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Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Battle shadows replacer mod
« on: Today at 16:11:22 »
well f#$&ing done!

lots of people have been waiting for this forever, the shadows stink so bad i just have them off

edit: would it be OK if the next version of The Reunion includes your mod? full credit will be given to you, of course (if you want a different name credited thats no problem)

let me know!

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2021-01-15 17:27:40 »

thanks my issue has been fixed.

no, it hasnt

your issue is that you are a piece of crap, and unfortunately, i have a feeling that this is not a fixable issue

thanks for spamming my thread, though! much appreciated

Edit: thanks sl

that message shows how to avoid this with photoshop, then 2 posts down a post by chrysalis tells you how to avoid it in GIMP

the reason is that your image is getting saved with a white background underneath the transparency

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Dual-Font UI
« on: 2021-01-06 01:17:33 »
Possible for me to just have the Xbox buttons on The Reunion?? also is it possible for Xbox One icons as well?

ironically someone else (SkyHawk) made the exact mod you are looking for, it keeps the vanilla font/UI and just replaces the buttons to XB One buttons (this will not work in 7th Heaven mod manager)

in DFUI, PS1 and XB360 buttons are offered, but it replaces the entire UI/fonts with high resolution textures/font sheets - there is reunion's discord if you have other reunion-related questions

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Dual-Font UI
« on: 2021-01-05 00:59:17 »
updated the original post with a configurable timer .iro that gives the 45 options of the timers i made (9 colors in 5 styles)

it needs to be on top of other user interface mods to work (auto sort will do this), but otherwise is fully compatible with any other mod

look in the above post for screenshots

if your driver is set to use .dds, then the .dds file will be used, otherwise the .png will load and will still work even if your installation cant use .dds

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2021-01-02 18:00:45 »
Just went through your last couple of posts and I gotta say I do tend to like the ones you've made better than remako or satsuki's.  The more transparent/subdued texture is easier on the eyes.  My one criticism would probably be the one you did for walking through the marsh, I can't see it at all.   I'm not sure how I feel about the highwind thrusters.  Seems like some orange was added in?  It almost looks like it's misfiring or something.

the marsh i absolutely got lazy on, it needs a new texture but i just left the vanilla and made it almost disappear instead of fixing it, there are a couple others i did that on that i'll work on again for sure

the diamond weapon ones are other ones i'll go over again, i really like the splashing i accomplished, but its TOO subtle now, diamond weapon is meant to make some BIG splashes there and make a scene and i took that away a bit

i really appreciate the feedback on the jets, i did indeed add orange because i wanted the tips to be orange to show the flames losing heat, but i didnt blend it well enough and i actually see the misfiring now, IMO this is the most important animation in the game so i want it to be perfect

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2021-01-02 02:45:53 »
pitting my new animations from MRWMA against satsuki's new syw5 pack: - diamond weapon - diamond weapon - uw beam - uw beam - highwind jets - highwind jets

this is my 3rd pass through the highwind jets, the beginning of the flames are no longer squared, the edges more billowy and added texture to detoon and make the flames look more real

in addition to the above 3 effects added, small glitches in the buggy and tiny bronco animations have been fixed

all the world map effects in the game have now been edited by hand with this version, this is not to say i'm done however! there is still much room for improvement

How are we supposed to install this mod with Reunion?

this is the v4 mod for reunion, and reunion's graphic driver doesnt support the extra field animations from v5 at the moment

WIP / Re: [FF7PC] World Map Stuff
« on: 2020-12-29 16:29:15 »
Go for it, those textures look good ^^

thanks!  :-D

These textures looks really nice! Would be possible a standalone release for who doesn't use Reunion? As you did for the animations. Thanks in advance :)

now that FeliX has commented with his approval, this will be coming (should i merge world map and world map animations, or keep them separate?)

Nice and crispy! Very good thought to skin with the field textures! So where is this project released?

as of right now, only the images in the original post are released (in Reunion R06g)

I'm upscaling FF7 magic textures for my mod. However I noticed that some magic textures can be converted to flat images with a black background instead of transparency (alpha channel). This helps the upscaler as it can't handle transparency well.

