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Thanks for the playthrough!
No problem about the frustration, I perfectly understand. You didn't see my frustration when I saw you were doing something and I would have played differently :p

That's not a glitch on Necron for once. It's something that happens if you have recruited Beatrix: one of the characters at random gets 2 "vital force" and that character gets a Max HP boost for the final battle.

I can imagine XD.
Interesting thing about Necron wasn't expecting that ^^

Well finally took down Necron video will be coming soon.

Honnestly thought at first he was kind of a bullshit fight, didn't see how to beat him at my current LV and was almost about to just Save Editing my LV99......... guess I was just really tired last month and need to take a much needed break from FFIX, as upon retrying I end up finding a way after only 3 tries off-screen and first try while recording, so the biggest pain in the ass of this fight is hands down Gran Cross, random Statut Effects really is an issue especially since you can't get immune against some of them (Berserk and Death being the worst honnestly if 3 characters get hit by 1 of this 2 you might as well reset), Mother, Regen and Curaga are also annoying as well as Meteor but thankfully Meteor is quite rare. Maybe I was underlevel for this fight (LV45-55) and end up having to take it extra safe by taking Eiko and Kweena to permanently keep my team under Reflect, Protect and Shell and take care of the support while Steiner and Tarask were dealing the damage.

So I'd say this fight as some Randomness in it but not as bad as Ozma (despite what I said in my video), and was a fair fight as well as being finally a boss that took over 15 minutes to defeat, I wasn't sure what to think about this fight at first but in the end I think Necron is a good fight to conclude the mod.

In any case thank you for this mod, was really good I had a lot of fun playing it, don't mind me getting frustrated in video I have this tendancy of being frustrated on things where I fail to do but looking back outside of the Kuja's fight (the first one was kinda BS with the reducing stats to 0/1 and Trance Kuja was honnestly very disappointing easiest boss of Disc 4 as an all kind of anti-climatic), and Thorn and Zorn's refight due to a glitch, I enjoy pretty much all the boss fights in this mod. Also like the rework of the gameplay and characters, which makes the game more balance and more enjoyable.

EDIT : Also minor Glitch on Necron it seems one of the 4 characters get a HP increase out of nowhere for the fight in my vid Steiner had 4257 HP but his HP were increase to 6385 for Necron's fight

Yeah double make Ifrit easier, maybe instead of double you could make Shell, make Ifrit manageable but then would be to beat within the 10 minutes.

Also sadly can't continue for now Rose and Wine W07 keep screwing up on me, and it gotten even worse now for some reasons it litteraly disable my keyboard for FFVIII and since you can't close the Windows that show the button mapping, I can't even play the game, and this is definitly due to RaW W07 cause when I install W06 again it works with no problem.

Just so you know I've started an LP of the Ragnarok Mod, especially the Lion Heart Mod, doing an effort and I'm gonna do this all LP in english think it will be better feedback to actually show everything I'm doing and comment directly on it, english is not my native language tough so sorry if this isn't fluide or if it sounds weird, anyway just uploaded the first part for now :

Not a lot to say, I just follow the instruction to show and ensure the mod is properly installed, did an early drawing spells and beat Ifrit in 10 minutes, little mistake in the dialogue from the guard at the entrance they say "You managed to get the GF within 5 minutes." but on Lionheart the minimum you can choose is 10 minutes, yeah I know just a little nitpick  :-D , manage to do it in 7 minutes.

Well being trying Necron and.... just how many fucking HP he has ? I swear I've had try that lasted over 30 minutes the fucker just never die, hands down the most frustrating fight of the mod, Meteor and Crucifix are pure RNG, Regen on a boss that has Auto-Haste great idea -_-, and he just get turn after turn thanks to the dummies thing. On the good at least we can use his Newtoring against him to heal us  that pretty much the only good news tough.

Great I'm going to do an Hard Mod run once I'll have finish my FFIX Alternate Fantasy playthrough.

Well I retested the diaporama feature, and it seems some screens lags like crazy others work fine, and I happened to have choose an option that directly start with screen that lags, don't know what cause the lags, I also have some graphical glitch on some screen, I only try the Alexandria one.

