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Good that you are working on it! ;D, what's left to do?

You want it more yellow like this?
Mmh, not like that, i mean like the mod one but a little more lighter! , don't know if it's a more complex work, in that case you can always release the shooting star from the original mod but with the improved color skin and dress :)

Edit: anyway i've done a search on google images and most of the cosplayers use a completely white shooting star like yours, so i think it's okay!, do the improvements at your liking, because it's your "edit" after all, it's good for me like the one in the first image, looking forward the complete release tomorrow :lol:

Yes I will post them tomorrow, just been messing with one set of textures for now until its perfect, otherwise I have to keep redoing them each time
Okay!, i really like the new skin color (more pale  ;D), and the lighter blue outfit, about the shooting star the one of the mod was too dark, but yours it's completly white, any chance to make it look more like the original one?

Updated Rinoas model a bit, made her more pale, her blue outfits lighter and a new texture for shooting star
I like your improvements!  :D, when you have time can you share all the files with this updated texture like yesterday?

Nothing left for what i can see!, only "ridress", but that's because the mod itself it's incomplete i guess :)

Yes I know there are other ones, I'll fix them up and post a link to the folder

Looking forward for that link!, thank you :3!

Here is Rinoas brown eyes fix

They look really good, thank you!, but...i'm not a modder but i think the same thing should be done to other files, like "char_ril", "char_riphinwheel", char_ririsingsun" ecc..., not sure thought :-\

Good day to everyone. I just noticed, but can someone fix Rinoa's textures? Dunno if this was told before, but for some reason her eyes are blue in this mod, while her true eye color is hazel (dark brown). Can someone fix this? Wish i could do this myself, but i can't work with PS and stuff. Thanks in advance.

I agree, i think it's the only thing that i don't like of this mod, hope someone can change/fix the color of Rinoa's eyes.  :)

The main download pack is not yet converted into 30fps since there's still a bug in the game that will make the game weird when the fmv is in 30fps. We can convert the video into 30fps even 60fps, there will be some very small improvement but it will be quite hard to match it with the 15fps gameplay without some tweaking.

I dont know what he did to the videos but I think this is the best version compared to Project NORG. Great colors and less pixelated.
Also Project NORG used videos from the old 2000 game file while zwuw use the steam version video files.

Could be a good idea to convert only the "movie" cutscenes to 30 fps, leaving the gameplay scenes to 15 fps.

Could you give me an "instant chat" contact? (Steam or FB we can speak fluently if you want, in case send me the contact throught private message) 😂, i can upload la Magica for you on Mega if you want :)

What's the difference between this and others FMV Replacement Pack?

I mean, i can see the difference and i think this is the best, but i would like to know how you worked on it (the main post doesn't specify the improvements of this replacement pack).
Anyway these videos are supposed to be 30 fps?, because when i reproduce the intro "disc00_30h" my videoplayer says "15 FPS".

@qotsaninsoadkorn could you please upload your mods on Mega or Google drive?, because torrent it's pretty slow or sometimes unusable. (can't manage to download "LaMagica" and "BattleFieldPack - RECUT EDGES + COLOR BOOST" .

Following this guide D-Pad should work, but analog no more right?, there's no way to make both work?

"1. Install SeeD Reborn from the main post! (Italian users skip to step 2)"

Why we should skip to step 2?, Menu,GF, Character Faces and other things are missing from the italian pack, so the main pack i think it's necessary too ^^

Hi!, i think this it's the only "main" mod not available in Italian, @Mcindus can you make it in Italian please?  :)

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