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Thanks for the feedback
And thanks for the answer!

It's completely understandable that you missed one or two questions since my post was as long as a novel^^

So I'm gonna ask right again: What's the 3rd last enemy skill? The documentation says "Alpha" by Midgar zolom. But I never saw Alpha Zolom use "Alpha".

About the basketball game: when you see this, you'll definitely remember that you modded that game^^
Jokes aside, this is a big game, and you already are modding for years, so it's no wonder that the modding of non-important things, especially if they don't contribute to the story at all, are being forgotten. This happened to me too actually (but I'm just modding a SNES game - FFV)

But going to the Wonder Square for this very screenshot made me remember that I also wanted to mention that the things you can exchange your GP for are the same as in vanilla too. The non-mystery prizes were not stellar already, but the mystery ones are useless now too, as you get EXP+ and Gil+ earlier as well. And the carob nut for 500GP is still the biggest trap in the gold saucer haha

Also, a small suggestion/request: would it be possible to introduce a "toggle exp" option on save points? For the case you want to farm some items or fighting for fun/atmosphere without becoming overleveled.
If you like this idea, I think this can replace the "no encounters" option, because Enemy Away materia already exists. (Enemy away can also be programmed to reduce the encounter rate to 0%, can it?)

Hello. I now have completed this mod. It was great. There are still some things I want to mention / report:

(Potential) Glitches:
Somewhere (IIRC it was at the respectable inn), I was told that the max. level would be 70... But now here I am, with 9 level 99 characters.

At the end of the game, I got a special reward from Mr. Smile for "not using any sources"... But I actually used all 8 upgrades on every character.

I wondered where to get Supershot ST, and I also thought that one to be Vincent's Triple weapon. But since another fellow user literraly asked about that it just got answered. So yeah, Supershot inaccessable.

Another Chest related Glitch I mentioned about a week ago: there is a chest in the Northern Cave (right path - contains a speed source in vanilla) which is only reachable by using a well-known PC-version bug. But still, this eventuality was covered, since when you open it you receive "A pile of good ol' Nothing :)". However, opening this chest erases the Black Caped Man (= Boss) at the end of the path, making the Moon Crystal (and Limited Moon as well) unobtainable. This hypothesis is poved by not opening this particular chest, beating the boss and then returning to the place where the chest was. The chest is now opened. So this 2 events are, for whatever reason, linked, obviously.

Another minor chest glitch: A chest in Midgar Sector 8 containing Contain materia (pun intended), as well as a chest in the northern cave containing Shield Materia, disappear promptly after being opened.

In the gold saucer wonder square, the Basketball game ought to give you a double chance after 10 hits. The new in-game text now says Triple chance. However, it doesn't triple everytime. It only triples sometimes, but mostly it still doubles. Also, after a certain point I scored, like 20 baskets in a row, after one or tweo doubles. But I was not offered another double/triple. Intended?

You can get Planet and Full-Cure Materia twice. Intended? (Especially the two Full-Cure Materia can be gotten at literally the same story progression).

You get 2 Long range materia in kalm. One of which is Level one master, the other one level one with 0 AP (like Underwater in Vanilla)

Tifa/Cid as party leader is sometimes flawed. If you also have Cloud in your party, sometimes he is shown in the world map. Also, if you put Cloud in your party while him not being the leader, he sometimes gets unremovable at some point (so you have to return to the Highwind in order to remove him again).

Dark cave scene (I'll try to explain without spoilers):
In the second screen, there is a scene with Cloud, Barret and another person. After the scene, Cloud will automatically move to the 3rd screen. But when returning to the 2nd screen, the said scene will trigger again, as if it didn't happen just before.

Minigame rewards
Now I realize that you intentioanlly made minigames less annoying. Also, I also like it that there is no more chocobo race rare prize exclusive item / materia. But some rewards are really pitiful imho. Some examples:

First time scoring 10k+ in G-Bike: It used to be a Speed Source (Yeah, I know these are "banned", don't get me wrong here). Now it's just a Speed Drink IIRC. If it would be more speed drinks, or some other items too, I wouldn't be b*tching around here now^^

Some Fort Condor Rewards really improved - in vanilla you even used to get Potions and Hi-Potions sometimes. Ugh. Now, it's better, but IMHO "10x Remedy" is given too often. Why not chipping somthing nice (non-exclusive) at some point, eg. a Rune Armlet, or a set of status inflicting items?

