7 have the option of increase the game speed X3.

EXP Plus affects the equipped party member only. More can be obtained from Wonder Square in Gold Saucer.
How much GP?

Hi @Sega, thanks for the reply, one question. Does the X3 velocity works in the NT Mod???

Another question, does Exp Plus affect to all members of the team or only the one who has the materia equipped?

Hi guys, I am in the point where I have to spent SP points and I have a lot of doubts.

I am in a point where I can change the team without any farming, so I need to know:

1. Which team is the best in late game.

2. Which are the best forms to spent SP points on each character.

Someone can, please, give me some advise?


Hi, a lot of time since I played the New threat Mod (1.35v) and i wanna play again, so... I'm here for some advice if you people can help.

I'd like to ask about build compositions, which are better, which are not recommendable, etc.

One specific question I have, Do all character (the ones on your team and the others outside) gain the same exp for battles?

Thanks for everything!!!

I'll see if I can a scene patch done for both before I go to work tonight.


That removes the immunity flags from the turrets/treads on Grosspanzer and drops Proud Clod's base defence/mdef by 100 (along with small drops to base power in the magic attacks and removal of Manip from Source Jammer) until I've figured out fixes for both.

First of all, thanks for all, second, i have to apologise  about my last post, it was too raugh.

About the patch, now the battle is a lot funnier because he can kill you but, you can kill him before you're MPs goes to 0.

One thing more, I want to know the HP of this enemies if it's possible:

-Iron Giant.
-Master Tomberry.
-Armored Golem.
-King Behemot.
-Crater Dragon.
-Dragon Zombie (or Zombie Dragon).

That's all, I want it because.... Morph XD.

Thanks for all, Sega.

Okeeey... I am forced again to write here for some questions about 1.4 version of this mod.

The battle of Proud Cloud, wtf? no, seriosly, wtf? My party is level 77 and my magics (bolt 3 or Earth 3) deals him around 1500 and the physical attacks even reach 1000 per hit. So, what's happening? Is this boss Hp and defences aburdly high? After 30-40 minutes of battle I died because one of his cannons, which damage is very high, not so high if you protect behind a wall, but, BUT, this boss also inflicts status ailments and that, THAT is a problem because i can't use wall and resist in the same battle for too long because, this ferning bullshit of boss can kill you in one shoot after wall is off with his cannon. He can paralize, poison, sleep, transform and even manipulate you, this, dealing of course with his ""normal"" attacks which deals 2000 around of damage per hit whit barrierXD.

So, questions, How many Hp does this boss have? Any strategies to beat him? Are the rest of bosses same hard, ferning hard?

In my opinion Chief-sama, you need to fix this, because I played FF7 like a normal human: One Magic DPS, One Tank, One Physical DPS, without repeating any materia, etc etc etc... and this type of bosses makes me mad because are required to go further the story, the game and the evolution of the characters, because you only gain 10 Sp per boss. I understand if they were optional, but this kind of bosses are stupid, not even funny, you know, if after 40 minutes of battle the boss manipulates me one, sleep the other and then shoot the ferning cannon, what can i do? Understand me when i said that i am mad.

I am sorry if I am being too rough, but I don't know how to go further with my characters (Cid is on level 4 of his Sp evolution, Barret on level 5...) I don't know what I am doing wrong, so i need help, seriosly.

Thats all, thanks for everything.

Does someone know the HP of the Cait Sight tank thing of the silver match in Gold Saucer? Because I tried it in the end of Disc 2 and I can't been able to beat it because... because ethers are not unlimitedXD.

He consistently dodges spells? That doesn't sound right at all. I'll check him out.

Edit: Best guess is the pre-action script isn't functioning correctly. I disabled it for now and set evasion to 0:

There's a couple of changes in this scene/kernel patch that were planned for the 1.45 release, such as a replacement for L3. Defless and some other tweaks. Shouldn't be anything disruptive though.

Thanks Sega, again, you are always there.

See ya!

Sega Chief.... I need help.

