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49 Jewels is all you need and you get the other +50gain from using the summon 50 times.


Edit: Did some tests with Bahamut and Garnets

49 Garnets = 6k damage
99 Garnets = 7,5k damage

So you need 99 Jewels to get the +49 bonus.

I read that max summon bonus with jewels is +49. Do i need 49 Jewels or 99 for a bonus of +49?

Playing the PS1 version; currently in the Evil Forest with Zidane, Steiner, and Vivi. Is there something I need to do to make the moogle who will accept a letter appear in Alexandria Castle? Does that moogle appear later on, or have I already missed something?

If i remember right there are two Moogles in the Evil Forrest.
Spoiler: show
One before the 1st or 3rd Boss fight hidden in a tree stumpand one in front of the Ship where you started, but i think this moogle will not be there from beginning, i think after a certain boss it will be added.

Playing Mougri Mod with Alternative Fantasy and i just realized that front and back row dont have any influence. Damage dealt (Basic Attack) and taken are the same in front and back row, is this normal? Turned Alternative Fantasy off and the Row Bug was solves, so its defenetly Alternate Fantasy which makes the row bug happen.

Hello i have a question.

When i open the Hades Programm and File open and choose the launcher nothing happens, and the programm dont react , anymore even i wait 15 min. But when i open Unity Asset Viewer and File open the Launcher, everything is alright. Do i am something wrong?

Edit: I reinstalled FF9 without Memoria Engine, then it works.

I Created something betwin one thing and another...
As I see that the difference of leveling up with or without Bonus is very huge, than i reduced the difference betwin the Items
I gave

Old     New
 0        +1
+1      +2
+2      +2
+3      +2
+4      +3

Than this makes the Item to dont seems all the same, but gives an solutions to the Bonus Evolving Dilema...

Could you send me the file or tell me how you created the mod? When i change stats.csv it affects the current stat bonus when i wear a item. But i dont want to change it, i just want to change the stats growth per level up when i wearing certain items. i want change that all items i wear give me +1/32 to all stats per level up. So if i wear 5 items i got 5/32 to all stats.

One note to the yesterday writing from me.

The formular with Attack - Defene is right, but i had in my head that the main stats could increase your Attack or Defense like in FF7. But in FF9 they do not it. I read it on fandom page. So the main stat will not change your damage such in a significat way like items can (Attack/Defense/MagicDefense). For Magic Damage the game use instead of the Attack, the Spell Damage Stat. So here, the same. Strentgh/Magic increase of course the damage, but in the formular, where they are used, where is no - (minus) something like in the (Attack - Defense Part) and the result is multiplied with the Attack - Defense result.

Edit: But the main question is still up, how important are the Bonus Stats from Leviling up with certain Equipment in this Mod. In vanilla you can beat the game easy without it.

When i try to extract the No Equipment Mod i get an error, no matter which version i use. I assume i can make the changes direct in the Alternate Fantasy Item/stats.csv? And all i need to do is to set Values of 0-5 deppens on what i want on the Columns Dexterity Strength Magic Will for every Stat Set?

When i level up early on fast (because i like to master the abilities early on) will i have later hug problems, due to "low" endgame stats? I ask because it seems that even 1 point have a hug impact in this mod. At least early one, dont know how its later. With 6 Defense a boss hit me mostly for 50 damage, i just got +1 defense more so i had 7 defense and than he mostly hit me for 36 damage. Steiner has +2 defense more so he have 9 defense and the boss only hit mostly 9 damage on him and i increased Steiner's attack from 12->16 and damage increase from 36->108 (same monster tested). Does later a few stats points will have such a big impact, too?

And one last question, when Steam will ask me for a FF9 update in the future, can i do it or could i get problems with Moguri and Alternative Fantasy Mod?

Edit: Read about the damage formula in this game. One part of the formula is Attack - Defense. So if your attack = monster defense or simlar to it, you will do very low damage and every single point will give you a big boost. Theoretically 1 point could double the damage. In case of Steiner's Attacks my attack must was 2 points higher than monster defense and now its 6 higher, so it explains the 3x damage. Same happens to damage reducing, too. In best case (Monster Attack - Your Defense = 2) and you increase defense by 1 point, it will bring you 50% lower damage. Will be the values of Attack/Defense of Characters and Monsters always similar to each other, even later? If the answer is yes, than probably even later every point will be important.