Snowboarding: The same as in Vanilla. All-Materia (since you can't buy them now, tis one isn't too bac actually), Safety Bit and Crystal Armlet... You can buy those things even before the Snowboarding Game is available. I would suggest either making this game available earlier (eg when receiving Tiny Bronco), or improving the rewards.

Submarine Game: Same problem as the Snowboarding game.

Chocobo race rewards however are handled very well, props for that!

Dialogue (once again haha):

I can follow your arguments regarding Yuffie having not real character development, and her being here for jokes mostly. And yeah, I never doubted that her main drive is the materia (it was the same in vanilla actually). But she is also anti-shinra af. And selling avalanche out to shinra would making shinra much stronger, just sayin'.

Now I appreciate the keeping Aeris alive part, but there is some logic (dialogue) missing after she survives imho. She didnt explain what she was trying to do, and noone even asks her. That kinda gave me the impression that it's non-canon even in this mod. So if you are interested, my suggestions for a less rough solution:
1) Expanding the talking scene at the end of "disk" 1, in the extent that Aeries awakes and explains what she was trying to do (and not sure if she succeeded, hence still pursuing Sephiroth)
2) Actually Aeris can give Cloud a longer and more profound explanation during his dream, and after he awakes, he tells that Barret and Tifa, so everyone is up to date.

Another thing about Aeris is that there is no reaction whatsoever from her when going to Gast's house and watching the records. Maybe this can be made a part of Aeris' Sidequest (?)

So, What's the 3rd last enemy skill? The records say it's "Alpha" used by Alpha Zolom, but I only ever saw it using "Beta".

During the game, you'll find 4 copies of Elemental. IMHO, that's too much. Can one of those be another materia, or at least, the last one be already mastered?

I really love some of the flavour texts - big props! My favourite are those from Hero Drink II (just that same sh*t food manufacturers in real life haha) and Cactuar Gun (the only item implying fixed damage - while others with fixes damage output exist, this one isn't one of them). But there is one I don't get - Motor Drive says "Go the fast" - is that broken English or just a reference I don't get?

I'm pretty sure you know of all public resources on unused FFVII stuff, but still, I'm gonna post a link to a YT playlist, as maybe some other users don't know about all which is listed there - it's a great summary of unused stuff.
FFVII Unlocked - Unused Scenes Playlist

I will definitely play again, especially when the lv 70 cap is gonna work. And next time arrange mode ofc.
You deserved a donation - I wish I could give you more right now.

Thank you very much!

Still having a few questions :
I have unlocked the second rank 3 limit for Cid but I am still not able to learn Highwind for some reason? I noticed that he only has 1 rank 1 limit break...
Has nothing to do with new threat, that's a FFVII thing. You need to learn ALL 6 Limit breaks in order to learn the last.
A new Limit level is unlocked whenever that character has killed a set amount of enemies. The 2nd Limit Break of a level however is unlocked by using the first one a certain amount of times. So you didn't use the first one often enough to get Dynamite unlocked, but Cid already killed enough for Dragon. So just set Cid's Limit Level to 1, give him Fury and equip Cover materia. Or manipulate ahard hitting enemy and keep bashing Cid.

Who are the ??? referring to when you check available sp ? Is there a special hidden character I missed ? ;p
Probably Sephiroth, but I doubt that he's useable. But you can craft the Masamune after all.
What's arrange mode? Hard mode?
I literally asked one week ago. So I was told that it makes bosses significantly harder by beefing their stats up and adding new moves / AI.
Also seem to be doing wrong with summons, I don't yet have KoRT but no matter the setup I am trying summons seem to be outclassed by magic in every aspect, more mp, baham zero seem to be even with ultima (or slightly less) and last but not least, one use only :x
So yeah if someone figured out a good summoning setup I am all ears!
Can't help you on that, haven't used any summon in New Threat so far. The long animations discourage me to use them. I know they look good, and the artists did a good job, but if you already have seen those like 10 times, it's rather boring to wait all the time.
[EDIT : What are you guys using as end game accessories? Str/mag/lck boost are not required anymore, Ribbon used to be my way to go but since it now seems to prevent you to use any buffs...
So I am stuck with vit/str and elem resist. Also can't seem to figure out what the Relic Rings are doin'... ]
I suppose Relic Rings make the character "undead" (The Jenova form in the Forgotten City does that to Cloud at the start of the battle). As for FFVII, this was invented/implemented by Sega Chief. So I do not know what the changes are. You are immune to restorative I think. And immune to instant death (?), I don't know.

