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The stat system itself has not been changed. However, I made some tweaks related to it: a few forced battles don't give exp anymore and ultimate weapons all give very good stat boosts. I am afraid that if you're both a perfectionist and annoyed by lvl1 playthroughs, that will be a pain to you ^^'

I swaped a few items' location, but didn't add or removed any chest. There are a few less Protect Rings obtainable with the end game sidequests (they have been replaced by other rewards) but you can still get them from the Hot & Cold minigame. Also, the blue magics are not given by the same monsters as before, but they are all available during the end game. Making a documentation is kind of opposite to what I am aiming with the mod: making the player try and seek for things he would have not bothered with in vanilla because he knows the game by heart.
Hi. Thanks for your reply. I've already started my playthrough on this and it looks pretty good so far. Although, my plans for a max stats run is pre-emptively flushed down the drain because I can't get past Black Waltz and Sea Lion for the life of me. The measly lvl1 105 hp just isn't enough to survive. I mean it can be done with pure luck, but the odds are quite grim and I'm not a madman lol. Oh well, better start leveling then. I'll be counting on those Ultimate weapon stats :D

Anyway, I'm having a blast so far and I'll be posting here if I have questions on the mod. Great work!

Hi I'm on my tradition of replaying FF mainline titles every couple of years and I stumbled upon your mod. The possibility of recruiting Beatrix piques my interest and I'm deciding to give this a try. Did you perchance made any changes to the stat growth system? I'm asking because an annoyance of mine about FF9 was that you had to hold back leveling until endgame to maximize stats, which kinda kills the fun for me.

Also, aside from things you described in the main post, were there other things that were changed like item locations, missables, and such? Again I'm asking because I'm kind of a perfectionist and I don't see a Documentation file or some sort in the main post.

All in all this seems like the most interesting FF9 mod and I've found and I'll be waiting for your reply before I start. Can't wait to start a playthrough of this mod!

7H doesn't apply .exe changes on its own, so I had to package the exe files separately (7H does something similar, it installs a lot of .exes to cover current mods). The fix won't retroactively fix your characters I'm afraid, so your best bet would be to open your save file using black chocobo tool (make a backup first) and then multiplying the value in each character's Sources stat by 5.

Here's an example:

The highlighted area is the addition being made to the stat by sources. If you multiply that value by 5, then it'll match what you should have had stat-wise with the .exe patched.

I think given the trouble that an unpatched .exe can cause, I'm going to add some kind of check to the game itself that can figure out if the .exe isn't patched or not. Then it'll be able to either warn the player, or adjust its behaviour.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I usually avoid save editors because if I open one, I'll be tempted to just give my team OP stats and items instead of just playing the game and working hard for it, which is the fun part for me. However, I will make an exception for this one.

Another question this time regarding the NT Technician on the Highwind, when resetting rank ups to 1/8, does all the accumulated stats reset back to base value or does it just retain your stats and let you continue off it? I'm asking because I'd like to "respec" some characters.

Also I don't know if this is a bug or not, but equipping 4/5 summons with +25 str (Bahamut, Kjata, etc) turns my MP into 30000 and consequently, equipping 4/5 summons with +25 mag turns my HP into the same amount. I'm quite sure this isn't intended. In 7H, I don't think I've installed incompatible mods to NT but I did check "Break 9999 Limit" in the The Reunion Beacause and Menu Overhaul mod (I didn't activate Beacause, only the Menu Overhaul). Does that trigger it?

Ok I feel so stupid. I am now in disc 3 but I only just noticed that sources only give me +1 stat! No wonder enemies keep one-shotting me and I deal pitiful damage (I thought that was just the difficulty being unfair). I've read the other replies to this post about the "bug" and I read something about using a certain .exe. I am using 7H btw. Where do you find this .exe and how do you apply it? Also, will the fix be retroactive and apply my stat gains or do I have to farm sp all over again?

Yet another question basing on the Readme in the Documentation : First time through Gold Saucer. Aside from dating Aerith, is there another way to get Umbrella? I tried scoring 5000 points in the Speed Square but it didn't give me anything. I'm favoring Tifa in my playthrough and that's why I'm concerned that if the date event gives me Tifa then I might miss that weapon. Do I need to score higher than 5000 points in the Speed Square?

I'm playing this with the latest version (v1.5) and I've noticed that Cloud's passive in the game and in the Readme (Documentation) is different. In my game it's the Limit Boost passive meanwhile the readme says it should be Second Wind. Is this normal or was there an error somewhere I don't know about? Im using 7th heaven btw.

And also, good work on this mod. I've been enjoying it tremendously.

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