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Troubleshooting / Failing to repack ff8 .bin file
« on: 2017-01-12 16:28:13 »
Hey everyone,

I'm looking to burn an FF8 disc with a modified .img file. Here's what's up:

Original disc.bin plays in emulator
Repacked disc.bin with unmodified .img file does not play in emulator
Repacked disc.bin with modified .img file does not play in emulator

I've come to the conclusion that I have no clue how to create a playable psx .bin file. This is what I have done:

Copied all files (FF8DISC1.IMG, SLES_020.83, SYSTEM.CNF) from original disc
Modified the .img file
Used imgburn's "Create image file from files/folders" option to create a .bin file with the same (similar?) properties as the original disc (MODE2/FORM1/2352 data type and ISO9660 file system) and either the original files or the .83 file and the .cnf file with the modified .img
Tried to run both .bin files in my emulator
Got a black screen with both files

I also tried using ps1isomaker with the same results (both original and modified .bin do not play in emulator)

I suspect that either I have extracted all the files wrong, or I have no clue how to repack a ps1 disc. Is what I'm doing impossible? Am I going about this the wrong way?

Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry if this has been asked before and I just couldn't find the thread, or if it's a noob question :/

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