Ok, thanks. Then i can start now :)

While i searched for psx button pictures, i read in a forum beside the "icon atlas" there is another png you need to redraw its called "screen button atlas". I did both now. Used your Hades Program to extract the "screen button atlas", because the one i found had wrong colors by the feet icons. They got probably an update. Here is the "PSXButton" Mod with both png's if someone want. The icon atlas include L1,L2,R1,R2. The ones i found in forums didnt had that, they had only the main button, so i draw them. "icon atlas"  is tested ingame, "screen button atlas" not.

Feel free to share it.


1) I think that there is a mod for that on Steam. At worst, you may create that mod yourself (it's rather simple now thanks to Memoria):
%u2023 Get the icon atlas (I obtained it with Hades Workshop's tool "Unity Assets Viewer" from the "sharedassets2.assets", but you don't have to care about it),
%u2023 Replace the icons of the buttons on the bottom-right of the image,
%u2023 Put the atlas file in a folder "PSXButton/embeddedasset/ui/atlas" with the folder "PSXButton" being placed inside FF9's folder. Also, remove the ".png" extension such that the image is named "icon atlas",
%u2023 Add "PSXButton" to the list in Memoria.ini's "[Mod] FolderNames" field.
Hopefully, the PNG compression will not create ugly marks on the icons in-game. If that is the case, try saving it with a looser compression.

Thanks for the answer. I tried the memoria way exacly like you wrote, but it didnt work. But after i put the folder "FF9_Data" before "embeddedasset", it worked. so "PSXButton/FF9_Data/embeddedasset/ui/atlas" can i do that or will i get problems later with it?

The next problem was that every icon had a white background ingame. But i solved it. First i used "paint" for changing the .png and now i use "" with ""  i dont have the white background behind the icons.

Hello, i have 2 Questions.

1) Is there are way to replace the ingame Keyboard Button Pictures (Backspace, x, c, etc. to the Playstations ones (Cirle, Triangel, Square, etc.

2) I have a german Steam installation of FF9 and installed Mougri Mod and Alternate Fantasy and it work. Vivi's Staff teaches 20%MP. When in Alternate Fantasy a new Text is displayed like Dialogue or Item, which is not in german vanilla version,  does it will just show me the English Text but it will work or will the game crash or something like that. In short can i play without problems or i must switch the entire game to english?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-10 15:15:53 »

So i was just playing through the game (currently at rocket town) and i noticed some stuff that i´m not entirely sure if they are meant to be.
Firstly in the SP menu, Aerith is the only character that can only upgrade twice, every other character can upgrade up to 4 times;
Secondly, i´m not sure why but when i went to the reactor in Gongaga, the Lich GT fight didnt trigger... im not sure if there has to be a requirement for that fight to happen;
Finally, i read in the documents that Materia Keeper should drop an Edincoat and i didnt get it. I stole from him an earth mallet, could that have been the problem? like can you not get drops if you steal.
Other than that, im loving the new version so far Great work!

Aerith gets later 4 Upgrades like everyone else. To the Boss in Gongonga Reactor. Are you in Type A, maybe? I was in Tyoe B and had a boss.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-09 17:27:36 »
So, small thing, the "New Threat 2.0 Enemy Drop/Steal/Morph Google Spreadsheet" link takes you to the doncumentation download instead.

Here is the right link:

And here is another Docu created by a user called wdx:

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-08 18:31:56 »
Hi everyone! New here and trying to set up 7th heaven. I have download both New Threat 1.5 and 2.0, but I really dont understand what the differences are between the two versions? I heard stuff was cut for 2.0 on purpose, but is it worth playing through both versions, or is there a definitive one to play? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Both add many new Stuff to the Game. Many added stuff are the same in 1.5 and 2.0. But 1.5 have more Sidequests due to some of them are not present in 2.0. And 2.0 have one (when i not forget one) that isnt in 1.5. 2.0 on the other hand have some great changed Story Events in the Midgar Part (Type B Mode), which 1.5 dont have. 2.0 brings some adaptions to the balance like barrier, second row, crit, weakness nerfs and some other balance changes, you can see in the change log, but loses (in my personal opionion) balance in terms of later Boss Lifes. The fights are to quick to end like a few strong materia combos and you won the fight. In 1.5 the later fights feel more like real boss fights.

When you want a real diffrent experience to the Classic Game with many changes, i currently suggest you play 1.5. And Later if you dont want to play the whole 2.0. at least just do the Midgar Part (Type B Mode, the game will ask you that by begining) Its worth it.

