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7th Heaven 2.0 has been released which totally and properly disables Reunion's driver when using 7H to launch the game. After game is launched, Reunion driver is back to normal so you can choose to play with Reunion later outside of 7H if you want. Your graphics settings are determined in 7H under Settings>Game Driver. For Reunion, they're in the ini file somewhere which you need to manually edit. But one will no longer affect the other now.

I d'ed 7thH 2.0 yesterday and it works flawlessly.

The problem occured not only with Reunion, but base game as well.
Still, problem solved by 2.0 version

To clarify

IF reunion takes over, then it's settings should work, but still they don't.
They are in Reunion folder and ini file.

I tried to start it without reunion, still i got a window no matter of my settings

I spent several hours trying and i have no motivation to spend another day trying to get things to work.

Thx for replies.

Hey. I've got a problem with anything related to this drivers.
Before updating windows, i had remako and New Threat mods installed running great.

But after installation, everything crashed

Ive made a new fresh install, removed the keys in registry using the .exe from forum

Copying a steam ver of ff7 to another location, ive applied a game converter and then installed The Reunion mod

Whichever exe i choose, game runs only in window mode and changing .cfg doesnt do anything.

There is no difference when i start it with 7th heaven. I get only a small window.

Has any1 had a problem like this?

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