As for my choices: Peace Ring is great, it protects from 2 nasty status ailments and also lets you keep Fury and Sadness (even after being KO'ed)
Cursed Ring on Powersoul or Master Fist is lit too (In late game, you'll want to have 4xCut for this though).
Champion Belt is also good if you work with Sadness, Barriers and Regen.
Ribbons are still pretty handy for some situations.
But I still used Power Wrists and Earring rather late (not in the Northern Crater though).
I think Amulet isn't worth the trade-off.
Also for North Crater stealing, Sneak Glove ist a must have.
Sprint Shoes are also nice.

As of the latest versions, each of the three Crater paths has a miniboss on it. If you're playing an older version, then I think the old man in Kalm has it but an Earth Harp needs to be traded in first which triggers a battle that drops it.

If it's latest version and the minibosses are nowhere to be seen, check the last field of the Right path (the giant skeleton field); there should be a figure in a black cloak on there.
I kinda had the suspicion that it's one of those extra bosses...
The thing is, I encountered the bosses on the other both pathes (One was a Behemoth, the other one a Ying-Yang).
But the last one on the right path is missing, it just doesn't exist in my file.

EDIT: I found the reason why this guy missing.
When you open the chest containing "A good ol' lot of nothing", this guy disappears. So the problem was that I opened this joke chest, which turned out to cause a bug.

Was just wondering about Heaven's cloud new location, says it's drop from Iron Man. Afaik these guys can only be fought after the point of non return. So I'am a bit puzzled as how to get Ultimate weapon ?
Iron Giant is now a random encounter (met one after going to the left, then the lower path).

But I also have a question on an ultimate weapon: Where on earth is the Moon Crystal? You don't get this one in Red XIII's sidequest.
Appearentely you should get one from an enemy in the north crater called "Abyss" - but I already have been everywhere there, and haven't found such an enemy.

So where to get the Moon Crystal?

Hi again,

thank you for answering, Sega Chief. If you are interested, I noticed more things and / or some I forgot to mention on my last post:

Dialogue again:
In Wutai, in front of the Pagoda, there is a man who looks like Gorkii - he explains the pagoda to Cloud. He mentions that the guardians are "Power, Speed, Magic, War and Omni". However, when climbing the Pagoda, Power is actually "Defense", and War is "Weapons".

I also wanted to report inconsistencies in Gorkii's name - but after beating Godo, more names, even wackier ones were used for him, so now I'm pretty sure that it's an intended joke.

I would kind of agree that every dialogue-related thing I brought up so far was nitpicking. But this one line during Yuffie's Gold Saucer date is the first one which I really think ruined character developement (kind of). Now we all know Yuffie is not the most honorable person. I can kind of understand the "Who the hell is Marlene" thing, maybe that naver came up so she really might not know about her. But her line after Cait Sith handed over the Keystone really is out of character, if you ask me:
"So you sold us out to Shinra - There goes my exit plan"
And I'm gonna tell you why I think so:
Yuffie is after the party's materia. She needs it to avenge her hometown ergo fighing Shinra. Eventually she also learns that the main party is doing "the right thing" (at least the fighting Shinra part) - this is revealed when she and Godo are arguing in Godo's mansion. Then at the date she kisses Cloud, and actually feels well doing so, after the gondola ride.
Given that information, how can she still think of selling out the party? Especially to Shinra!

Suggestions: If you are looking for some extra dialogue / text to put in some dungeons, I have some suggestions:
1) Tifa in the party when climbing Mt. Nibel: She can have a talk with Cloud on the bridge about that incident ("testing" Cloud again how much he knows about the bridge tearing 5 years ago, and maybe also some comments about falling over the bridge together about 10(?) years ago. Maybe also on that place where they landed 5 years ago (where the 2nd Shinra grunt was lost / died).
Also, returning to the place where Tifa's father got murdered with her in the party would be a possibility.

