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Hey man, loving the new V, however one discrepancy:
You've removed the PCount and Personality for Chocobos. Whilst this is fairly obsolete info, for me it's crucial, as the Personality plays a big part in the RNG sequence that is used. It's not crucial for these to be in BC, as I can use Cheat Engine (I already have each stat for all stables saved in my Cheat Table, so I can change Personality in real-time), so it's not the end of the world if you don't re-include these, it's just something to bear in mind.

Now, if only Cheat Engine could enlarge their font as you have; small font size is the biggest problem I have with it! Or even have a detachable address window, that would be perfect!

Personality & PCount haven't been removed from Chocobo Manager, they were just hidden by default. To change this you only need to enable this option:
Options --> More Options --> Chocobo Manager - Show Pcount / Personality

That's all, regards!

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] File Reconstruction Project!!
« on: 2016-01-18 07:26:04 »
UPDATE: With the help of Sithlord, we have reuploaded all textures and images of the sheet.

You can find others amples on my (not very good) blog concerning decompilation:

Hey i think you have a great idea. And let me tell you have done a wonderful job.

Just by looking at your "lgp lib", seams very familiar with my lgp class i wrote from the wiki data and myst6re docs.

I'm specially interested in all hardcoded functions which access and modify directly some Savemap vars that can't be reversed from the script file.

So, if you guys are gonna start a new project count on me.

Original PC version of the game loading the save in 'save01.ff7' slot 1 (the save file doesn't seem to matter as this same thing is happening in 'save00.ff7 slot 1). Using BlackChocobo 1.9.83 on Windows.

  • I loaded a saved game into BlackChocobo after catching my first 2 chocobos which are named "Good M" and "GreatF".
  • In BlackChocobo the displayed names are "MGreat" (for 'Good M') and "tF" (for 'GreatF).
  • I corrected the names in BlackChocobo back to "Good M" and "GreatF".
  • I loaded the game in FF7 and the chocobos names are now "GoodGo" (for 'Good M') and "odM" (for "GreatF").

Reloading the save that was created in BlackChocobo has the chocobo names correct (making me think it's the parsing/writing side of things).

I wanted to do a little more playing around so I saved (from FF7) the loaded modified version (with the 'GoodGo' and 'odM' named chocobos) and loaded that into BlackChocobo. The names were correct as 'Good M' and 'GreatF' (in BlackChocobo but still 'GoodGo' and 'odM' in FF7). The chocobos' stats also seem to not have been changed (which is what was expected as I did not modify those).

The portable version was bugged. Is fixed now. Please redownload from sf and post a feedback.

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] File Reconstruction Project!!
« on: 2015-10-16 20:20:43 »
New sheet link:

I cloned the sheet permissions, so if anyone needs edit permission only need to tell me.

FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] File Reconstruction Project!!
« on: 2015-10-05 00:11:57 »

I've not touched this file for a very long time and I'm ready to pass the torch.

Anyone want to volunteer to take possession of this file?

If not, I'll likely archive it on for anyone to grab, but in that form it won't be a live editable document and single source of truth...

Here, im volunteer. I have to reupload all pics to the hosting too.

Any suggesitons: Just dl's the version and when I clicked the exe it keeps saying Wallstreet has encountered a problem and quickly shuts down.  This occurs within 5 seconds each time I try it.  Any suggestions are recommended

First, I think you should better ask Gordon Gekko about Wall Street ;) (Just Joking)

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
Microsoft Visual Basic Power Packs 3.0 or higher (for WallMarket)

WallMarket 1.4.5 is here!!
Mediafire Mirror

Make sure you have installed all the required Microsoft Software. If so reinstall them to be sure. Then reinstall Wallmarket and try again.


Thanks for replying so fast!
I see... on pc version is hardcoded in the exe, but how about the psx version?
Is there any other place where we can find opcodes that change those vars?

