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I reverted it because the game seems to ignore the hit% and the attack will always land regardless.


Hey there, just wondering if the % on squalls hit was reverted back to 255 or if I've managed to somehow mess up the install? Everything else is working as intended from the looks of it though.

The main download has a documentation folder that contains a spreadsheet of the steal/morphs; it's not 100% accurate though as there were a lot of last-minute changes.

Oh I'm an idiot and forgot I didn't have excel since I re-did my PC so just glanced straight over that file. Thanks!

Hi Segachief,

I love your work on the mod and it gave the game a second life for me so I'm super appreciative. Was just wondering if there's a list of possible morph's/steals anywhere for 1.5? I'm playing through again after doing 1.4 and honestly can't be bothered stealing/morphing EVERYTHING all over again. (And it'd just be nice to have access to)

Thanks for all your hard work and good luck sussing out the ff8 mod! (making that thing balanced will honestly be hell)

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