2) Tifa and/or Aeris in the party during the 2nd half (Corneo part) of the Wutai story. This is kind of self-explanatory.

Another one which was already flawed in vanilla: the Limit Breaks "Blood Fang" and "Dragon". They deal damage and suppose to drain the enemy's HP and MP. But the HP draining only works if the enemy has MP. And also, you can never drain/heal more HP than MP.
You hit a Spencer with Blood Fang, dealing over 1,000 damage. Spencers only have 30 MP. Red XIII will heal for 30 MP, but also only for 30 HP, which is a joke. As I said, on enemies with 0 MP, those limit breaks won't even heal for a single HP.
It would be great if you would be able to fix this.

I also like the new Items which were introduced, but the order is kind of messed up. What I mean: when sorting your Items, only one option makes sense (Type). In vanilla, it was pretty good, only the playe of the Eye Drops was messed up (it ended up somewhere in the middle of status infliction items). But most of the new items end up at the bottom (still above Equipment items, but underneath Tent, Greens, Nuts, Battery etc.), far away from other items with similar effects. I know what is causing this (those items were either dummies, or the useless items like Super Sweeper etc.) - but is there a way to change the order of "Type"?
I admit that this one is a rather minor issue though.

So the Cursed Ring grants more stats, but has a more devestating curse. As far as I noticed, restorative is neutralized, and if you look in the status menu, you'll see that you are also now immune to regen. But when using Aeris's "Planet Protector", it just said "Miss" on the cursed character, although it didn't say in the status that it also grants "immunity" to Barriers and Shield.

Another Wutai thing: according to your excel file (and proud clod as well), you can morph Chekhov into a Wizard Bracelet. But you can't, actually. Well at least I have not found a way to make Chekhov receive damage from Morph, as she is immune to physical damage. I tried to drain all her 999 MP away, that didn't break any sort of "protection", as well as casting Dispel. So you are just mocking us with that Wizard Bracelet, aren't you? ;)

And last but not least: Can you please tell me what the Arrange mod does?

EDIT: Forgot another thing which I wanted to report in my first post, fml.
Howl Comb appearantely does not inflict Berserk at all, although the description says so.

Hi Sega Chief and fellow community,

I love your mod, it's really great, thank you.
I learned from my mistake of giving gjoerulv feedback just when I was finished, since I took long breaks and therefore forgot a lot.
If that is of any relevance: I am using the Steam version on Win7.
So without further ado, I'm gonna tell you all the stuff I noticed:

In Midgar Sector 7, there is this one boy with brown spikey hair who likes to eavesdrop Cloud and Tifa.
The first chance you talk to him, he says somthing like "Explosions, explosions! Avalanche is so cool". So far so good.
His dialogue is changeing the more you progress in the Sector 7 part of the story. But for some reason, on later dialogues, his last sentence is always "Explosions, explosions! Avalanche is so cool". I'm pretty sure that's unintended since that doesn't fit to what he said earlier in that conversation (eg eavesdropping Cloud and Tifa).

In sector 6, there is a house where a man lives, who distrusts both Shinra and Avalanche (upstairs is the boy with the 5 gil / Turbo Ether and the Turtle note). He has a TV. When you approach the TV, the news states that Avalanche blew up "Reactor No. 1 today" - either 1 should be replaced with 5, or today with yesterday.

Kudos to you for improving the mess the original translators (or even the Japanese writers, i dunno, haven't played the original JP version yet) did with Corel. By that I mean eg that in North Corel everyone talked about Barret destroying their town, but their town clearly is located under the Gold Saucer (where the prison is) - with your new dialogue, all of that makes more sense now.

Also the story in the prison itself was not very well - how the hell did Dyne become the boss so quickly? Making Mr. Coates the actual Boss makes much more sense.
But there is also a thing or 2 which could make the whole prison story better:
Only Cloud, Cait Sith and a third person were at the crime scene in Gold Saucer. How did Dyne, Barret and the rest of the party end up in prison too? I know that is too much to ask for, but explaining via dialogue is fine too. Afair, it's now the same explanation from the other party members - "After we heared what happened, we followed you", or smth like that. Not very feasable, and also doesn't explain how Dyne and Barret ended up there.
And just one minor thing about that: there is this one man wandering in prison on the way to Dyne. He says "Dyne is in a bad mood today. Or was it one of his better days?" - Dyne is appearantly here for less than a day - strange that he can judge on that.