So these images will have the magic effect and then a black background when you look at the raw images on your PC. But in-game they'll look normal and transparent where the black background is. However this trick doesn't work for all the magic textures. So those will render as non-transparent sprites in the game.

Does anyone know what the rules behind transparency for magic textures are? When will they accept the black background trick and when do they need have an alpha channel?

Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

i'll start off by saying i dont know the rules of it, so not sure if i can really help you, but i'm going to tell you what i know just in case

the world map/world map animations do this as well, and for the wm animations, some effects will register the color 000000 as completely transparent and ignore actual transparency, while others will read transparency and black just fine... despite all being on the same sprite sheet

that being said, the reason i'm even posting is because afaik 95% or better of the magic textures (maybe even more like 99%) will read 000000 as completely transparent

so if *I* were doing this, i'd flatten em all and upscale em all, release a beta to trusted people and fix the few messed up ones

i understand that the whole point of this topic is probably so you wouldnt have to do any textures twice, but at least this way you won't waste time trying to figure out rules that dont make much sense

you just right click on the 'states' screen with that save displayed in the box and click 'load' (you must have already loaded a game and be on the field or world map)

but dlpb says you can actually skip straight to the credits with ochu, although probably requires one of the more advanced functions of it that i havent used, might just need to read the help file that comes with it - i havent done that either so dont feel bad  :-D

edit: the file goes in data/save not just data, sorry

I think I screwed my mods up because I got a new hard drive and transferred everything over and the mod manager is just like freaking out and idk what to do

hard to say what exactly is going wrong without logs, probably has to do with how the game is installed

13 if you download ochu from there and then stick this file: in ochu's data folder, its a save where you've already defeated sephiroth, just have to omnislash sephiroth with cloud and then watch the ending, not sure how to fast forward the ending to get to the credits though

edit: maybe this will work to fast forward, worked for me before to fast forward through aeris death scene

thanks for the response, was just curious

either way this tool unblocks a dead-end that the upscales were stuck in, cant wait to see the new animated fields thanks to this

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Dual-Font UI
« on: 2020-12-20 08:19:35 »
DFUI for Reunion just got updated, i keep plugging away trying to make this perfect (can use links in original post)

now if you'll allow me, i'd like to...

     main changes
          -7-segment timer graphics mod included (9 colors in 5 different styles, so 45 individual timer graphics to choose from)
          -updated avatars (most just cleaned up, but Cloud, Red XIII, and Cid all had strands of hair unsquared)
          -redone menu font (thicker, bolder characters - also easier to read)
          -fixed problems and then optimized xbox buttons and in-game tutorials
          -option to drag and drop controller button images for each controller to either swap the X and O buttons, or A and B on XBox

timer screenshots:
same thing but no light bleed into off-segments
now no background and different color
of course all styles have an option for the original color (i falsely stated above its purple - its not, its pink... i cloned the exact color from the original timer for the pink color)

and a few more:
and a video of it in action on reactor #1:

new menu font:

xbox buttons (ps4 buttons remain unchanged):

updated avatars:

i'd like to be able to take a field, unswizzle it, work with it in an image editor, reswizzle and put back into the game and have it working

is it likely this tool will be able to help accomplish this?

even if not, great job

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2020-12-13 20:24:37 »
updated this with 2 more, i thought this was done about 5 animations ago... haha - remako diamond weapon splashing - ori diamond weapon splashing - marsh-on-foot remako - marsh-on-foot ori
this one is VERY subtle, it might look like there simply is no longer an animation, but its there, just a little ripple left behind, at the end of the video i walk in the shadowed part to make it a bit easier to see

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] This Mod Are Sick [Game Tweaks Mod]
« on: 2020-12-12 04:00:57 »
also can't help but notice there is no credit for 60fps battles, and yet it is identical to one of r05's version of 60fps

did you make it and just by coincidence made the hex code the same? or are you leaving out more credits from stuff this mod rips off? (while adding absolutely zero original work of your own)

