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Thanks to these info I could start importing the worldmap in q-gears.
It still cannot be displayed in the q-gears framework, but I could export
it to OBJ files, and opened it in blender

Long time no see, einherjar! You've disappeared almost for 2 years :), since then, q-gears was transitioned to Ogre3D engine, happy hacking ;)

does anyone know what they'd be called in the actual PKG file?
I think, they are known only to Square developers.

Anyway, I can set proper extensions/filenames for files, if anyone would provide details, which file should be which, or better propose:
I would create text map file, where there would be possibility to set them by simply modification of it, for example:
0001 - "system.dat"
0002 - "text.bin"
and so on...

Current numeration order is based of course on offsets order.

Besides - great work on formats, koral!

You can debug PSX version on emulator PCSX with debug support, or on pSX, latter is more handy. Documenting routines and checking program flow are best in IDA, I think.
Although, haven't seen that anyone currently reversing FF7, except Akari, so basically now reversing only Q-Gears programmers :).

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-11-01 07:12:37 »
Updated too, so far no problems, this can be related to your video card drivers.

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-19 17:26:03 »
There is neither data flow diagram nor Doxyfile in the project. I doubt, that creating Doxygen documentation will help, as there isn't any comments in doxygen format.

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-18 18:45:41 »
Can you post here failed codeblocks output?

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-18 16:49:54 »
I guess here is the problem, my `pkg-config --libs vorbisfile` output is "-lvorbisfile -lvorbis -lm -logg", same system as your, libvorbis-dev-1.2.0.dfsg-2
Instead of adding `pkg-config --libs vorbisfile` as parameter to compiler, you can try to add
To "Linker Settings" section of Build options.

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-18 15:54:44 »
Oops, sorry, haven't commited all files.

Try now, I've added them.

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-18 08:01:21 »
I've got final alpha3 sources yesterday from Akari. They are added to SVN now.
Old sources were branched to branches/old_source, new sources are in trunk, as there is right place for them.
Old sources are deprecated and unsupported, however I'll use them sometime when there would be need to test some generic things with sound.
As it was stated earlier, codeblocks is the only build system supported for now.
To begin hacking you need to copy common/linux/qgears.cbp or common/windows/qgears.cbp to root project directory.
For windows compilation you need a huge set of external headers/libraries. A ready set of libraries for linkage you can get either from me or Akari (of course they are not on svn).
For linux compilation and running you need to install all required dependencies, and make symlink /usr/lib/OGRE/ -> output (or change "Plugin Folder" in "output/plugins.cfg").
Here is list of needed libraries:
liblua-5.1 (5.0 version is unsupported)

Note: win32 default build of libvorbis on the net is broken, as it doesn't export essential function for proper vorbis decoding. Request it, and I'll upload correct build somewhere.
I'll try to create readme file with detail information how to build project, but later.

Happy Hacking! :)

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-12 09:13:09 »
Ok sounds good Akari. What is your tool chain by the way? Are you using DEVC++ with Ogre libraries under windows?
Akari is using MinGW toolchain and he is developing using CodeBlocks IDE under windows. DevCpp is abandoned for over a year.
From my side, I can guarantee, that current codebase is compiling and working with gcc-4.2.3 (latest on Ubuntu Hardy) on Linux.
I was figuring on developing on linux so if there's a makefile hanging around that would be a pretty sweet deal too.
Currently I am using CodeBlocks for Linux too, it speeds up development process. For now there isn't autotools scripts, so there isn't
any makefiles created. You can use my project file for CodeBlocks, or I can create autotools scripts for project
(however autoconf scripts would be separated from source tree, because Akari don't like Makefile.* in src directory :) ).

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-11 15:45:51 »
Ok, I'll discuss this with Akari on Monday, and we'll try to move new sources to SVN.
It would be great, if you can devote some time to the project.
So as soon as possible, it would be new sources on sourceforge.

Q-Gears / Re: current source state? (Akari?)
« on: 2008-10-11 13:23:44 »
Can you update the SVN so that everyone can work on it and go through the current source instead of what's 7 months outdated up there...
SVN isn't updated, as project is currently being rewritten from scratch. I think, when things will settle up, there will be new source.
After all, what's the point in source control if you don't use it.
We use a "special" source control for now, as there is no more than two of us.

