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I was misunderstanding.I thought it was a moral problem between creators.
We do not upload LGP files.

I wanted to upload jfleve.lgp later, but is this also a rule violation?

I'm sorry. I did not know that it was a violation of the rules.
Change to the tex file of only battle scenes.
menu_ja also deleted

Reactor (rnac) remained the original.
I corrected battle.lgp.

I am really happy to receive a reply from you :-D
It is good music :-D :-D

I will keep trying my best

Hello, I'm Japanese. So I am remodeling without using a custom driver.
Please watch the video and use it if you like it.

1、battle.lgp. which remodeled all scenes. Change to tex file.  
・Battle scene creator: Felix Leonhart, Magochocobo, Bloodshot, Team Avalanche 
 Others have made high resolution with waifu and further modified it.

● Correction of high resolution image
・Common to 19 scenes : Removal of black parts, sharpening or blurring processing.
・Reactor1 Entrance (os**),Reactor5 Entrance(pv**),Reactor(oq**), Reactor (rn**): Floor slippage 
・Corel(pq**), Corel Prison(rq**) : Miniaturize fence, house color
・Coal Trains(qz**) : Sand and wheels

Do not upload full lgp files here. It is against the rules - sl1982
tex file (background only)!2L42Ragb!3iZTMXF7XQSA_OIps2xgVpfECKV2BiZ_bgHpKjS7u9Q

2、Avatar of upper body only
PNG file (.png)!vSIiFQSZ!Aqik9KHximpdjHogUmjG1-bp5Ev0Vk-o747VagVq4dQ

3、Corrected movie whose sound is out of order. (correct sound, correct subtitles, image not yet modified)

 Can battle.lgp be uploaded without receiving permission from creators?


I'm sad... Thank you for your reply.

I can only understand Japanese so I will play with ff7_ja.exe. Is there a way to describe the battle in full screen without using a custom driver?Please also tell me how to make the command box transparent.

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