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I promise I am a smart person. :P

Check the formation type. I believe it's type 8. That's a special unique type for that battle that might be the cause.

Have you checked the formation AI?

kimera is the only one I know of that can read the PC animations. Source exists for it, but I've never been able to duplicate it.

General discussion / Re: FF7 Remake Teaser
« on: 2019-05-10 07:08:53 »
It’s somewhat amusing, though. While I agree completely about the battle system, it was born from technical limitations at the time. Now that those limitations are all but a thing of the past we diehard fans want so desperately to keep it and not sully our “precious final nostalgia series” with modern mechanics while also wanting higher energy games like Dead Space or any number of open world action games (struggling to think of good examples right now so just roll with it :P).

That’s not to say we shouldn’t want to keep the same mechanics we fell in love with the series with because it’s obviously something we enjoy enough to want to preserve. Square is just doing what they can with what they have available to them, like they always have. Trying to appeal to older gamers driven by nostalgia who are less likely to be spending money on gaming is not in their financial interest.

I would love a return to the system that made me love FFs in the first place. I think it peaked at FF9 and that still remains to be my favorite FF. I’m sad to think that another FF will never capture that feeling for me again, but I don’t begrudge new fans and younger gamers getting this new FF7 experience if it makes them want to explore the series’ roots and get an impression of the old games unsullied by nostalgia. I won’t be partaking in this remake/reimagining/reboot/re-whatever and I’m just going to leave it at that. This new direction isn’t “garbage” by itself, it’s just not what I want in a series that was originally made famous by its turn based battle mechanic. Heck I might even be willing to embrace it if it were part of a different series.

My point is that we all have that thing that made each of us fall in love with FF in part or has a whole. That thing isn’t gone from wherever you found it from at the beginning, but we should accept that nothing in the series since might spark that feeling again.

Dunno. The only other enemy that I can think that uses RunScript is Mystery Ninja. However, she uses it to end the battle after 10 turns without triggering the death script that the WM scripts are checking for. Maybe Diamond was going to do something similar (or a placeholder was added in case something came up). As it is the WM script to trigger the battle just engages the battle and begins an FMV after the battle is over. Maybe there could have been other outcomes to the battle. That would have been neat.

Gameplay Modding / Re: Final Fantasy VII Limit Breaks Mod
« on: 2019-04-29 14:20:35 »
I'm not surprised that Vincent and Tifa don't accept additional limits. I actually knew about Tifa's limitations decades ago. The Cait Sith thing is interesting, though.

What I'm actually curious about is if it works in vanilla or not. I believe Nightmare has some exe editing and that might include some functionality for third limits.

Gameplay Modding / Re: Final Fantasy VII Limit Breaks Mod
« on: 2019-04-28 23:39:01 »
you can use WM to add a third limit to levels 1-2 for everyone except tifa, cait, and vincent. So you could stay at level 3 and have their normal level 4 limit be learnable by either a certain number of uses or kills.

Has anyone actually tried to set a third limit per level? I have no idea how that would look or even work.

Gameplay Modding / Re: Final Fantasy VII Limit Breaks Mod
« on: 2019-04-27 16:05:53 »
None of what you said answers OP’s question. S\He wants to expand the in-battle limit menu to contain all unlocked limits for every level. WM cannot do that. Also, level 4 limits don’t work like the others. There can only be one and it has to be enabled via the appropriate manual.

To address what you want, OP, some changes would need to be made to the battle module to expand the limit menu and account for multiple levels worth of limits. But then Tifa would need to be excluded from this since her limit works differently. It’s possible, but probably more involved than you’d expect.

I'm a little bit confused what this script is doing with the Jumping:

Code: [Select]
0x008: PSHA (20A0) Type (02)
0x00B: PSHA (4000) Type (00)
0x00E: MASK
0x00F: PUSH (01) Type (01)
0x011: EQU
0x012: CNTB
0x013: PUSH (01) Type (01)

0x008 If (BitCount( (BattleAddr(&20A0).BattleAddr(&4000) == 1) ) == 1)

It seems to be checking to see if exactly one player has Death, but after testing this check didn't seem to do anything; the Jumping appeared to have a 1/2 chance of using Club Sword regardless of how many players were dead (it's supposed to have a 1/4 chance of using the attack if the check passes).