About ATB trick should have guess I was doing something wrong, as for the Auto-Abilities I admitadly should use them more, must admit outside of Auto-Float and Haste that their cost kind of make me hesitant about using them which I probably shouldn't ^^", as for Bibi admitadly forget about the Element 0 ability. Despite how much I liked it, FFIX is to be honnest one of the FF that I played the least, it's in fact the first time I replay it in years so I'm not as used to it than let say FFVII or FFVIII, so I'm not surprise I'm doing things wrong ^^.

For Ark crashing the game not sure either, maybe it's because I used him repeatdly, in a very short period with 5x time speed, maybe to much thing to process at once, I don't know, but I was admitadly very frustrated by this crash, cause I was working on maximizing Ark damage while learning him, and I was almost done lose all my progress due to that XD.

Would you say I was underlevel for these fights, or I was about right ?

Spoiler: show
Ok what the hell is happening with Zorn and Thorn refight, I've been casting Atomos over and over dealing 7982 damage each cast and they just never die, so wtf ? Is there a secret or do they just have a million HP or something ?

EDIT : And the try after they died in no time, I did'nt understand anything

EDIT 2 : OK So beat the 4 new boss fight so can give an overall opinion on them, the video will come soon, putting in spoiler in case people don't want to get spoiled :

Spoiler: show
-The Black Waltz : A pretty fun fight can be rough when going unprepare, have to get immune to at least 2 element to survive their Valse, Black Waltz 2's GĂ©henne hit very hard, Black Waltz 1's Nocturne is dangerous when attempting this the first time. Steiner's Sword Dance and Dagger's Atomos were my best AoE damage here. Zidane was attacking one and Eiko was on support.

-Lovecraft 2 : The fight is interesting, like that spawning different monstrer out of the books (FFV's reference ^^) however I feel it drag a little, and when it's closed the book just doesn't do anything frightening, also when the real spawn I honnestly one shot him dunno if that intended.

-Meltigemini and Zorn/Thorn refight : The Meltigemini part is good you either fight him normally where he act 2 times per turn, but can do a lot of shit, or you put Berserk on him and he only do Casoar but 3 times in a row, feel it's more consistant to put Berserk on him, and so easier to keep HP high for when he cast berserk on everyone, as anyone that die after he cast berserk is perma lost for Zorn and Thorn part. As said sooner, didn't get how to kill them, had a try where I keep casting Atomos for a whopping 20 minutes dealing 7982 per cast and they just didn't die, so I feel I didn't understand a gimmick, good for me however I found their Mini Atomnium is earth elemental and being immune to it prevent the zombie which help ^^.

-The 4 elemental Guardians : My only complain about this fight is Lich's gimmick of casting Zombie twice then Over Hades while cool when you fight him alone, really isn't suited for a fight against 4 bosses, handling Zombie while having 3 other bosses hammering you is just horrible, other than that the hardest part is the beginning managing to pull off Mighty Guard, once Mighty Guard is set it's become a lot more manageable, having a Gris-gris on everyone to halves all elemental attack. As for damage Dagger's Shiva is great (really was a good call to maximize her XD) cause both Merilith and Tiamat are weak to it and take a whopping 9000 damage from it (Kraken took 3000, the camera angle didn't allow me to see how much Lich took probably 5-6k), Steiner's Sword Dance does 9000 damage on everyone, Kweena was mostly of support and Zidane was attacking physically (probably could have replace him by someone else to be honnest).

Little word on character balance :

-Steiner is honnestly kinda OP, the fact I got the Excalibur 2 probably help with that, but now that all bosses are susceptible to it his ability to reduce ennemies Strength and Magic is extremely usefull, Sword Dance is ridiculous with Excalibur 2 hit every ennemies while being able to stay in the Back Row, it cost a lot of MP but once you have Half MP it honnestly not that costly, and once you beat Hades you can forge an Armor exclusive to him that give over 60 in both Defense making him the hardest character to kill, so you have a character that deal great damage, can take quite a punishment and decrease Boss's power and defense.

-As such Beate feel like a lesser Steiner she hit hard but not as hard, she is resistant but not as resistant, however she at least has the quality of having good White Magic for support, so between the 2 Beate is trading power for ability to support when needed. I feel however she is missing in Power, and by the way think it would have been cool is Hades's Save The Queen would have been a stronger actually able to compete with Excalibur 2 (a shame she can't use it by the way despite being able to use Excalibur 1).

