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goddamn it!

*transform in a goose then proceed to troll Kaldarasha*

Just threaten him with forcing him to listen to Justin Bieber if he don't finish the model sound  :roll: :-D

ooooo i'm looking forward to that release!

oooohhh nice!

Game was marketed to teenager, but was more profound than most films marketed to adults at the time

Ok, now i'm impressed


Now I need to find the time to play the game at one point  ;D


Normally, whether the player wins or loses, Scarlet will say "Take her away" afterwards. An error in the programming prevents the player from seeing the Tifa-win-version of Scarlet's line, as the requirement for Scarlet's unused line is that she be slapped six times and this is impossible because the minigame ends at five slaps.

If Tifa wins the fight Scarlet was meant to say "God! I can't stand it!".

DPLB, just checked something and I have a question, was the bug with the slap fight minigame in Junon  un the vanilla game resolved in your mod?

Envoyé de mon Pixel 3 en utilisant Tapatalk

My anticipation is growing to epic levels now

Could be worse : You could be the one stuck translating War and Peace

3) Barret had never been to Cosmo Canyon, and Avalanche was initially formed by some dude who studied in Cosmo Canyon and then moved to Midgar. this is actually a plot point in Crisis Core i believe? but, we don't speak of that game.

It's actually a plot point in Before Crisis, the mobile game where you played as a turk

Then thank you for all the research  ;D

And take your time, although i'm new here, I've been using your mod all the way back since teh first release, and they are worth the wait :)

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