Yes I know you don't want NT to become a hard mod. But I feel massively overpowered. Here's the reason:
with early access of Morph (and there is also Steal), I (and I'm sure others as well) wanted to explore all the possible surprises, which means encountering all the enemies and Steal from and Morph them. So I actually never grinded, but Cloud already is Lv. 40 in Niebelheim. I "discovered" the enemy list too late so to say, but then again I found out that the said list is appearantly from an older version, as a tiny part of the information on the current list is incorrect.

At New Game, as well as reaching Gold Saucer for the first time, I was asked if I want to play "Arrange" mode. The only info I have is that Arrange is "harder". Can you please give more info on that? Didn't even find that on the FAQ. Doesn't have to be extremely precise - a couple of sentences like "Enemies give less Exp and have more HP" etc. would be enough.

Just a personal opinion: I don't like it that so far every weapon for Aeris has an extra materia slot compared to the others' weapons (even the double grwoth weapon).  "You want more materia growth without grinding? Too bad, you have to put Aeris in your party".

Vitality and Spirit are still useless - at least compared to Strength and Magic - or if you already have like over 200 def. In battle, I literally can't tell the difference if my armor provides 10 or 30 def. While this is an issue brought up by vanilla FF7, the Mr. Smile upgrade system is something new. Judging from all the options you have (if you disregard the 2 OP options for Aeris), 1 Strength is "worth" the same as 1 Dex, 1 Vit, 1 Mag, 1 Spr and 1 Luck. But in reality, 1 Spirit and 1 Vitality are worth much less. While it's probably not your aim to change the algorithms (which would also be too much to ask for), I, personally, would think, the options where Vitality and Spirit are involved should grant more Spirit and Vitalioty as they do now. The Accessories also won't suffer from providing more. And the armor could also have bigger gaps, so you actually can tell the difference in battle if you have a Four Slots or a Gold Bangle equipped.

I love the way Yuffie joins the party!

Thank you for the skipping options! I for one haven't used them, as I also wanted to see the altered dialogue. But I'm gonna use them in future probably.

However, I have one particular question: When skipping Cloud's (fake) past, what "did he do"? Eg. for vanilla FF7, Cloud has to play the piano in order to get an extra Elemental materia from Nibelheiom while Tifa leads the party. When skipping, what did Cloud do? Did he enter Tifa's house, played the piano, and sniffed her panties :3 ? It would be very pity to lose out a materia just for skipping a long story you already know.

EDIT: Also, shoutout to the Fort Condor Teleport Guy!

I like to play with the battle theme. But on some areas (I think all those with new event battles, like where you place the bomb in No. 5 reactor) you never get the Battle theme (field music keeps playing), but you get the victory fanfare. Not a major issue, but I just wanted to tell that.

Conclusion: Very great mod so far! Ofc I don't expect you to alter anything just because one random internet dude told you to. I would also be glad if you just give responses to my suggestions. Thank you very much!

Got ya - although I say personally, I would have better experience with more things changed/balanced, I can clearly understand your point of not drifting too far away from vanilla. It's your mod after all - and also judging from other testimonies, you did a great job. It's also nice to address things your reviewers mentioned.

By the way, there was one more peculiar thing I experienced during Bizzarro fight which I forgot to mention. I'm not completely sure, but I think I experienced a smiliar/the same thing on another battle with a new enemy, or a new enemy attack, or at least an altered enemy attack. So here's the deal:
When Bizzarro uses Aurora Fence, it is supposed to eat your MP up, and additionally remove positive statuses. So I noticed, even when it stated "Miss" on a character, the MP "damage" was "dodged" as expected, but the statuses were still removed. Is this intended to work that way?

And another thing about Aurora Fence: It also removes Sadness, even when you are immune to Sadness and Fury (=equipping Peace Ring and give your chars Sadness before the Battle). Is that intended too?