-Bibi on the other side is probably the worst character, to put it simply after the last time he was forced I only used him for Tiamat and this was just because I wanted to spice my LP by putting the character that face the corresponding Elemental Fiend, otherwise I would have take someone else. Bibi is great for mid game where he is force, starting on Disc 3 tough he fall quite short, and also....

-Dagger while starting as a healer, once you put work into strengthening her summon Dagger just completly overshadow Bibi, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit and Leviathan are just better than the -aga spell Dagger can easily reach the cap when exploiting weakness and these 4 elemental summons are really cheap to use especially once you get Half MP, the only way Bibi can compete with Dagger is with the Reflect on everyone set up on a single target ennemy, Dagger just doesn't need such set up, for AoE Bibi can't compete at all against Dagger as her summon don't get a Multi-target penalty unlike his spells and for Neutral damage Bahamut is stronger, and for fractionnal damage Atomos is on basis an AoE version of Demi so once strengthen no competition here either, and so suddenly at Disk 3 Dagger become the best source of Magic damage, while still keeping her White Magic for support, the poor little Black Mage can't compete with the Princess.

-Freyja is a solid character, she can deal great damage but also as some support ability her White Draw is probably the easiest way to recover MP in battle, making Freyja an MP battery for the mage.

-Tarask once getting his Kaiser Knuckles he is the only character in the game that at one point get better at dealing physical damage than Steiner, from the Oeilvert to Mount Goulg section Tarask with Kaiser Knuckles, wind ehancing gear and his Curse ability become the best physical damage dealer, once Steiner get Ragnarok and Excalibur he catch up with him, Tarask is still great due to his utility, if you have a lot of money Spare Change is the easiest and most consistant way to deal 9999 damage XD, Curse and Concentrate makes him a really good ally to pair with mages, Revive is handfull if your dedicate healer have already thing to do. Starbust however feels like an attack design for LV1 challenge I honnestly don't see it's use on a regular playthrough. Restore HP can have it's use for some ennemies attack that reduce HP to 1 digit. Also still has the best Trance in the game XD

-Quina is still the ultimate Jack of all trick master of none of FFIX, that being said Mighty Guard alone makes her a candidate for best support character combine with White Wind and Angel's Snack for healing both damage and Statut effect, then on the damage have a little of everything of course she doesn't compete with Dagger or Bibi, but when you don't need her for support she can deal decent damage, don't get what's the purpose of HP Switching and Self Destruct tough.

-Eiko IMO she shares the spot for best support character with Quina, Carbuncle is just so usefull and you can tune him depending of what you need, also the only character that can increase Strength of other physical attacker, also Phenix can save in case of a wipe and tough it takes a while to get it Holy spell is a good damaging spell, become even better as a support with her Trance.

-Zidane well he is force for most of the game, but at least he do the job (thank god for the increase steal rate), his Transcend ability is welcome to have better control over Trances, Regenerate with Herboriste is a solid way to recover MP, Warmup allow him to keep up with more dedicate physical character, his final weapon high attack power allow him to stay relvant in the end game.

Well I tried with Silence, first I had to say without Zidane and Soul Blade the odds of silencing him are ridiculously low, I cast Silence 10 times with Beate and Eiko not a single one landed -_-.

But then when he get Silenced...... the fight is actually worst than not using Silence for the following :

-Curse, fucking Curse not only it does Statut Effect but the Damage are very high and seem quite random sometime he cast it all my team survive, sometime all my team die with over 7000 damage, IMO the second worst attack ennemy can have in this game behind Meteor.
-A customize Atomnium that deal high damage.
-An attack that kill and Zombify at the same time.
-Flare Star

And he still use Gran Cross, Silence doesn't prevent him to cast it, dunno if he had queued before getting Silenced but he casted it after getting Silenced. So huh yeah I'm gonna stick with fighting him normally ^^

OH interesting !
I guess this is the result of the syndrome of superbosses generally be immune to everything ^^".
Wondering tough what can he do under the silence statut ? Considering outside of Gran Cross everything look like a spell that would be block by silence.
Looks like the Reflect strat I use would be the high risk high reward strat, considering if he cast Holy he does 9000 to himself and if he counter with Berserk he takes 7000 out of it ^^, good RNG can make you kill him in 2 rounds XD, but you are still at the mercy of meteor. Silence would be the safer strat.

