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As far as aita goes any encounter that has a HIGH RNG component of an unblockable i-win button is just bad, sorry joe. This fight is trashy and annoying  >:( >:(  >:(  >:(  >:(

I did manage although to kill him in about 2 minutes after optimizing my crap, BUT STILL DAMN HE WOULD KNOCK OUT VINCENT EVERY TIME I TRANSFORM HIM.

It seems that the ultimate weapons for the various characters have been modified somewhat? I'm using this mod alongside ro5, conformer has like 14 damage, and vincents death penalty is at 42 damage despite him having around 5000 kills?

And what's the deal with heals missing more and more often?

Also is the "recovery" adamantai gets from his own break hitting him healing him back up to FULL? His mana as well?

I killed adamantai before my post got moderator approved- with lvl62 cloud, heavens cloud, reflect ring, MANS armlet, gravaga+hp absorb, and a mix of casting magic hammer and white wind to heal as any other heal needs a potion or reflectable spell. Break is the spell that needs to miss you, it takes a while but once he starts healing himself you have to brave the prospect of spamming the small self heals you get from hitting him with gravaga in order to constantly deal 9999 damage until his ai breaks the chain of self healing/lightshell spam attacks with a forced cast of elemental chain that will almost most certainly kill him with the reflected damage.


Why you want to run this patch with 7H? It's already included in 7H.


what the heck is it called in the 7h installer?

I can't even get your patcher to find my steam install version of the game that has been treated with 7nth heaven. It also can't locate my raw, clean steam install.

Other Modding / Re: ff7 android modding?
« on: 2017-10-17 13:13:14 »
From what I can tell its just on big 1.8gig file, and I can't locate my save files anywhere in my phones directories, it might be hiding in the root folders..?

Other Modding / ff7 android modding?
« on: 2017-10-16 05:26:03 »
Has anyone looked into this? I know saves between ff7 android and steam work, but I can't find any information on this at all.

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