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I upload some images in case it is easier to detect the error. Thank you
I'm sorry I forgot to put it up

It gives me several errors:

When it finishes giving the errors it hangs and does not advance. If I start again, install all the mods but the game in English and change the Spanish version for US version

Hello to everyone I'm sorry for my English, my native language is Spanish. I've been trying to put the final fantasy 7 in Spanish all week I have the bootleg version 2012-12-31 Bootleg 040 since the 7heaven is only for the English language. I have the Tifa's Package [Bootleg040 Mods] 2 everything works very well but when it comes to validate spanish version the error is not found the file ulg.exe nor the folder sprinkles.Z I tried to paste sprinkles.Z in the path where it does not find it but when starting bootleg and give it to install the mods erases me again sprinkles.Z Please, I am looking forward to playing with the mods but it is impossible for me to play it in Spanish. I have the Final Fantasy 2012 version. Although I would like the texts of the story to appear in Spanish. If someone can help me thank you very much in advance and help please. Thanks again and I hope this goes here because I'm new to the forum.

Thanks again  :( :'(

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