Well I have been doing a research and I found that many savemap vars are changed from outside the field script. Some of this vars are used by the field doing some action based on the value; some others are even unreferenced in the fieldscript (particularly seen on mini-games).

So any one has any clue about this?

Release: Black Chocobo v1.9.8

Windows Portable Build
Windows Installer Build

[r1132] by Usithlord48: Black Chocobo Version 1.9.8 Released!
FF7Save: Fix Error Causing Cloud Saves to be deleted
[r1127] by Usithlord48: CharEditor: Limit name to 11 chars (12th is always 0xFF)
[r1121] by Usithlord48: CharEditor: Show Hp/Mp added to base in +3433 (+39%) form
[r1109] by Usithlord48: FF7Save: Fix Trashing of item data for BISLPS-00700. Remaining Strings set for japanese newgames. ItemList: Fix not always removing the itemSelector and popup on setItems. LocationViewer: Translations Now Happen In the Widget be sure to call setRegion and setTransFilePath if you want translations. MainWindow: update to use new locationViewer based locationstring translations.
[r1105] by Usithlord48: LocationViewer: fix trashing location data when trying to manually enter and item is not in FF7Locations. MetadataCreator: typo of achivement data member.
[r1087] by Usithlord48: seperate FF7Chocobo into its own type. ChocoboEditor and ChocoboLabel improvments. New ChocoboManager to manager your chocoobo stables and chocobos.
[r1086] by Usithlord48: Fix ChocoboLabel typo, limit name to 6 characters.
[r1082] by Usithlord48: Intergrage Location.qrc into binary. clean up on install / upgrade for linux
[r1076] by Usithlord48: FF7Save: slight checksuming modifications. fixed not changing fileName. Back on export. Bchoco_es updated by eslava.
[r1075] by Usithlord48: FF7Save : + CondorFunds / CondorWins / CondorLoses. Blackchocbo: update to support new FF7Save.
[r1072] by Usithlord48: Update to use more correct xytd format. CharEditor: Fixed Popup's being transparent for materia.
[r1070] by Usithlord48: FF7Item : checked equipment data angist stock kernel using walmarket.
[r1069] by Usithlord48: FF7Item: Fixed incorrect Materia slots for a few items.

And much more...

New Test Release

Black Chocobo v1.9.79.1127

[r1127] (HEAD) by sithlord48
CharEditor: Limit name to 11 chars (12th is always 0xFF)

All new SVN Builds will be on the same link, so i will try to keep it updated...

Ok.Here is the last svn build for win users:
Black Chocobo SVN

Please test it.

Wow, that looks good, good job Chris! Maybe you are looking something like this:

btw i had spent so much time leveling up that chocos... and now they sudently enter in the hall of fame with all this publicity :p

Announcements and site development / Re: Wiki down
« on: 2013-05-06 01:18:29 »
And ff7text page (and possibly other formatting) is broken.  I can supply original page if anyone wants.

Fixed! If anyone find others character encoding problem, please let me know.

Doesn't seem that revision history works at all. None of the pages I've checked have them. Contributions works fine, however.

The problem is in the short url rewrite rule. History link is properly working on the original url.
Replace the title manualy to access.

Locations XYT are now being updated also direction for field is now supported. have about 200 locations left to update. users of the daily ppa should get an update tomarrow. the rest of you will have to wait untill 1.9.8 is released. if you have found any bugs in 1.9.7 please report them so i can test/fix them for 1.9.8.

i might have vegetaSS4 build a preview for windows testing before 1.9.8 comes out..

Oh who call my name :P

I'm back on track. Sure, I 'll build a preview whenever you need.

Announcements and site development / Re: Wiki down
« on: 2013-01-20 05:02:29 »
I'm working on setting up a wiki mirror, i will finish it in a couple of days :-D

Important: Codec Crash Fixed

The problem was on qjpcodec4.dll compression. I have tested BC with the uncompressed codec and it's opening the file correctly.