But this is my personal opinion. I am sure people will suggest you 2.0, too. There is no definitive edition. Both have pros and cons.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.94)
« on: 2020-09-08 17:38:03 »
Finished yesterday 2.0 Type B Hard. And here are my thought about the content and balance. In short well done, but why so many content is removed from 1.5 (without replacing it) and Hard Mode Late Game Content is to easy.

Spoilers, dont read further, when you are not done with all content.

The more important ones are bold.

- The alternative story in Midgar was awesome, post Midgar sadly only minor story changes, but i understand its hard to change things (technicaly and time spending), because the plate didnt felt down, i hoped there would be a way to visit Sector 7 again with maybe a sidequest or something. e.g. Getting Barrets Lvl4 Limit there instead of kalm.
- Liked the Idea of Aeris Body in Jenova Battle
- The changed Cloud/Aerith Sidequest with Zack was a great idea. I wish there would any benefit if you win the battle. Like Zack lives and you can get him in a other sidequests which only triggers when you win the battle.
- The Cid Sidequest in 1.5 was my favorited character sidequest, so i am a bit sad about the remove.
- The Tifa Sidequest was not my favorited, but every remove of content hurts^^
- The transport of the Silver Chocobo from the Kalm to Glacier was a good idea and the feeding stuff, too. But the high defense mechanic when not eating is gone. It was a funny idea in 1.5. Since there are so many ignores defense attack in 2.0 maybe every attack should to 0 dmg when he's not eating.
- The missing Junon League was a big lose
- The missing Extra Battles in Battle Square was a lose, too but it was not so important as Junon League.
- I liked the idea in the Creater in 1.5 after each Segment there is a boss. In 2.0 its removed.
- The new 12x 1/35 soldier sidequest and the gift are awesome, well done.
- The weapon smith should can craft missable items like Ziedrich  or some Mistile copies, etc. in addition to the Masamune (which is in my opionion by far the best weapon)
- Dark Cave was a fantastic idea in 1.5. i am sad, that its removed, but i understand that many content of Dark Cave is now in Type B.

- The changes to Barrier 50%->33%, Sad 30%->5% and back row 50%->10%was good, Barrier, Sad and Back Row was to strong.
- The remove of the Soft Level Caps was good
- The remove of SP and change to after certain event was good.
- In 1.5 your defence was doubled in calculation. In terms of Balance the change to vanilla was good but in term of funny builds it was bad. hard to say which it better
- Osmose is useless maybe its later better, but later you dont need it anymore.
- The fact that you can Morph items which you normaly get far later, is cool. Maybe it was in 1.5 i dont know
- Every character should have a weapon which ignores morph penalty. It should be aviable early so you can make use of it.
- Hard Mode: The fact, that you have to grind (steal/morph) for gil makes you automaticlly do more battles and this negate the 1/2 exp malus and in addition gives you many AP, so you will unluck spells and abilities faster. And makes the game easier.
- After a certain point the game become very easy, i think it was when you got the lvl3 limit or the Magic Spells lvl 2 and lvl3. Most bosses were death with 2 Limit or 3 spells or so.
- The W-Item duplication bug removed the sense of healing spells. From the moment you get it, you can spam mega exlixiers and dont need any Healing Spells. I know you can play without it, but when its in the game why dont use it^^
- The damage of the high end elemental spells like tornado and break etc. are to low compared to ultima. The high end Spells have Base damage 70-80 if i remmebr right. Even when you use them on a weakness they have 105-120 base commpared to ultima which you can alwasy use with 100. and ultima hits aoe and the high end elemental spells do only single target. When you increase the damage of them, they would become more useful. In late game the only spell you need is ultima. The status effects on the elemental spells are not enough to pick them over ultima. especially when you want to build a good materia combo and you need many slots. With ultima you have in worst case slighty lower damage but can use it vs all kind of enemies.
- The fight for the wutai secret cave vs the zack soldier was to easy it was a joke compared to the other secret cave fights.
- The fight vs guard of Knight of Rounds was epic. This is like a fight should be. Zombie breath from the dragon and the one hit ko's from the robot are a deadly combo, liked it very much.
- Although the fight was really hard, the gift (Knights of Rounds) is completly overpowered. Here some dmg examples. character level 66 with 255 attack and 255 magic all damage numbers come from Iron Giant in Crater (No Adrenaline). dmg: 2x summon knight of round 96k (single) and 63k (aoe) 2x magic mp turbo quadra ultima 25k without quadra 16,6k. 2x summon bahamut Zero mp turbo quadra 20,4k without quadra 13,6k. 4x cut with masamune 25k. so you see the most good stuff is about 20-25k. And Knight of Round is 4x higher dmg. It mostly one shots every boss in the game in Hard Mode.
- Altough i like the idea to go with the life down till you can sense them, the fights are to quick to end. Almost everything is death with 2x summon materia knight of round. And if not, Mime and done. even if Knight of Round is nerfed. And you only use Ultima or 4x Cut with 25k dmg. After 3-4 Attacks the fight is over. Its to quick. I think the boses should at least life after 10 strong attacks. So they need at least 250k life
- The life of regular enemies is good.
- The damage dealt by the enemies (regular/bosses) is good too.
- I like the fact that you can increase/controll stats (str/mag/dex) with your materia you wear