Hi, thank you for the hard work

there is no original 'work' in this mod, its all stuff you can already do with ochu or yamp with a ripped off, buggy as hell 60fps battles

(in fact, ochu does it much better because you can turn these things on/off while still in-game)

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2020-12-09 02:29:32 »
this time i'll pick on Remako's world map animations

Remako walking on sand

More Realistic World Map Animations walking on sand

this should be close to complete... unless the ultima weapon ancient forest animation is wonky, havent gotten that far yet

edit 12-12-20: fixed a small glitch with submarine animation, also, when i'm certain this is complete i will convert to .dds instead of .png

Releases / Re: FF7 create new fields
« on: 2020-12-07 22:51:50 »
nice touch on the marlboro cigarettes with a FF7 marlboro on it, lmao

its very midgar slum-ish

both of those marlboros end up with you getting hit with bad breath  :wink:

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Dual-Font UI
« on: 2020-12-03 08:15:05 »
another large update coming in a week or 2, there's so much i need to show a progress report

the very little feedback i've gotten (hopefully one day this will change  :oops:) on the main 2 fonts seemed to say dialogue font is good, menu font is not so good, too thin and hard to read

so i kept the same font, but beefed up the letters, here is the new upcoming menu for reunion: (or font B in the .iro when it gets updated, which it will)

your stream viewers hopefully can see this even better than the vanilla font now

i've also made a timer mod that will be integrated into DFUI, before i used team avalanche's timer, but was never a fan...(more to do with the vanilla image it tries to stay true to) i hate the white-ish scribbles in the background mostly

but i knew what square was going for with those scribbles, an alarm clock type background where you can faintly see all the numerals, so i literally used a segmented alarm clock font to make a set of timers, in the original color and also green and red (most common colors for these displays)

as you see the timer(s) count down, you will notice only segments light up or disappear to make the new numbers, just like a real timer/alarm display  - green timer - original color (purple) also shortest vid/smallest filesize cuz vid is messed up, if you only want to watch 1 recommend watching green - red timer

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2020-11-30 05:36:02 »
Great, installing it now. I'll test the animations later.

It is possible to make new animations for Sephiroth (the non battle NPC), the way he walks... well, looks weird.

3d models and animations are on my to-do list for the future, but right now i dont know how to edit those

Releases / Re: More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2020-11-29 19:36:22 »
already found a missed one, so i updated this with actual boot prints for the snow


More Realistic World Map Animations

Releases / More Realistic World Map Animations
« on: 2020-11-28 06:38:44 »
More Realistic World Map Animations (catchy name, no?) ( .iro file for use with 7th heaven mod manager )

this .iro  is  compatible with other world map mods, including ones with animation effects, just make sure this one is on top

videos of this mod here:

the exception being the end-game highwind jets, that got modified AFTER the above videos (and its actually one of the best ones)

i tried to get a video of the new highwind jets, but there is only 3 frames to the animation and for some reason my videos will consistently only show 2 of the 3.... that one is a head scratcher for me, so consider the highwind jets a bonus for installing it!

I decided to make a new thread for this because unlike the world map stuff thread, this is 100% my own work and i can release it as my own mod

the textures in the world map stuff thread will never see a release like this (they will be released as a part of reunion, you can go rip the textures yourself, still) because its not my mod to distribute, i was just trying to showcase my work to it

Does anyone have any idea how to help me?

7th Heaven used to work for me with older versions. I tried upgrading in place and it didn't work. So I wiped my 7th Heaven folder and did a clean install of the latest version with no real settings or files saved over from the old version. I'm not running in a protected folder. I'm running 7th Heaven as an administrator.

But I'm getting the same error I see someone else has, with no fix posted for this that I can find anywhere. I'm not sure why this would fail to run on a new clean install with default settings.

there is still a link up for the older 2.0 version on the original post, perhaps try that

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