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FF8 Tools / Re: [FF8PC/PSX] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.0)
« on: 2017-02-28 16:43:49 »
Well i'm afraid i don't know what i could do with this... i have basically 0 programming skills :o anyway, the Black Chocobo editor for FF7 (from a different author, i know) has a similar issue with hi-scores at Gold Saucer (i.e. i scored 20000+ points in Speed Square but the editor says all values around 4000~5000, among other wrong values)

ps: another question, but please nobody assault me or call me cheater: i played FF8 like normal, and i'm planning to quit it soon because i'm tired of it and don't want to do multiple playthroughs (i finish FF titles once every few years), also i dislike "challenges". I'm missing only the achievements for maxing money (i know about the trick), killing 10000 enemies (just super lazy) and the worst one: Contrived Finish, basically finishing the game with Squall at level 7. What happens if i edit Squall's level back to 7 (without caring about the stats) and defeat the final boss? Will the game think i'm playing a "no-level challenge"? Again, it's just a question.

Here to confirm that i got the Achievements Contrived Finish after using Hyne edit before final boss but u need the credit to roll and wait for the achievement notification sync message

Hello guys and thanks for all the mods you are doing! I love having the updates. I was wondering if someone could me sort a problem out. I'm using a DS4 controller just running under the default windows 10 drivers. Need need for a 2nd party software to use it! Anyways the only issue I'm having with the PSX buttons mod is that it has the main buttons swapped. X and O are swapped with each other and Square and Triagle as swapped for each other. Anyone have an idea how I can sort it out? Not sure how important this is but here are the button assingments as defined in the controller tool for windows:

X=Button 2
O=Button 3
Square=Button 1
Triangle=Button 4

I have the same problem and couldnt fix it, the only way i guess is to edit by Photoshop and i never used PS ...  i guess am gonna have to try

Okay thanks

I was recently able to install ROW and works perfectly and been looking for The Extreme - FF8 Black Mages Ver.OGG that is already converted and loops in the game.
I really appreciate if someone can help me find it.

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