TF seemed to think this check will always fail, aswell

I have been trying and trying to figure this one out. It seems that the 4X family SKIPS character 0. I'm still looking into this, but in my test character 0 was definitely dead and the count of successes was still 0.

I got it! 20A0 is the LIVING enemy actors. So testing the death status against living targets will always result in a 0.

DLPB knows. If he doesn’t reply to this thread you should send him a private message.

Though from what I recall there is only a list of widths for each character. The height and maximum width a character can be are fixed

A quick question regarding Added Effect: I'm fairly certain that you get a *fresh* 19% chance for each Status you have on your weapon (Hades) when you attack, as opposed to a single 19% chance to inflict every status (correct me if I'm wrong).

That would make sense, except..... It looks like a few fuzzy logics are in play here. First, it would appear that multiple strikes would make multiple attempts to inflict. Second, it seems like there's a logical oddity that means you can only inflict, remove, or toggle effects, but it's not possible to do all three with vanilla data. Third, the code assumes that there is single inflict chance for all statuses. It's flat for all added-effect statuses. There's just as much chance that you can cause Death and Sleep on the same action.

My question is this - if you pass the chance to inflict Stop on an enemy that already has Stop (or Paralyzed on an enemy that is Paralyzed etc), will the 'Stop Timer' reset to 0, or will it remain unaffected?

Looks like the timer is only set when the status actually changes. I believe the logic of the battle is that infliction will miss if attempting to inflict a timed status on a target that already has that status. I just tested with Barrier and it missed an already barrier'd target.

I'm pretty convinced that 42B0 is not the Actor's AP value. I think it has something to do with the evade animation used.....

Yeah, totally NOT AP. 42E0 is EXP and 42C0 is Gil so I assumed that 42B0 was AP. It looks like it's a damage reaction animation. When a player misses the enemy just restarts their idle animation. There is no special "dodge" animation on enemies.

What is the following doing, found on Yang's Physical and Magical counter script?

PUSH (24) Type (01)
PUSH (00) Type (01)

That's actually queuing an action of command index 24. I have no idea what its affects are. If a flag is set, it sets some other flags. ??? TF's FAQ doesn't have a clue what it does either. It's not a graphical thing...

If BF2E08 bit 1 is active, set 9AEA78 to 1. That just skips a few steps in the command flow. I can't tell that it actually does anything.

Update your KERNEL.BIN. Proud Clod prompts you to when you save.

Completely unrelated / Re: Article 13 Passed
« on: 2019-03-28 19:44:49 »
...I am fed up of being told people who are pro Trump [..] are under-educated or didn't know what they were voting for.  How patronizing.

Unfortunately, since the 2016 election Americans are just voting for our least-hated politician rather than the one that represents us best. We're picking our preferred flavor of insane. That's my take from the conversations I've had with people. Neither first-party candidate was a desirable option seeing as they are both mentally/emotionally unbalanced in their own special ways. Trump is a compulsive liar and has little respect for the office of president preferring to believe he can run a country like a business. Clinton probably would have had government poking it's fingers in ALL the pots and mismanaging everything it touched.

That's knowledge that's probably lost to even Square. All source code has been lost and will likely not resurface again for years. Battle scripts weren't designed for artists, there's another set of scripts for those. I imagine it all came from a desire to make more complex AI after the previous FF's AI was so basic. They had a much bigger canvas to work on (so to speak) so all sorts of complicated AIs could be achieved.

FFVI had some very specific jump conditions. This is definitely a step-up in terms of customizations.

Does it actually say “bade code”? I wouldn’t put it past me back then. :P

Ahh, shoot! You’re right. I was thinking about the battle.lgp that contain the enemy model data. I’ve gotten less smart lately, apparently. :P

There's more debug info in the Japanese PSX edition. There is no scene.bin as that is unique to the PC edition, but the test enemies and formations were way different in the initial release. Every other edition after the first Japan release had their test enemies replaced with those pyramids.