You say 7 months? I have seen neither interest nor any possible reverse_engeneering/coding/testing help from community for last year.
Are you willing to help? Currently there is need to reverse engeneer world map and implement it to current source. If so, we'll gladly restore SVN codebase for you.
Otherwise, patiently wait, as, for example, I have no time to manage project on sourceforge, better to use my free time coding needed features for new Q-Gears source.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: FF7 missing PSFs
« on: 2008-01-22 06:12:12 »
Anyone have PSFs of these songs?  Similarly, does anyone know how to decompress .psf files?  It might be a matter of simple editing to have the .psf files load these songs.
FF7 PSFs is pretty easy to understand.
*.psflib file is extracted FF7 sound engine. It reads it's sequence data from offset 0x801d0000. If you need to play specific AKAO sequence (you can read it just "track"), you need to inject it to 0x801d0000 offset (refer to for AKAO sequence information (if you want to inject sequence, you'll need to have it's size, which is in sequence header)). Simply just open PSFLab, do "Import binary data" set import offset to 0x801d0000, and push button "play" to hear if everything is correct. You just need to find AKAO sequence in PSX memory of needed track (there is a lot more AKAO tracks in fields, that isn't in ripped PSF's around the net).

NOINTRO, CEHPIROS, and CINTRO are all basically the same song.  Cephiros is the entire song, Cintro is just the bell and drums, and Nointro is Cephiros without beginning drum beats.
This tracks probably created by manipulating active channels (see "Channel info" section of, you can experiment with entire track and get behaviour you need.

"904 Those Chosen By the Planet (Variation)"
All PSF's with "Variation" in it's name is the same track, but tuned with few options, which can be simply identified by comparing sequence (FF7 PSX sequence format is near it's completion, I need a little more time :) ).

How is the music stored in FF7 PSX?  I can't tell whether it uses MIDI filenames since everything seems compressed.
Read this: , or PM me for what you need to know.

Good Work!
Your documentation is excellent, especially FF8 specifications, which I don't know yet.

By the way: if you need more info about FF7 movies, you can look here: - here is movie decoder for custom video FF7 frames - here utility to dump all FF7 movies in RAW XA format from ISO image - converter for PSX binary cdrom images

I am happy to see, that you are working with PSX version of game, as PC version is just bad port. :-)

On all three FF7 PSX discs the only XA files is *.MOV files in MOVIE directory.
FF7 XA data is mixed data and audio sectors. Data sectors consists of FF7 header with camera information following ordinary PSX MDEC stream of version 1.

I don't plan to update this, this is only extractor, I'll only add directories support, as Akari requests.
Maybe in the future we'll work on data formats, who nows... :)
...and port them to FF7
I was contacted private for this feature :) (models extracting)

Q-Gears / Re: Akari Ogre and Q-Gears
« on: 2007-10-06 18:13:26 »
By the way has the SVN for Q-gears been updated steadily? I've not looked in a millenia or two.
Is there main release and the bleeding edge source trees? Just wondering Cheesy
No, it doesn't. There is some miscellaneous code added, but for now nothing valuable, we are reversing...  :evil:

Q-Gears / Re: Akari Ogre and Q-Gears
« on: 2007-10-05 07:17:12 »
I think by migrating Q-gears to Eclipse and MingW
MinGW was always used to produce windows version of Q-Gears, nothing to port  :-D.
And about Eclipse: is there any Q-Gears developer, that really needs that? For example Akari and Zidane_2 uses Codeblocks and Dev-Cpp IDE's with MinGW compiler, I use VI editor with autotools under linux.
I think, that more important things is to finish reverse engeneering yet unknown parts of FF7 engine.
Akari, Zidane_2 and me are working hard to do that, but no one else is interested in programming and reverse engeneering aspects of FF7, isn't it?

Q-Gears / Re: Akari Ogre and Q-Gears
« on: 2007-10-04 17:15:46 »
If conversion from OGRE can be done programmatically, why not at runtime?
You mean "to OGRE", right? ;)

Actually I talked with Akari about this (I think it would be better to read native files), he says, that it's complicated to implement this as OGRE readers, however it would be great, if someone will do this for us (but I doubt, that it would be done by any other person, that me, Akari, or Zidane_2).

OK so I extractet the raw data of the game but now how to open it? I mean which program I do use for the raw files? I'm new to this and want to help you with model files if i can find them smiley
It isn't actually a raw data, I've set this extension, because data formats isn't known yet.
For PSMF container there is some information on the net on psp video forums, but I think, that isn't a movie format, how they thinks, it's container format for all data for PSP.
I have not time now to work on this formats, need to finish FF7 AKAO :)

Archive / Re: Zack from Crisis Core
« on: 2007-09-28 09:17:22 »

It would be good if you'll find models from extracted files.

Almost every extracted file has magic PSMF0014 at the beginning.
It's some kind of container format for PSP, I think.
There are also zero-length records before groups of file offsets [directories], I'll add them today or tomorrow.
Using directories It'll be easier to distinguish files by type.

Every file in game PAK has it's offset and size, all that needed to understand how record for it saved in index table.

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