There are many other small things which are now better than in 1.5 but to write them all down would cost to many time and i would probably forget many of them. So i just focused mostly on the "negatives" and the suggestions i have.

Thank you for the mod. Ingame Timer was 90+ hours. Was a great experience, well done.

Edit: - I like that some limits are now magic basic
- The enemy away materia is probably the best quality of life feature, the save point toogle was good, too, but the materia is even better.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.91)
« on: 2020-08-14 17:24:27 »
Gameplay feedback for Type B (Hard Mode, No Sources): I've just only finished Cosmo Canyon but so far I 've found the difficulty more than manageable. I've never die, never had to use items other than the casual potion/phoenix, never run from a battle. I'm using ATB Wait ofc. Problem is the Gil. I don't want the money to make my life easier but I want to have at least "one of each". It's not fun to have to skip some weapons (specially now that they're so different from each other) or materia. And there's the Condor War, that requires to have at least 4k in the pocket everytime. I was thinking about toggling to no exp, easy mode to grind gil but that just seems gimmicky. So, I'd reconsider about the No Gil feature of hard mode. Just my two cents. Awesome mod either way!

A tip for fast money in Hard. In "early" game go for Morph Kalm Wolves (almost 3k per Battle, minus some "wrong" enconters") and in "Midgame" Cosmo Canyon Beach (on averange almost 8k per Battle). You can prepeare Morph with Spell+All. You have to adjust the Magic stat of the caster so the morph Character can kill them with 1 Morph. I had like 50-60 Kalm Wolves now i am out of money and luckiely i just arrived in cosmo canyon.

But yeah 0 Gil can be annoying.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.91)
« on: 2020-08-14 15:39:03 »
Junon League was deactivated in this build, though the script handling it is still in there in case it gets re-implemented but I've no plans to currently.

Is there any reason you removed it? The Junon League was a really cool idea in my opinion.
I hope there is no more content from NT 1.5 deactived.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.8)
« on: 2020-08-09 06:19:23 »
Nice :) In terms of keeping the balance until the end of the game, increasing the enemy level probably makes sense. By decreasing the ammount of EXP, the lvl gap just keeps getting wider and wider. Hardcore players might enjoy that, but probably not most. No gil from enemies is interesting, but there would have to be some other way to earn it.

I believe the most simple option for 2.1 is to add "handicaps" instead of just a difficulty mode with predetermined conditions. Like this:
A toggle for 1.5x enemies.
A toggle for Half EXP.
A toggle for No Gil.

 So far enjoying the mod! Thank you so much for your dedication.

The seperate Toogles is the way Dragon Quest 11 is handle this. Its called Draconian Quests. You can only activate it at begining of the game, but you always can turn it off when its to hard.
I would also prefer seperate toggle, Sega maybe you check the Dragonquests 11 Draconian Quests for Nintendo Switch for more Hard Mode ideas. E.g. there is one where you can not use Armors or Accesoirs.

By the way i thought 2.0 would be the last FF7 NT and Sega wanted to go for FF8.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-06-16 08:18:16 »

You need to open battle\scene.bin,. But not the standard one you need to open the NT one. when e.g. you use the iro files you need a iro unpacker first.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-06-14 19:09:58 »
If you click 'disassemble' when viewing AI it'll interpret the AI script into something more readable (if statements, etc.) but I think you need a file sitting in PrC's folder to interpret the opcodes:

If you're missing the .dat file from the prc folder, then put that in there and it'll interpret most of the opcodes in the disassembled view.

Ok, thanks. Now its look like this.

For me its still not really readably. Somewhere there stands that the monster loses his immunity to stop, but no chance for me to read this. I think i will just use the Enemy stats from Normal Mode and try and Error in Arrnage Mode.

