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Incredible work man. I used Remako for a long time, and this blows it out of the water. Between this, ProjectEdge and Ninostyle's FF7 models, the game looks amazing!

Hello, I'm thinking of using this modpack with reunion, alongside ProjectEdge. What I don't seem to be able to find is Ninostyle's FF7 models, I've searched trough the forums with no it even compatible with Reunion?

Reunion has it's own model overhaul, so it's the least priority, but still I would like to test out ninostyle's models

Thank you

Hello, first of all, thank you for the awesome mod. Just finished FF7-remake and wanted to revisit the original, but with propper translation. This was exactly what I was looking for.

I mixed it with REMAKO mod, which honestly makes it look great.

I read about the "problem" (?) with 7th heaven, I hope the following is not missunderstood. I used the 2012 Square-Enix release (not 1998, not Steam) and couldn't make FF7_GameConverter_0.11.exe work, thus not being able to properly install reunion. In the end what worked for me was installing 7th heaven after a clean installation, the run 7th heave, make sure first launch gamepath configs were OK, then launched the game once without mods. This seemed to propperly reconvert the installation to the 1998 version, thus allowing for a propper install and usage of Reunion and the mods.

Then I followed the following guide to install the REMAKO mod (basically, use 7th heaven built in tool to unpack IRO files, copy them to propper paths, and also the yuv.frag file, but I'm not sure if this was actually needed as video files were playing fine).
Here's the instructions I followed.

I'm gonna post instructions for 2012 Square-Enix release + Reunion + REMAKO just in case it comes in handy for someone:
1.- Install FF7 2012 Square release (I installed to c:\GAMES\FINAL FANTASY VII as suggested by REMAKO's install guide)
2.- Install 7th heaven 2.0 (I used version Setup-SeventhHeaven-v2.0.3.406.exe)
3.- Run 7th Heaven, make sure FF7 paths are correct (it should ask for them the first time you run the program, if not you can find it at Settings->General Settings)
4.- Run the game (Play->Play without mods).

At this point the 2012 should have been reconverted to 1998 version, and you should be able to run the game via FF7.exe

5.- Install Reunion R06b

If you only want Reunion, edit [root]\The_Reunion\options.ini as needed (resolution, enable mods etc.) and use FF7.exe to run the game. We'll proceed with REMAKO.

6.- Download yuv.frag and Remako HD Graphics Mod v1.0 - Complete Download from
7.- Decompress the Remako HD mod
8.- Create the folder [root]\The_Reunion\CUSTOM\remako\Texture
9.- Use 7th Heaven IRO tools to unpack remako's iro files
10.- Move the parent folder of the unpacked files to the remako\Texture folder. It should now contain the battle, char, field, menu, minigames and world folders.
11.- Copy the movies folder from Remako to [root]\data (this will ask to overwrite the original less quality files)
12. Edit [root]\The_Reunion\options.ini as needed (resolution, enable mods etc.). "MOD_ID = remako" is required for remako textures.
13. Copy yuv.frag to [root]\The_Reunion\Program_files (this file is needed to correctly visualize the better quality video files)

I'm not sure if Reunion's yuv.frag is better than Remako's as I've seen Reunion's has it's own yuv.frag...should I keep Reunion's yuv.frag instead?

I hope this is useful for others, I'll be waiting for R07 ^^

FF8 Tools / [PSX/PC] Chocobo World Savegame Editor
« on: 2016-07-10 22:51:40 »
UPDATE: PC support added.


Lately I've learnt how to code with c# and windows forms, so I've wrapped up a quick save editor with the information I investigated three years ago (

For now it should work with PSX saves (*.mcs format, use MemcardRex 1.8 to manage PSX saves). Adding PC support should a no go when I find the infromation about the PC save.

ps: Does someone know what save file format does the old Chole editor use? ( It can edit the map position, which seems nice (but pointless). I know where "moves" and "direction" are stored, but these can really be changed in-game so I don't really see a point in adding them to the editor.

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