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An odd thing happening in a new save file: Black Chocobo refuses to allow me to enable the Materia menu option. I tried to enable it early to switch one of Cloud's materia to Barret, but when hitting Save, it reverts the menu selections to disabled and locked.

Now that I've progressed far enough to enable the menu anyway, it appeared greyed-out in game. Trying to fix it in BC instead caused it to become disabled / locked again, thus disappearing from the in-game menu entirely, as if Barret hasn't mentioned it yet.

An interesting problem and seeming workaround in WM:

It's well-known that things like the Silver Barette are inexplicably marked as not being able to be sold in shops - Once such an item is in your possession, it's there forever (unless deleted using a save editor anyway). Examining these items in WM shows that the "Sellable in shops" flag is unset... And setting it doesn't "stick" - Select another item, then back to the unsellable one, and the flag will have reverted to being unset again.

The way around this seems to be to double-click the item, and examine the hex cells - They determine many attributes depending on their cumulative value. In Red XIII's case, the default for the last four cells seems to be FF FF FE FF, but on the Silver Barette (unsellable), the hexes read FF FE FF FF. This also gives it the curious "Miss if not dead" flag. Changing these to FF FF FE FF does the expected flagsets of "Sellable in shops" and unset of "Miss if not dead" - And these changes actually stick.

Could be the Framework "at a higher version" - Try installing the exact version WM runs on. I had the same problem and it disappeared as soon as I installed the version it expects to work with, alongside the so-called "latest" version. Later/latest versions, it seems, are not entirely backwards-compatible (that is, they don't also install "previous" libraries alongside the newer ones in the one go; the earlier ones should also be installed seperately).

Ah, ok. Got it :)

Gameplay / Re: Modding in / out Materia commands
« on: 2013-08-12 03:34:23 »
Heh, shows how rusty I am, thinking Steal and Steal-As-Well are in the same family :oops:

So if the number of summons-per-star aren't in kernel.bin, where would they be stored? They've gotta be modifiable somehow :P (unless they're hard-coded in the exe; I've seen stuff like that happen before!)

Another question, hopefully simpler: If I want to change the order of the items on the Enemy Skill materia so that the stuff I use / plan on using are the top commands and don't have to scroll every time, is that a possibility? Two ways come to mind: being able to edit each skill's attack ID (ie, swap Frog Song's ID of 72 with Beta's ID of 84 to swap them so Beta is now first list item with ID 72), or edit a game-menu file that contains the specifics that these attacks are [currently] listed in-order.

Changing the Attack ID seems like it would break the scripts for the enemies that use those skills, so those scripts might also have to be edited to reflect the new ID...

Gameplay / Re: Modding in / out Materia commands
« on: 2013-08-10 12:07:07 »
Of course. I was thinking of possibly adding effects to materia that would normally be found within that materia's "family" (ie, Steal becoming Steal-As-Well with sufficient levelling, since they're both Yellow abilities).  Makes sense that depending on the color involved it would change what you're able to do.

In the case of Summons, I note that the Modifers 2-6 are "1" to "5" respectively - Presumably this is the "allowed number of uses per level". Does changing these do anything? Ie, would doubling each result in twice as many summons per level?

Hmm. I downloaded BC to try and skip the quite tedious "Young Cloud flashback", but it seems that BC still only allows for stuff up to Sector 5, not beyond.

Ideas on why this would be the case?

Edit: This is the Steam 2012 version, upgraded nicely with the latest Bootleg and a few edits to Kernel.bin to mod the weapons a bit, usually just adding Materia slots that they don't normally have; all Materia has been put back into stock before using BC though.

Gameplay / Re: Modding in / out Materia commands
« on: 2013-08-07 03:19:53 »
Oh cool. Breaking the program's ability to handle something in order to get a result that I want - That suits me perfectly! ;D

Thanks for the quick replies guys, muchly appreciated.

Edit: Does this mean I could add stars (and abilities) to other Materia by giving them additional AP levels and corresponding Modifiers in place of a currently blank one?

Gameplay / Modding in / out Materia commands
« on: 2013-08-06 12:02:19 »
There are two commands I want to erase the existence of; these are "Mug" and "Flash", because they interfere with my gameplay strats and render otherwise excellent materia near-useless (a bit hard to steal from enemies you're also doing lethal damage to, and Flash almost always misses... besides, insta-death is cheap!)

In WallMarket, I can delete the "Materia Type Modifier 2" entry, but deleting the "Level 3" AP requirement sees WM not actually clear the value. It reverts back to its previously-saved value, meaning the Materia is still a 3-star item. This isn't a huge deal, but I'm interested in where else the governing mechanics for how many stars / levels a Materia is "supposed to" have are stored; could be interesting to mess with other ones as well.

Anyone got any tips on how to achieve what I'm after? :)

FF7 Tools / Re: Hojo 1.0 - enemies editor
« on: 2013-08-03 00:22:19 »
Ah ok. So a rating of "10" would be "10 / 63", or ~16.7%?

I can work with that. :)


FF7 Tools / Re: Hojo 1.0 - enemies editor
« on: 2013-08-02 11:47:53 »
A question about the items that enemies carry...

Using Hojo 1.1, in the "Items" section, there's currently no description as to what the adjustable quantities DO: Does a value of, say, "10" mean that it's able to drop up to 10 of that item, that it has a 10% chance of doing so, or that it has a "10"% (ie 10 in Hex or some other value system) chance?

I'd like to mess with these but without knowing what each does, I'm not gonna touch. :)

Any pointers?

Bootleg Questions / Re: [Tutorial] Tifa's Bootleg
« on: 2013-07-31 09:48:19 »
Not sure if I've said thank you or not for the amazing collection of projects that is Bootleg and the tutorial on getting it running, so...

