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Did they fix the start of battle crash I wonder.. hmmm. Probably not to be fair.
Keep it up though. I can't wait for this.
No release note, but my guess is that they simply pushed an update by accident, so it probably doesn't actually do anything.

Does moguri upscale the filtered PC re-release backgrounds or are the original PS1 backgrounds used and upscaled and then replace the PC backgrounds?
The PC version only used the original BG, badly filtered. So it makes sense to use the original instead. Plus, there's an AI model that removes dithering. So yeah, the original is used.

My understanding is that Ze Pilot intended to include a reworked battle UI in a future update of Moguri, and though this is intended to be the next update of the mod I'm not sure whether the UI is being updated as well since there hasn't been any mention of it.
No other UI mod appears to be compatible with Moguri for now, unfortunately.
Yeah I don't know of a mod that can be integrated out of the box, but I'd love it.

About beta, I'm still finishing some stuff, then I'll make a download. I'll need to talk to zePilot, but he's pretty busy and hard to reach unfortunately.

BTW Square Enix just did a big blunter, they deleted the entire steam game today... then they fixed it 1h later. Doesn't affect the update fortunately. I was wrong, I need to re-import everything in the game, that'll take the night :x

Hi all! I haven't been responding much, I was focused on working, but I'm in the endgame now, so here we are!

Hi Snouz, did you fix this crazy candlestick?
Yes! in fact, all problems with battle backgrounds I think. There were crazy candles, floating beaches etc. It was a problem with animated textures in battle. I had to downscale them.

Hi Snouz, is it possible to fix this graphic bug? at 1:21
and this one 2:32
Sorry but those are effects bugs, I have no control over that. I guess they abandoned these animations in the porting to Unity? idk

Maybe this week-end we will be able to play Final Fantasy IX with snouz assets... Finally!
There's still a few things to go through: text, testing, a few corrections here and there, but yes I'm pretty close. I'm open if someone wants to beta test already though.

will the background be in 4k ?
If we take an example of a screen that doesn't move (no scrolling), it's 1280x896. So ~896p? It's still twice the steam version and 4x the PSX one.

Anyway, I'll release some screenshot comparisons soon. Thanks for your support, stay safe, stay inside and take care!

Looking great!!!

Have you tried a 'cartoonizer' filter on top of the 3D models?, to look more like 'cards'?

Looking forward for it's release!!!
I took 5 minutes to try some online filter.
I found a good result with this:    ------> effect 18 (about midway through)

Here it is:

That looks awesome! The hologram is so clean! Any progress on the fmv's, the interpolation? You think it's possible?


Skickat från min SM-G973F via Tapatalk

Yes, but I think that can be released afterwards, I need to focus on the important stuff first. Also, the programs and techniques continue to evolve for videos, so I'll do that last.

Any updates snouz? I'll settle for some more screenshots of your impeccable work!  :mrgreen:


Ah yeah sorry, had a lot to do recently, but still working steadily!
Thanks everyone for the support : )
Recently I worked a bit on the lights, like the stairs in the Desert Palace and the holograms in Oeilvert, and I found the best upscaler possible for these IMO: waifu2x
I fixed a bunch of bugs, I re-upscaled a lot of images to fit better. I understood how some transparencies work, so I'm not doing nothing : )
Quick example, here's a quick particle re-interpretation I had to do to fix that bug: Tell me what you think!
Also, I became a mod of FF9's subreddit

An example of what the hologram look like when polished:

Also... his name is Andrea now?
Yeah strange, he was called Max in my game...

Amazing work man!!!
I've downloaded your world map retexture and went around during different moments in game, I couldn't find anything wrong for the first 3 CDs, the only two little things were one waterfall hole in Daguerrero entrance in low res (CD4 only) and the black mages village wood still in low res (CD4 only) also the 4 sand whirls where you enter desert palace have decentered sand animation (Only before Kuja Palace plot CD3).

P.S.: I dunno if I should have posted this here or in your other thread and if you already fixed them or they can't be fixed but still I love your work keep it on  ;D
Thanks for the report, yes I still need to fix some things, like rocky beaches animations, and I only now see those as I just arrived at the 3rd disk in my parallel playthrough, just got the boat and the blue chocobo.

Just one question, will your mod need the moguri mod to be installed first, or will it include everything, including the upscaled world map textures?
Hi, I would like all of this to be part of Moguri. It's an evolution of Moguri.

