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Been playing the exe edit version and liking it. Great work as always, segachief! :D
If i might make one suggestion, I feel that Barret's growth sets are more geared towards attacking than tanking I think he should benefit of having one of the str+10/etc ones replaced by vit/spr+10 str+5. That's a choice I would pick for him at least :P
Again, thanks for the amazing mod!

Big fan of your mod here, played it like a year ago. Wanting to get back to it now.
I really liked the new stuff in arrange mode, but I think the battle with bottomswell (jorgumandr or whatever) is absolutely unbalanced. I've tried many, many times and I can never seem to manage to balance survival and damage (I read a post about someone who grinded to level 31 to be able to get through it). So I had to restart in normal mode. If it is not too much trouble, could you please take a look at it?
In any case thanks for reading and for the awesome mod.
BTW, will the exe edits ever come back? I liked materia equipping having notable effects on stats.

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