THANKS!  :mrgreen:

Absolutely loving it.

Yep - Under the "File" menu, you've got "Create kernel.bin" and the like. If you know exactly which file your changes affect, you'd select that file's particular "Create" entry (ie, changing spell names is handled by kernel2.bin on the PC, from memory).

If you're not sure or you've made changes to things affected by both files, just choose "Create kernel.bin and kernel2.bin", and your changes will be reflected when you next start the game.

Of course, don't try and make changes on the game WHILE it's running! ;D

I'm delighted that NFITC1 has kept me in the "About" section :) I still have fond memories of the initial beta testing, was great fun.

I've just done some edits on the Steam version of FF7. Saw it on Steam, thought "Hmm... Still moddable?" and then I found the Bootleg mod collection (looks gorgeous, works beautifully). Installed that, now it's time to mod some more.

WallMarket works absolutely fine on the Steam version; I've edited a buncha weapon and armor properties, very very nice.

Bosola: An oversimplification by me, I admit, but your reply is exactly what I'm looking for. You and the team are geniuses!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I've always been puzzled as to precisely why the Jersey enemy never switches back and forth between its forms. It's always been described as "a bug", never specifically WHAT bug. Reading the AI code recently on the wiki, I saw exactly what the bug is:

AI: Counter - Magical {

    If (Jersey's IdleAnim == Flinch (Lean-to-Left)) Then


Whereas the "Physical" counter above it specifies:
AI: Counter - Physical {

    If (Jersey's IdleAnim == Lean-to-Right) Then


So the "bug" is evidently the programmer having a Homer moment and putting "Flinch" in there where it doesn't belong.

Is there an easy way to patch this in the enemy AI scripts so that this enemy behaves as intended, and is a bit more of a challenge? :) (I've been reading some of the AI coding topics but it looks like knowledge of direct memory patching is required, unless I'm having a Homer moment myself...)

Troubleshooting / Re: Wallmarket Crash
« on: 2011-08-24 14:41:50 »
I can confirm that installing those allows WallMarket 1.4.5 to work flawlessly under Windows 7 64-bit (I installed "Visual Basic Power Packs 3" and .Net 4.0.)

And the reason I'm replying to an old topic: This is the specific post that Google led me to when I was looking for a solution to WallMarket crashing, to see if it was still available / updated. Specifically, I searched for, without quotes:

WallMarket Windows 7

So... Anyone who also arrives here via Google, rest assured: WallMarket is alive and well, works beautifully, just install those modules. :)

Old beta-tester back from the dead here :) I'm now reading pages upon pages to see what I've missed in my long absence!

[Edit: Not sure if this has been asked about, but FYI, after installing "Visual Basic PowerPacks 3" and .Net 4.0 as suggested by PitBrat above, WallMarket 1.4.5 works beautifully under Windows 7 64-bit. So I'm a happy kitty :)]

FF7 Tools / Wall Market, FFVII KERNEL.BIN editor
« on: 2008-10-31 00:24:15 »
Again I say: Awesome :lol:

Leaps and bounds forward.

Archive / Re: About Editing Weapon Stats
« on: 2008-10-30 02:43:29 »
Yup, the recently-made WallMarket is fantastic for editing the Kernel. Interestingly it works on both the PC and PSX versions of Kernel.bin too, and can deal with languages other than English (ie, it works with a German PSX kernel.bin file!)

I love WallMarket :)

Archive / Re: flevel text edited
« on: 2008-10-30 02:41:21 »

Archive / Re: Limit-break idea
« on: 2008-10-21 23:58:12 »
That would be very... Difficult to navigate, heh.

That's probably why I'd heard it was impossible - The variable names wouldn't be overly meaningful.

Imagine changing every int to "long int" or even "long long int" - Apart from increased memory usage (which wouldn't really matter in the grand scheme of things), what would this break? I imagine (and might well be off-track) that this would leave the leading zero there that gets used for healing purposes. I'm quite curious, since it's only this year that I've jumped into C programming and I'm getting a pretty good grip on the basics.

This is one of my "I wonder what happens if..." moments :lol:

I have a lot of those :D

Now that I'm so curious, I'm gonna go look for a way to decompile an exe just to have a look at what programs that I've designed and compiled look like when they are broken back down to code.

Mmm, I should be studying my Calculus stuff for the upcoming exam but this is too interesting, heh :)

FF7 Tools / Wall Market, FFVII KERNEL.BIN editor
« on: 2008-10-20 23:12:05 »
That which grabs my immediate notice is on the Summon Materias - Having previously set them to 2 summons per star, and infinite for a Mastered, the 6th field is now blank instead of displaying "FF".

For "Master Summon", ALL fields are blank.

Is this normal?

Archive / Re: [Solved: Ignore this] Simple Monster Editor
« on: 2008-10-20 23:08:06 »
Yeah, it's taking me absolutely AGES to edit the attributes. Augh, so tedious! But then, there really isn't any other logical way to do it...

Editing attacks would be interesting... I'd be highly tempted to remove Whirlsand from Ruby Weapon, and add in something else that's a bit more... interesting. Perhaps a Summon like Ifrit :lol: While most likely fatal, that would be hilarious.

Archive / Re: Limit-break idea
« on: 2008-10-20 23:00:31 »
Tsk tsk, we'd have to change it to a long unsigned int.

Wouldn't it be interesting to be able to decompile the exe back to source code then modify a few things here and there? :lol:

To my somewhat limited knowledge though, decompilation of an exe is impossible.

Interesting use of the leading bit as a healing marker...

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