Thank you for your answers. I had a 3 party fight after all, but that wasn't too hard. Also I updated the game before I took on the superbosses, so Bizzaro's attack wasn't ignoring defense anymore. So I beat the mod... and I would have written a proper review if I haven't took the uber long break. So I can't remember too well to write a rewiev. But all I can tell is that I had fun, it was a very entertaining mod, thanks for that.
Well, in fact, I still remembered one thing that bugged me a little: the balance between the characters. Just like in vanilla FF7, in the end game Cid (only one with 5 materia double grown, AND possibility to triple growth), Barret (By no question the best and most consistent final weapon) and Yuffie (consistent final weapon - kinda must use to farm sources) outshadow every other character. Tifa has still has a bad weapon and not a very good limit break, Vincent has a bad weapon (for everyone who doesn't have a lifetime to spend killing so many enemies to make death penalty somewhat useful) and the worst limit break, Cait Sith... well, either his limit break is bad, or broken, depending on if you want to / can manipulate the reels.

So changing Limit Breaks would be too much to ask for, I admit. But at least Weapons can be rebalanced. Many weapons which had little to no use in Vanilla still suffer the same fate.

This is the only sort of negative thing I remember. Thank you gjoerulv for this mod.

Sega Chief, I'm gonna play your NT next, whenever I have the time!

So after more than a 1 year break, I decided to finally complete my playthrough. Went well so far, I beat Omega and the Weapons, and Jenova as well. Now I am stuck at Bizarro. I did not have a Game Over per se, but before I will be caught in a X-hours-long battle loop for nothing, I want to ask inbefore:

So normally after killing the Magics (arms), you can hurt the core. I fought Bizarro in Gjoerulv's mod three times so far - and whenever I killed the arms, the core was still immune to damage. I tried both orders (first killing the left, and the next time first killing the right), but everytime I was only able to attack the stomach or the head (whenever it revived). I tried physical damage, and magical (even Pandora's Box) So - was the order changed? Or did I do something wrong? I have found a youtube video of Sega Chief fighting Bizarro on Gjoerulv's mod- on his battle, I saw that after he killed the arms, he was able to deal damage to the core. It was uploaded 2013, so idk, maybe Gjoerulv actually changed this one again.

Can someone please tell me what to do / if I missed something? I really do not want to continue a tedious battle for hours only to find out that I either missed something, or if I just did it for nothing if it's a bug. Thank you.

Hi folks,
first of all: great mod, gjoerulv, props for that.

I have some questions on materia. I am now at the end of the game (Disc 3), and I already picked up everything* from the Northern Cave. However, there are still some materia I didn't find yet:

+ The 4 Cave-Materia

I read somewhere that there are up to 2 materia per cave, so is Mega-All now at the same place as HP<>MP, Counter at Quadra-Magic's place, W-Magic at Mime's place and Shield at KotR's place?

Thanks for the link! This one worked well.
The original one, however, still won't work for me. But now, I gut a different reason. Now it tells me that I have to sign in for Google Drive. This is strange, because the GUI is also on Google Drive, and I can still download it without signing in.

I wanted to test some graphical mods, so I wanted to try 7th Heaven. However, it seems that the converter for 7H does actually break my game...
I managed to run FF7 on my computer "perfectly" in past, with difficulty mods only. I haven't tried graphical mods so far. However, after I patch with the converter for 7H, some things became strange. First of all, the game runs really slow. Walking, opening the main menu, everything feels like walking with glue on the soles now. Besides, some letters and digits suddenly have underlines for some reason. I tried to mess a little bit with the Graphics section in FF7 config, but that didn't help.

I have Win7 64 Bit, Graphic Board is AMD Radeon R4, and my Game version is 1998 PC release (German)
And of course, I also patched on a fresh, new install.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, please?

I've gotten a new link to the file, it should be fixed. Please let me know if the problem persists.
Sorry that my first post here already is a necro, but there is still a problem with the High Res overhaul. I always get a 403 error in the google drive link (just stating that I don't have access).
However, I was able to download the new GUI. So it's not my computer/internet to blame, I guess.
I also googled for an alternative download for Team Avalanche's Graphical Overhaul, but I couldn't find any as every other site links qhimm for download. I want to try/use your overhaul so badly, because I'm really amazed by it.

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