Well since then I progress through Memoria and beat Hades and Ozma.

Hades is a fun fight, the Defend command find a good use here.

Ozma, geeeeez this ball is really pissed off I have a few thing about this ball :

-What the hell is going on with his speed ? It's like he has no delay between his turn.

-Hades LV3 ? Well I hope nobody grind LV99 for this fight ^^ (I did this fight LV41-44)

-Countering with AoE Berserk, honnestly if you don't have Reflect I don't see how you can win this fight with reasonnable odds, cause this freaking move right there.

-As usual Meteor is random and can randomly end the fight, on top of it now we have Gran Cross same deal.

So yeah Meteor and Gran Cross are the big potential show stoppers of this fight, having Reflect make this fight much more manageable pretty much needed to get through his Berserk Counter, also usefull if he decide to cast Holy. As for damage I had so much gils (800k to be exact) that Amarant was dealing 9999 fix with Spare so he ned up being my main source of damage XD, Steiner with Excalibur 2 and Choc deal really good damage to, Zidane with Solution 9 deal 9999 to, gear everyone against darkness, use Carbuncle with Eiko and eventually if Meteor and Gran Cross don't mess to much he should fall.

Next time will try the new bosses.

For all thing I like about this mod, I have to say I really do not like Kuja's first fight, that attack that reduce Max HP to 1 is honnestly bullshit, unless I missed something it seems to be up to RNG had a try where I end up with 3 character at 1 Max HP what was I suppose to do really ?

And the funny part is I thought about this solution, but thought it would be dumb and didn't do it, guess I should follow my instinct sometime :roll: .
Thanks for the reply

Hmm I have an issue with Ragtime Mouse, I'm on his sixteenth question and it doesn't to have a way, I hit the Circle he say I lost, I his the Cross he say I lost and I hit him he flee as usual, so is that a glitch or is there something I'm doing wrong ?

Alright thank for the clarification, was afraid to missed it due to a glitch and missed the S rank with it XD

Huh I have a problem I don't know if it's due to your mod but I'm on disc 3, I have the airship, I put Quina and Vivi in my party but the scene in Quan's Dwelling isn't triggering, I have no idea why.

I have one question regarding summon you said this in the first :

1) As in Vanilla, their power increases with the number of jewels that you own (except for Odin for which it is a penalty), up to a +49 bonus [+99 in vanilla],

So does that means that to maximize summon on top of summoning the summons 50 times I have to buy 49 of the corresponding stones or 99 ?

Hey Nesouk,
I have seen what happened and found why: it's because healing Berserk cancels all the commands of the character (Freya there), not only her attack command. So it did:
1) Inflicted Berserk
2) Triggered Trance -> healed Berserk instantatly -> canceled all her commands (auto-potion).

It's a bug that is actually already in vanilla. I've never seen it but I guess that Trolls can trigger it as well since they have an attack that both deals damage and inflict Berserk. The same would occur with Confuse by the way.

It's also similar (and a bit related) to another well-known bug that speedrunners use when fighting Black Waltz 2. In that fight, the Black Waltz counters with Fira once it gets under a HP limit. Also, it is scripted to never attack Garnet (in vanilla) so if ever his current target becomes invalid (KO), it cancels its commands to avoid redirecting the attack on Garnet by mistake. And it cancels all its commands as well, including its Fira counter (that would not be redirected anyway). So speedrunners purposely suicide Black Waltz's last target (that is kept in memory as its "current target" until a new ATB command is issued) right before putting it under the HP threshold and thus completly skip the Fira counter.

Also, final small detail: if any command is successfully canceled by healing Berserk (even if that's auto-potion), then the character's ATB is resetted to 0. So you could actually have had an even worse bug where Freya's ATB is half-filled when Photon hits and it gets empty for no apparent reason right after that.

