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Are you able to do the same but for DLS DirectMusic?
Maybe, I haven't tried yet. What tools are available for the DLS standard? Are there any advantages to it being in DLS as opposed to SF2?

I haven't posted here in years... had to make a new user as I haven't registered yet since the forums were ported over.
The last year or so I've been working on a soundfont project meant to make older PC games that use the GM and XG standards sound better. I've updated it to version 3.0, and now I think it's finally good enough to share with you guys. The details are in this post over at the Vogons forums...

Basically it's a 2gb sf2 file built using GPL and CC0 sound samples, most of which are from real instruments.
This will make a well made .mid file sound like it's being played by a real orchestra.  8)
I've tested it with a FF7 XG midi pack that I had... the results of that are here
I'm kind of tempted to make a set of looping OGGs from this soundfont, but I'm not sure there's any point to that. If you'd like me to do that just let me know.

The current download link for version 3.1 is over here...

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