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General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2017-05-05 06:27:09 »
I really hope for this project..

can i ask some. Will it work on ff8 steam? ???

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 HD
« on: 2013-12-05 18:28:24 »
release it plox !

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 HD
« on: 2013-12-05 17:17:44 »
Wanna believe  :-X

Audio Modding / Re: FFVIII Sounds Effect Catalog
« on: 2013-06-28 19:54:06 »
So if there any chance to replace them? :-\

Ok. I talked with him. So he told me:
1) that he works with psx and no with PC.
2) his method is not to fully change files, it's just replace real time textures that he place in special folder.
So i understand some. That our as i think Aali driver works same as his emu, no?
Dat mode works like i said: so why we can't just made mod as SEED style if no chance to make it works how we wanna? or with Aali driver there some restrictions?
PC sry for my eng, because yea, im rus  :evil:

is it really what we need? If yes, so that some but old version of it. I'll talk with dat man, mb he can help with some.

FF8 Audio Releases / Re: [REL] Roses and Wine (for FF8)
« on: 2013-06-17 15:41:25 »
i'm not about it. I off UAC always and ran trusted progs from admin.
But adding load_library = "RaW" to my config helps, so mb u up ur first post if someone get same problem?

FF8 Audio Releases / Re: [REL] Roses and Wine (for FF8)
« on: 2013-06-17 11:24:50 »
it helps! Great thx! :mrgreen:

Any instruction how get it work, master? :?

FF8 Audio Releases / Re: [REL] Roses and Wine (for FF8)
« on: 2013-06-17 07:07:26 »
Eh badly that your mod needs Aali driver because who knows when it'll be new version  :|

Anyway w8 for files  :P
Damn ... need find dat man

Hi ppl, not for double posting just past link here: any chance to get it work?

FF8 Audio Releases / Re: [REL] Roses and Wine (for FF8)
« on: 2013-06-16 17:25:56 »
Hi man! First, big thx for that mod, w8 it to long.
Then i got some problem. on my PC with Windows 7 x64, FF8 original from 5disc, non-geforce patch, Aali driver, your mod + last RaW music don't play, but i hear sound effects. On my laptop with Win7 x32 with same setup all work great.
app.log + ff8_opengl.cfg (from PC)

test noesis it open well models? but can't import from 3ds max -_- or i do some not right

WoW rly interesting. But as i know when i wanna make some re-tex for ff8 it's impossiburu to do it, dunno what situation it's now with it.

Hi ppl. Still can't understand why it not work for me -_-
A get this way for mod: C:\Program Files\Final Fantasy 8\mods\avalanche\data\eng\menu
In config i have this: mod_path = /mods/avalanche/data/eng/menu
High font is on and render is direct3d
Help plox :'(

Graphical Modding / Re: FFVIII Retexturing
« on: 2012-02-15 14:26:58 »
Will w8 for that rly  :-P

timu sumisu
If u will some one made some other models? mb u'll look this thread: _
There are good artwork  :wink:

FF8 Tools / Re: [FFVIII] Music ALPHA
« on: 2009-07-30 13:30:39 »
!!!!!!!!! :evil:
I rly waited for this tooooo long and i see it!!! omaGod! :-o
PS Just setup VS2010Beta1ENU_PRO and all works great!
Wait for modif other media :wink:

Great work man :wink:

She is cool!!!11one :-o

Zomg, i wanna her in my FF7  :-P

Nice start  :wink:
PS I think in this thread we can post all other release's  :-P

Archive / Re: Final Fantasy VIII (Modder's Awakening)
« on: 2009-07-24 06:25:42 »
Go-go  :wink:
Coze now i have too much work and can't mod some for ff8  :roll:

Archive / Re: Final Fantasy VIII (Modder's Awakening)
« on: 2009-07-24 05:47:10 »
Rinoa .TEX for omega.

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