Look I can't beat Tseng in Rocket Town. I don't know if it is my fault or the game but, i can't beat him, is impossible. He dodges the 95% of all my attacks including magics, I don't know what to do against him. I ask you, please, Is something I missed? Because I am going well with the game and in design terms this battle is broken, is not fun, something is wrong here!

I'm waiting for the answer.


Also, capping max SP to 255 is a bit annoying because when you recruit Cid, he is already capped to 255 which means he can only get two ranks at this point, while other characters already have  3 or 4 ranks.

The thing is, not kill the Powersoul keeper before Cid. That is because the boss gives you 100 SP when is defeated. All of us failed in the same way I see.


For everyone who can't go through the shinra mansion in Nibelheim:

1. Run for your life in the first battle.

2. DON'T, just don't poison the captain, he will be bugged and you can't win.

This patch is a little bit harder in terms of bosses, but, the mobs are easy easy. You have more HP and PM so you can even summon in random fights. The proof is that I can win the first Square Battle without any problem when in 1.35 I can't even passed the third round.

Another example: Godo's boss Fight.

I thought that he only casts you confuse, so I gear myself in order to counter that, but, I have been rekt by his Frog song, slow and aqualungs attack. Then, I crashed to another wall in form of counter attack for the enemy part when he is about 6.000HP where he heals up about 1200 HP. So my strategy was: Big guard in order to reflect him all the slow and frog stuff, and when the boss was about 6000HP, summon Titan to reduces his counter healing attack, in the end I defeated it.

In the 1.35 version the boss don't cast you Aqualung, slow or frog song, only Trino which is walled by Magic Barrier. Ah, his physicall attacks fails always and the healing is not so much in comparation of the damage you deal. So, the 1.35 is easier, but only because he didn't need any strategy.

So, if the game is harder but only because you have to think means that it's well designed.


When he goes into rage phase, make sure to remove all debuffs from him apart from slow, since he deals 2x for each. For an ex. i made sure that his doom countdown was near the end when i got him to around 7-5k hp, and then i removed poison aswell. Another tip is use yuffie ( and Cid if you get him and then return i guess) since yuffie can dodge almost 100% of the time, aswell as Cid when you get his luck up during battle.

PS: Am playin a minimal exp run, aka just boss fights and mandatory fights. I beat him with a lvl 28 -30 party so it is possible.

THAT! That is the data I needed.

Tomorrow will die. Thanks so much.


It's very much possible, yes. :)


I know it possible but I had 9 fails againts him. The first battle he didn't cause me death in my group, sometimes the AoE attack kills Tifa and sometimes not. The f***cking same with Soul Combo, sometimes kills me Cloud or Tifa, sometimes not. Is pure RNG this battle!

I'm level 40 and Tifa with his Leve 3 limit, I'm not bad at level... something is wrong and I want to know.


It's possible to defeat Powersoul Keeper the first time you go to Mount Nibel?? I said it because, after been dominating the battle, the boss became crazy and wipe out my party with one hit (6.000 to Tifa, deal with it).

In defeated it in the version 1.35 the first time I went to Mount Nibel but, this time looks crazy the boss.


There is a huge glitch, I'm in Nibelheim and when I'm going to fight with the soldiers appears a claw with a message that said "Level Check Debug" , I found the way to kill him but when I do it give me 99999999 of exp, I dont want to be so early with this level there something that I could do to dont have this glitch or avoid of something else? I am at level 37

I'm in the same point, but i Can¡t kill the claw, instead, he kills me XDD. So, if you want to go inside the Mansion you have to beat that monster and, off course, grinder like a monster. I don't want it. Someone knows how I fix it??

F**k! If you run away the REAL battle againts the soldiers starts


Anyone knows where the Gi Champion is?


Congratulations Chief for the first JENOVA boss fight! It was hard, challenging but not impossible. I see that, even with the graitfull HP and MP boost, the boss battles are harder that the 1.35 version, which is good.

I'm nearby Gongaga, someone knows if Ruda is, AGAIN, inmune to berserk, you know, to prepare myself to struggle the Ruda's Healing madness.


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