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Gameplay / Re: FF7 personal mod for upload
« on: 2019-01-11 10:25:26 »


Gameplay / Re: FF7 personal mod for upload
« on: 2019-01-10 20:37:36 »

If 7th Heaven is the easiest. Does it have the tools once I install it?

Gameplay / FF7 personal mod for upload
« on: 2019-01-10 16:07:38 »
Hey everyone,

Been searching the forum and the internet for the past 20 minutes but I couldn't find the answer I was looking for. How would I go about packaging and uploading a mod I've created?

I want community feedback on my ideas.


Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2018-12-01 16:34:36 »

Thanks again for your hard work. Recommended it to a couple of my friends too.

Is Tifa more buxom in the mod than the original or is it my imagination?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2018-12-01 09:52:50 »
Sega Chief,

I thanked you last night on Death's stream. Just wanted to give you a full run down now that I've completed the game.

It's brilliant - I managed to kill Nemesis, Omega, Ruby, Emerald, that chocobo who gives you Pandora's box. A lot of the time I had to play smart as brute forcing doesn't work.

I wish I could put this on my phone on my PS emulator (I'd never play the original again if that happened).

The Dark Cave was a fantastic addition.

Is there anywhere I can donate since I've enjoyed your hard work so much it seems only fair that I give you something for your amazing project.

Sorry for gushing.

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