I have updated the windows package (the only OS affected, since is a dll...) and you can download it now from sourceforge.

Announcements and site development / Re: Wiki down
« on: 2013-01-08 02:53:47 »
The old Caveat "Can you survive an upgrade" likely this means mediawiki needs an update. Interesting it's using hebrew, I wonder if it's hosted in Isreal.


You've spoken the truth Cyb. About T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM, the server has nothing to do with, is php engine responsibility:

In PHP, the scope resolution operator is also called Paamayim Nekudotayim (Hebrew: פעמיים נקודתיים), which means "twice colon" or "double dot twice" in Hebrew.

The name "Paamayim Nekudotayim" was introduced in the Israeli-developed Zend Engine 0.5 used in PHP 3. Although it has been confusing to many developers who don't speak Hebrew, it is still being used in PHP 5, as in this sample error message:

Code: [Select]
$ php -r ::
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM


Announcements and site development / Re: Wiki down
« on: 2013-01-07 22:49:32 »
Oh man :(
I needed to look something up too  >:(

You can use this link: (2009 snapshot). I Hope this helps.

I think i found the source of the problem. The webserver's php engine have been updated up to version 5.3 or above, and mediawiki installed version is older than 1.13.

Bug fixes in mediawiki 1.13
(bug 12294) Namespace class renamed to MWNamespace for PHP 5.3 compatibility

Greg Sabino Mullane 2007-12-13 20:07:41 UTC
Per user complaint on #mediawiki. It appears that "namespace" is a reserved
word on some versions of PHP 5 (even though it should not yet be). In any case,
it will officially be at some point, so the use of the class named "Namespace"
needs to be changed, as this causes "unexpected T_NAMESPACE" errors when
Namespace.php is loaded on those versions of PHP. Rather than attach a large
patch to do this, which may get out of date, here's some code to make the
needed change from "Namespace" to MWNamespace":

Code: [Select]
mv includes/Namespace.php includes/MWNamespace.php

find . \( -name "*.php" -o -name "*.inc" \) -exec grep -l Namespace {} \; | \
  xargs perl -pi -e 's/\bNamespace(\.php|::)/MWNamespace$1/'

Obviously, I'm not going to commit such a large change without discussion,
hence this bug.

It looks like your new server is running PHP 5.3, while your old one was running an earlier version.

In PHP 5.3, namespace is a keyword, thanks to the new namespace feature.

Your existing Namespace class is going to need to be renamed. The parse error is occurring as the code tries to resolve Namespace::isTalk() into a namespace name. (The syntax for doing so would be something akin to namespace Foo; it becomes confused at seeing the :: resolution operator.)

Yes, the values in the memory address and in the save map are identical.

0x0BA1    1 Byte     z_6[1] --> StepID/Seed
0x0BA2    1 Byte     z_6[2] --> Offset

These are the variables addresses in the PSX memory (hope it's of any help);
8007173c - danger counter
8009C540 - bcheck counter
8009AD2C - bcloop counter

these looks like gs code and this is the decoded result:
Offset                len            desc
0x07173C         2Bytes       danger counter
0x09C540         2Bytes       bcheck counter
0x09AD2C         2Bytes       bcloop counter

No matter what module is banked into memory, there is a section of memory 4,340 bytes long (0x10F4 bytes) that is reserved for all the variables for the entire game. This entire image is called the "Savemap". When it's time to save a game, this section of memory is copied to non-volatile ram, such as a hard disk or memory card.

Position diff: 0x09C540 - 0x09AD2C = 0x001814 (6164 dec)
Savemap size is 0x10F4 (4340 dec). The position diff is out of range, is 1824bytes bigger than the entire savemap.
I can't see how these 2 addresses ends with 1 byte position diff in the savemap offset... :-o

Let me see if i can understand your point, you say that those memory address have sync/replicated values on the savemap addresses?