Little update: I reached the open world part with the boat, so I will now work on all those bonus scenes, and maybe correct a few textures on the world map, and probably try to improve on the grass texture. But since I'm playing the game legit in parallel, Chocobo quest's got me for a while.
Anyway, I'm 75% done on the masks work.

I download the file and get an error stating "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged". I'm using winrar to try and open it.
Is it still a work in progress? Maybe I should wait until it's complete to try it anyway.
What version of winrar do you use? I compressed with 5.61 and I just tried downloading and decompressing, it works. Could you try again?

It seems that in Memoria.ini you can set the video speed.


Ah! Great find! I'll test that!
Now I just need to make the AI based interpolation work:

OFFICIAL: I'm at the 3rd CD for masks! YAY! Just finished the Ifa tree.

That looks really good, this mod is gonna be amazing once it's done! I know zepilot mentioned at one point he wanted to get the PSX hud back into the steam version, you know anything about that? That would be the perfect version if possible! Thanks!
Last thing he mentioned I think is that the last version is not open source. I've heard say people say it's still buggy. If someone does it well, I'd love it.

It's great! Can I also increase the frequency of FPS? It is a pity no one remakes FMV's for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, they are there in very terrible quality.
There are techniques for interpolation, but I have yet to make it work and still have to test if the game would even accept a double speed video (if it's tied or not to the framerate of the game).
So not a priority right now. First, I finish the initial project.

Can you fix it? This error continues with PS One. Black Waltz No. 3 uses "Fira", but the animation "Fire" is played.
It's not in my scope, and not really the subject of this thread (and pretty minor?)
It's also a Russian version in your video apparently? I have a US-UK-IT-ES-FR-GE-JA version.

I've worked a bit to try and improve some FMVs (especially those 18 ones that blend with scenes or have 3d characters in them), and it's going well so far.

I extracted the images from the videos with ffmpeg, divided resolution by 4 (to their original size: 320x240) using nearest interpolation, then passed in ESRGAN (first in anti-dithering, then using zePilot's model), and managed to re-inject a video in the game using the same codec/format. This will allow me to color correct some videos.

For the last week, I've been working on improving the visual quality after I found a good workflow with a certain ESRGAN model called "BOX". I pass the images in a dithering removal model for ESRGAN, then upscale with BOX. It has more details, a bit more noise, but a lot of color noise, so I combined it with existing images one by one, taking the original color and adding the details at a certain percentage. It works especially well on cave/grungy/dark textures, like Fossil Roo, Gismar and Gould.



It adds a bit of contrast, removes that annoying pattern you can see currently with moguri:

Makes it a bit more organic. I used the new images with restrain, blending them with zePilot's renders (some of them I already heavily modified)

Also, I corrected a few frames like this one:

I'm almost at Conde Petie for masks, but still a lot to correct in Fossil Roo.
I remade a few UI things like treasure description backgrounds, the worldmap etc.

YAY encouragement :D

I have fixed all (>30) scrolling skies (as well as scrolling sand, smoke, etc) that were not correctly looped, like so:

I have actually re-upscaled them after looping them, so they now scroll seamlessly. So that's a big bug fixed.

So it's official, I'm past the half point now! :mrgreen:

I have finished Clayra, which was a particularly hard zone, as this example shows:

Btw there are 11522 images like that in the game...

I've applied other models to all the screens, and mixed some of them with moguri images. I've partially mixed some (a bit more than 100) screens with other renders. Here's a small comparison (click to enlarge):

I'm back to making progress on the mask redrawing

Thanks for the encouragement!

I have a few goodness to show off, a lot of scenes made better thanks to comparisons with other esrgan models (especially "fatality"). The massive implementation of soft light is a big success as far I can see.

I'm working on softening the lights.
Here's a random before/after comparison

To achieve this result, I upscale with ESREGAN and zePilot's model, and soften with the "remove noise" (100%) filter in photoshop, applying "removing color noise 100%", I apply it twice, then blur a bit and apply a level filter to make black really black, without obscuring the light. Of course, all is automated with python and photoshop.

I have snapped a bunch of comparison screenshots today, and doing gifs of them:

I'm adding them to the main post

Thanks all : )

I'm almost done with battle scenes textures, so here a comparison

More screenshots to come

so if I install this I damage the Moguri Mod?
Moguri has its own texture folder, located by default in C:\Program Files\Moguri Mod\StreamingAssets\
The worldmap texture file is only p0data3.bin, so go in C:\Program Files\Moguri Mod\StreamingAssets\, backup p0data3.bin, and replace with mine. It does not damage anything.

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