FF7 Tools / Re: Simple speedhack for FF7
« on: 2019-06-13 20:04:16 »
Amazing tool. And the music dont speed up like in the Super Nintendo Emulators, well done. Good for rushing through the story and farming weak monsters.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-06-13 19:09:43 »
Arrange mode is handled by the enemy AI, specifically the pre-battle script. There's a check in there for the arrange variable which buffs level, flips switches, whatever needs done.

So the changes are somewhere here not readable for "normal" human?:

And there is no way to show the changes like this for normal mode?:

I ask because its seems like the weaknesses and Allowed Status can be a little diffrent from normal / arrange.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-06-13 18:38:06 »
There's 3 different programs I use to see the items and other things in New Threat that people here recommended to me,   ProudClod,   Black Chocobo and WallMarket,   let's you see all the current up to date steals and morphs and lets you view all items,  armors and weapons,   and view character stats and how many sources you've used.

You need to point the programs at the right IRO's kernal.bin and scene.bin,   I'm sure someone here can provide more help if you can't figure it out :)

I didnt know ProudClod, its fantastic. Now i can see the stats and weaknesses for the monsters i can not sense. I have two question.

1) When i use iro unpacker and read the scene.bin it looks like the stats displayed are for normal mode. How i can see the values for arrange mode?

2) Is there a options to export all enemy stats in a sheet? (Readable for human) Or is there a way to search for a specific item so i can see from which enemy i can get it?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-06-12 18:46:02 »
Incredible, any tips on how to beat
Spoiler: show
The Bomb King & the 6 Golden Tonberries? Bomb kings minions always knock out 2 chars and murder the remaining one with LIMIT BREAK, even though I'm only targeting the King (using Hydro), and the Tonberries.. dont even go there, its too painful!

It raises another question, what would you consider the best order to tackle the latter parts?  I've been mixing between tackling a New Threat, trying to get a special materia, attempting to get Weapon to fight me properly instead of flying away, and checking the weapons smith to see if I've got enough items to forge a weapon yet (none so far).

Bomb King
Spoiler: show
I just targeted the big guy and ignored the balls. But it was a close fight. I did it immediately after i got the highwind. But according to a video i saw you can make use of the spell "Remove" it removes the balls from the game and than you shouldnt have any problems. Maybe you have to use the remove spell more than one time to get ride of all the balls. At this time i didnt had access to the remove spell because it didnt had enough AP trained.

Golden tomberries
Spoiler: show
Since i didnt need the Mine Materia i did this fight later, than i already was overpowered. I used
Snack Attack + Barrier + Mega all
Snack Attack + Planet
Snack Attack + Planet
Planet + Quadra Magic
After the first Ultima (Planet) Sneack Attack the tomberries made a conter attack. I survived easy. After the 2nd Snack Attack they didnt Countered. I make one mnauelly Ultima and they were dead. If you want to do them before you are overpowered here a video in arrange mode from. The person who did this writed information in the description of the video.

Best order for later Parts.

Spoiler: show
I would first APing in the Crater my Materia which i need. In the Midgar Raid, you get tons of AP from the bosses to max out Materia and even Maxout the new borned Materia, too. Important is Sneack Attack and Planet. Now go Crater put 2x (Sneak Attack + Planet) and Planet + Qudra Magic. MP Turbo you doesnt need since it not increase the snack attack ultima damage although you pay the increased mp for it, mp absorb didnt work as well. With 255 magic stats which you get easy with the materia which gives +10 magic. Now you go left lower part (probably other work too) and farm. Some Monster will give you 5k Base AP with The Tiple Weapon its 15k. Every Monster which is not instant death after your 2x sneak attack ultima will only remain ~1k life, 1-2 meele hits and end. While APing you can collect the Items you need for the Ultimate weapons. For stealing you should use the stealing gloves to increease chances.  When you do not have any preferences your 1st ultimate weapon should be Conformer for Yuffie. It hits so hard. Combinted with many Conter Attack Materia and High Str,  Yuffie is a one man army.

Now its up to you which boss you make first. You have the power now to do every one. The most you should kill now without any special tactic. When you still die, look the video list i posted and the descritption in the videos. Because some bosses sleep all your character in the first round or cast death in the first round etc. so you have to prepear a little bit.

This is my personal doing. But the most fun is to thinking how you can build a powerful team and than go for the materia, ultimate weapons etc. and build it.