#1 --> StepID 09C540 (psx ntsc and BrutalAl’s notion, Terence called it Seed)
#2 --> Offset 09AD2C

Interesting... those memory address's represent exactly what save map bytes?

please use the save map address's:

0x0BA0    4 bytes    z_6 Unknown

0x0BA0    1 Byte     z_6[0]
0x0BA1    1 Byte     z_6[1]
0x0BA2    1 Byte     z_6[2]
0x0BA3    1 Byte     z_6[3]


Hmm, I’m a bit unsure if we mean the same thing. :) So I’m going to clarify my point, even you may already understood.

With »reverse« I mean to switch the order of the stat gain:

Level up:            Difference   Stat Gain
                             0- 3          0
                             4- 6          1
                             7- 9          2
                            10-11        3

Level down:       Difference   Stat Gain
                             0- 3          3
                             4- 6          2
                             7- 9          1
                            10-11        0

The idea behind is, that at a level down the baseline decreases and thus the diff decreases, resulting in a different stat gain/lose need.

Stat Difference = Rnd(1..8) + Baseline - Current Stat

Let’s assume rnd = 4, baseline = 40 and current stat = 30.
When levelling up, the current stat needs to catch up the baseline, thus the difference of 14 needs a high stat gain.
When levelling down, the baseline needs to catch up the current stat, thus the difference of 14 needs a low stat gain/lose.
That’s why reversing.

That is a good approach. But instead of reverse the stat table, Baseline and Current Stat must be inverted generating a new Stat Difference formula.

I encourage you to test the last svn build:

Black Chocobo v1.9.7 Pre-Release:
Removed at sithlord48's request, as 1.9.7 is now released. ~Covarr (UPDATED: 2012-09-17)

ein Tipp: timestamp generator:

Metadata support is already implemented in Black Chocobo v1.9.7 Pre-Release. We use the Qt unixtimestamp generator.

Black Chocobo Users: Please take a few minutes of your life to read thread's posts before asking something that is already answered, thanks!

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. Thanks a lot!!! I can finally enjoy what I wanted to enjoy! Keep up the good work!!!

i'm pleased to hear that! where was the problem? please share the solution that work for you.

Happy gaming ;)

Alright, either I'm doing something wrong, or I just don't know what the hell I'm doing. Alright well... I just currently bought FFVII and by reading the manual, I noticed that my saved files are in <User/(name)/documents/Square Enix/FFVII/user#>, so, I open my saved file and edit the things I wanted to edit...but here's the thing. I did my edits, saved it, and notice nothing changed in game. I tried again but this time I changed the amount of gil I had (within range). Saved it, and even put "save as" and it still did not work. I do not know if this has anything to do with the "metadata" I see in the folder but I can't seem to find away to make it so my saved game files change. Every time I attempt, it just goes back to when I previously saved it in the game itself. Any idea on how I can get what I want in this? If you need more information please let me know.

Are you using Black Chocobo v1.9.7 Pre-Release: [Removed at sithlord48's request, as 1.9.7 is now released. ~Covarr] ?
Black Chocobo v1.9.6 don't support the metadata data, you have to use this trick to make it work:

Made a account just to let everyone know that Black Chocobo does work with the FFVII that was just released as a digital download. What you have to do is launch the game and get it to the main menu where it says New Game/Continue. It will say Save Files have been synced in the top left. After it says that ALT+TAB out and start editing. When finished editing and saved bring the game back up and select   continue and load your save. Everything you changed should be changed.

open ff7 and start the game
at the main menu let it sync. hit continue
AFTER IT SYNCS switch windows to your desktop or something using the windows key or by having ff7 in a window like i have in the video. DO NOT CLOSE FF7
edit your save, switch in your old save, whatever save related thing youre doing do that now.
go back to ff7
load your save.
once its loaded save it.

I have been googling around and i found this info from "Final Fantasy VII: Limit Break Mechanics Guide":

Cloud Strife
120 kills made to learn Limit 2/1: Blade Beam


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