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I DID also bought it and I don't think it is a real purchase, I see it as a symbolic purchase for those who work hard on this project. Of course i got the same issues and I posted about this, but am not complaining because i understand it's just a matter of time and I can wait for this, if you want to purchase a comercial remake of a game go buy FF8 remake on steam. Sorry for the comment, but i really hate self-centeredness and that stuff.

Wow, This is awesome, I think is one of those few things moguri mod lacks and it will fit it perfectly.
Thanks for all the job! FF9 is gonna be even more enjoyable :) good thing i stopped to play 3 mounths ago my 2cond run of the game so i can enjoy whole game with these textures.

Hi! I just registered to say that your work is awesome I saw your work via youtube!!
Well, that isn't all. I have a doubt about the LunarCry, do i have to rename ''en'' to my language (In my case es or sp i guess) or it will work anyways? I installed Lunatic pandora (The exe that does all the work for you) but my version of steam has Spanish preselected and it didnt work properly, so...  well I decided to install the mods on my own :3! Thankyou, and sorry if this isn't the proper thread to post this!
In other, and if this isnt buzzing too much >-<!! I would like to know if there is some new mods about to be released o-o so that I can wait to play FF8 (even tought am dying to play ;-; it)
Thankyou another time and byeby!!!

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