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Sorry for not having mentioned this prior but Amazon or Ebay, of course, are out of question in this case for this games is sold for $150 upwards.
I need a way to get the game for a reasonable price of sorts. Not as a collectors item but to play it, so digital would come to mind which goes for $12 at the Squenix Store Japan.
Or is there a translation patch somewhere to update the english text?

I honestly am baffled that there is no one seems to have requested the original version of FFVII yet...C'mon, it is FFVII, there must be SOME interest in this game to at least provide some language options. So many great mods and fancy details were done, but not one single japanese patch? Is there some complication to it or simply no requests?

Thanks for your time,

I tried the official japanese SquenixStore, but only inland credit cards are accepted.
Does anybody know how to get my FF7 PC version with japanese letters?


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