You're progressing well so far. Sorry about Stiltzkin being fidgety in Oeilvert; that's also in vanilla ^^"

HA Figure it had something to do with Transe healing the berserk statut, it was the first time happening to me so I got a bit surprise XD. Didn't know about that exploit regarding Black Waltz 2 so I guess that's why you make it so that his Fira was the only attack that could target Garnet, to avoid skipping it ?
No worries for Stiltzkin, nothing to do with the mod anyway, this is FFIX always a good chunk of easy missables ^^, was my fault for having my inventory full but hey that's why I do safety saves as back up XD.

Hmm not sure if this a glitch but I fought Ark yesterday at one point he cast Photon on Freyja, Freyja had Auto-Potion activate but auto-potion didn't happen, at first I thought this was because the Trance happened and cancel the Auto-Potion but on my second try Zidane and Freyja got into Trance and Auto-Potion trigger on both, this also isn't because Photon's Berserk cause on my second try he did Photon on Freyja putting her on Berserk but Auto-Potion still trigger. So no idea why it didn't trigger my guess would be Photon put her on Berserk, but then the Trance cancel the berserk and somehow this would have cancel Auto Potion but I'm not sure.

HAHA You posted while I was editing XD.

Anyway don't know why but for some reasons downloading RaW W07 from a new torrent and it wasn't working, but redownloading RaW W07 from the very first torrent I downloaded a few month ago and it worked, don't have any ideas why this is the case or why RaW glitch out in the first place but hey a least it worked.

EDIT : And now it doesn't work again. Now I'm really confuse.

OK I have no idea what is going on, haven't play the game since my las playthrough of this mod, but for some reason Rose and Wines W07 doesn't work anymore, no idea why I tried, to uninstall and reinstall it no good, I tried to redowloaded it to reinstall doesn't work either, weird enough the W06 version still works with no problems.
So basically back to my problem of playing with no music.

EDIT : OK what the heck happen, but by searching I found the very first RaW W07 Torrent I downloaded, for some reasons downloading from this torrent and it works perfectly fine, downloading a new torrent and the RaW doesn't weird stuff here, but hey at least it work.

OH Yeah I remember end of Disc 3/beginning of Disc 4 to be the most disappointing part, in that every bosses except Adel which was fine was way to easy. Glad to hear this has been corrected. I expect Griever and Ultimecia/Griever are better to, last time I beat Griever he only did 2 or 3 actions, same for Ultimecia/Griever.

Will do another playthrough in the next days see how it goes compare to last time.

Well must admit that the lost in power after Drawing GF is kinda weird, I mean that's a thing that already exist in Vanilla (Fujin was losing her ability to cast Wind Magic once you draw Pandemona), and by the fact that regardless of if you draw or not you'll still get the GF this mechanic become basically the player choosing if he want to fight the bosses at full strength or a downgrade version of them, but unless challenging yourself I don't see any reasons to not draw, as apparently there is no special reward for beating bosses at their best.

Junction defense lowered natural growth increased is probably to encourage the player to LVUP as you can see on previous post I spend a good part of the mod with barely any Leveling at all and I was still fine despite being LV18 facing LV45 monsters XD, since then Callisto make every ennemies even random mobs at fix LV IIRC, so it has (or at least it should have) become more important to keep you LV up to date.

Hmmm most bosses seems to have reduce damage, but there is also the nerf in defensive Junction might be to accomodate for that nerf, tough I don't know how bad the drop in defense junction is.
Well the mod is a rebalance one not an HardType one so I don't mind it being on the easier side, might redo a playthrough with this huge update ^^

Personnaly I only had trouble for the third Beatrix fight due to Stock Break giving her a multi-target option, for the first 2 fight Quina's Mighty Guard make her such more manageable, also since her attacks are mostly physical and single target putting everyone on low HP but Freyja with the Cover ability is a valid strat even more on the second fight since Freyja can equip the helm that give immunity to Doom (I just forget to equip the ability like an idiot on my video XD), tough for the third fight once I figure I should use the Back Row it became a lot easier as Steiner could still hit her 1200 despite the Back Row penalty and Freyja can hit her from afar with Jump which does good damage.

Almost finish Disc 2 so far Gargantua was the most troublesome boss due to the fact he seems to counter absolutly everything I had to take it safe and slow with him, Soulcage however is completly free as long a you aren't on LV multiple of 5 easiest boss of the mod so far.

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