Thanks for the detailed feedback, bud. I've got some good stuff scripted up already in the final build's arrange mode (tested and working) that'll make it an interesting experience.
Your welcome. I didnt imagine there are so many changes in the final version. I though there will be only small things. Now i am very excited.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v1.5)
« on: 2019-06-11 19:40:44 »
I just finished normal mode.  I talked to every person, visited every area and every corner of it, did every sidequest, killed every boss in the game and did many tests how somethings work in battles. Game timer is now 70+ hours but the real number including reloads after death and testing how things work in battles is probably about 100 hours.

Sega Chief, you did a wonderful work. Here are my thoughts (you don’t need to comment every single one):

-The lvl4 sidequests fits good into the story, best was cids because you need to visit many different places to complete this. Cait Cith and some others for example you just need to visit one place kill something and done. They all should feel more like the cid one. Collect here information, travel there, bring this thing here etc.

- The Jugon League is fantastic

- The Dark Cave is a very good idea, but I think It have much more unique potential, maybe it can be a endless random dungeon where only there you can find randomly some special items or (if possible) you make it like the ancients cave in lufia 2 or you remove the option to choose arrange mode on the start and when you enter the dark cave a new game+ starts in arrange mode.

- The changes to the materia are good, but I think there should be more 1star materia e.g. planet, contain, sneak attack, multicut, mega all, quadra magic, maybe more. Counter attack need still a nerf maybe 50% weapon dmg or make conter attack 1star and you can obtain 3-4 in the game or just lower the rate to 25% trigger. The thing is counter attack early on is not the problem, the problem begin when you you have many of them with a good phys char.

- The changes to phy and magic dmg are a good idea, but phy dmg got nerfed to much. In the playtrough I only used magic because the pyh dmg was not worth it only limits were good. Even with bad magic stats its better to attack with magic and with osmose the mp isn’t a big problem.  In endgame I think Phy dmg needs overall a small buff like 25%. Conformer is to strong, especially with many conter attacks every boss is a joke.

- I like that any good armor now has a problem like no linked slots or halves healing etc. now there is not “the best” armor it depends on the fights and this is good.

- Crafting the ultimate weapons was a very good idea, I like it very much

- I like the new battle square bosses and the bosses in kalm as well. But maybe instead putting the omega and nemesis weapon on battle square they should get their own little part like ozma. And you can make the npc (where you currently can fight cait cith tank, omega and nemesis) a npc where you can rebattle the bosses you already defeated. Maybe for a special reward.

- The Special battle where you need to fight 8 bosses in a row. Is very good too. It would even better when you not fight everytime the same. Maybe you can make a boss pool where are 8 bosses randomly picked up. E.g. all the main story bosses maybe level adjusted, so they got some love.

- I not like the soft level cap every 10 level. In my opinion this feel unnatural and should be linear, even when I know its probably hard to balance, but I wanted to say that.

- Speaking of linear. We come to the rank up system. I like it very much you can  choose which way to go, but instead of only 8 big rank ups I would prefer many small rank ups and if possible they should be linked to the level up system. Maybe every level up you gain a character specific item (one for every char, when cloud lvl up you gain a cloud item, when aerith lvl up a aerith item etc.) and you can trade this item on every save points for the sources you want. And for the flat +5 all stats you can do something like every 2 lvl ups automatic +1 all stats.

- the changes to defence, magic defence (2x) in the damage formular is awesome, now defence is thing to thinking about and is not overpowered since they are many attack which ignores them or deal %dmg.

- The 41 level cap in the damage formular on the one hand is good to limit the phy dmg, but on the other hand I wish the damage formular could be more linear without have the need to cap it at lvl41 so you can feel a difference between a lvl 50 char with 150 str and a lvl 99 char with 150 str.

- the implementing of innate character abilitys was a good idea to make a character different, as well as the possibility of skiping some story element like the nibelheim flash back, the possibility to remove random encounters on field maps and the fast morph materia.

- fighting for the strong materials like quadra magic was a good idea. Maybe this could be expanded to some others like planet, contain and comet.

- I would remove the lucky 7777, its feels like cheating

- I would fix the 2x item bug/cheat or remove the 2x item materia if its not possible

- I would remove the added effect barrier shield bug/trick. Early on and in mid game its overpowered.

- Since I had access to the crater and I mastered my materia and reborn it how many times I need, made good materia combos and got the ultimate weapons, the game become to easy. I played in normal mode. Maybe this is in arrange mode different.

I hope I could help you with my input to make your already wonderful mod a little better. I looking forward your final release even when it comes in one year or even later. I will play it probably in arrange mod.

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