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Gameplay / Re: Help me in this mod please
« on: 2019-09-17 07:46:59 »
Hi, Darkslayerpowerfull, i try to asked LostWingx for a FF7 Revisited patch on LostWingx youtube channel, but unfortunately I didn't get it. Here is what he replied to me.


Thanks for your interest. Regretfully, the psx version of LostWing was full of bugs but might have been somewhat functional for some. When qhimm users ported it to the PC version a ton of new bugs manifested, essentially breaking the mod. Revisited on the other hand, never really made it out of the testing phase and was far from complete. If you search through qhimm forums hard enough you may be able to find working links. If not, you might be able to ask someone there but I imagine your chances are not good. I do have a new PC mod in the works, but I don't expect to finish it for at least another year or so. In short...I'm sorry I can't help you at this time. If I do end up going through old hard drives, I will provide links at that time. However, between work, family, and other responsibilities it will likely be months, if not years before I do any of this.

I will be releasing an updated version of this mod for use with Shunsq's new controller mod!  Coming soon! (seriously lol)
Just wait and see this updated version

FF9 Gameplay Releases / Re: [PC] Me mods Hard Journey
« on: 2018-05-21 10:51:30 »
Thanks for sharing this great mod,save to my mega account already,thanks again!

Nice hack,will download and try this mod later,thanks for sharing!

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2018-05-16 10:46:37 »
Wow,this mod is amazing,thanks for sharing!

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