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Hi folks,
first of all: great mod, gjoerulv, props for that.

I have some questions on materia. I am now at the end of the game (Disc 3), and I already picked up everything* from the Northern Cave. However, there are still some materia I didn't find yet:

+ The 4 Cave-Materia

I read somewhere that there are up to 2 materia per cave, so is Mega-All now at the same place as HP<>MP, Counter at Quadra-Magic's place, W-Magic at Mime's place and Shield at KotR's place?

Thanks for the link! This one worked well.
The original one, however, still won't work for me. But now, I gut a different reason. Now it tells me that I have to sign in for Google Drive. This is strange, because the GUI is also on Google Drive, and I can still download it without signing in.

I wanted to test some graphical mods, so I wanted to try 7th Heaven. However, it seems that the converter for 7H does actually break my game...
I managed to run FF7 on my computer "perfectly" in past, with difficulty mods only. I haven't tried graphical mods so far. However, after I patch with the converter for 7H, some things became strange. First of all, the game runs really slow. Walking, opening the main menu, everything feels like walking with glue on the soles now. Besides, some letters and digits suddenly have underlines for some reason. I tried to mess a little bit with the Graphics section in FF7 config, but that didn't help.

I have Win7 64 Bit, Graphic Board is AMD Radeon R4, and my Game version is 1998 PC release (German)
And of course, I also patched on a fresh, new install.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, please?

I've gotten a new link to the file, it should be fixed. Please let me know if the problem persists.
Sorry that my first post here already is a necro, but there is still a problem with the High Res overhaul. I always get a 403 error in the google drive link (just stating that I don't have access).
However, I was able to download the new GUI. So it's not my computer/internet to blame, I guess.
I also googled for an alternative download for Team Avalanche's Graphical Overhaul, but I couldn't find any as every other site links qhimm for download. I want to try/use your overhaul so badly, because I'm really amazed by it.

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