As for 2018, this is only used in one of (all of?) the debug enemies and doesn't seem to be assigned anything.

What I'll say abou Grangalan Jr. Jr. is that PrC's AI disassembler isn't perfect. That's because the AI scripts themselves aren't perfect. Sometimes jumps will jump to jumps and other times jumps won't be reachable at all. This always throws off the disassemly. I think the Kalm wolf has some behavior like this, but it has a very simple script. Anyway, when this happens you'll have to diagnose the script by hand/sight.
TFergusson is incorrect and the script indicates a 3/4 chance of silver wheel. Take a look at the binary script:
Code: [Select]
60  04
60  00
71  000F
72  0020
72  000F
This is the relevant part at least. The code 71 will jump if the top two pops ARE NOT EQUAL. So the (Random Mod 4) will NOT trigger this if it is equal 0 and it will jump to 0020 at the next step. The confusing bit is the unreachable 72  000F that is located at 0x00C. This is confusing the disassembly and causing the weird output. This actually may be an artifact of the removed Stop Eye action.

NFI, how many formations are there that I need to be aware of that contains AI script?

Not as many as there should be. I can say that for certain. Most bosses that have "containers" like Rude's pyramids or Bottomswell's bubbles have them I think. Carry Armor might too. I only added editing them to PrC because I was told they exist. I never did much digging into them.

2180 might be another of those absconded memory addresses that had a function, but no implementation. I'm not sure why it's listed what it is in the wiki (I wrote it, I'm sure). I probably noticed it during a reversing session and just labeled it with the intention of revisiting it and just never did.

I found that 41E0 and 41F0 ARE indeed being set....

*investigation music intensifies!*
*investigation music abruptly ends*

Well that took, literally 10 seconds. 41E0 is Initial HP and 41F0 is Initial MP...but only for playable characters. It also doesn't seem to ever be used this way. Mandragora is literally the only enemy that uses it. Possibly it was a convenient dummy value for enemies and the AI programmer just thought "I'll use this value that is never used to communicate between enemies of the same type". While a great idea, it is sadly underused even as that.

2040 is still unset by the battle engine. It's a convenient global value marker, however, since it will not be automatically changed/unset during the battle except through scripting.

Then 4160 is current HP. I’m transposing numbers in my head... I don’t remember what 41E0 is.

It looks like neither 41E0 or 2040 are set by the battle engine.

For Mandragora's part, it look like it's using 41E0 to direct AI for all the Mandragoras in the battle. If one is attacked with either physical or magical damage, then the next attacking mandragora will counter with a specific action based on the type and then declare to the others "I've avenged us".

As for 2040. The only enemies that use it are Bottomswell, Carry Armor/Left Arm/Right Arm, Elfadunk, Roulette Cannon, SOLDIER:2nd, Turks:Rude. Roulette Cannon and SOLDIER:2nd can appear in the same formation so they might be able to shed some light as to what the intended function is.

I’ll have to double check some of this, but IIRC 41E0 is the actor’s MMP. Maybe the mandragora use it as a sort of shared pool? I dunno.

As for the 22 having split damage, it certainly does. That might be the magic calf for either most magic damage actions the player has (fire, ice, etc) or magic healing (cure, et al). Either way, there is a flag on actions that can set to bypass the split damage calculations. Most likely the ones TF has listed as 22 and non-split have this override enabled.

I’ll have to check on 2040, though. It doesn’t seem familiar.

2120 is elements in the last performed action. It doesn’t matter who the actor was.

Yeah. While it is an odd choice to check for some actions and exclude one, this is still essentially intended behavior. Soldier:3rd only has 40 MP so it can only do Ice2 or Bolt2 once without the player somehow interfering (giving an ether by mistake or something). Personally, I think most human enemies should be allowed to utilize items once or twice if the need arises. Say they can use an ether (rather, an action that imitates the ether item) if their AI selects something they don't have MP for. That makes them "waste" their turn on a utility action which makes the experience of fighting "intelligent" characters more believable. This is during the ShinRa HQ raid so you'd expect company guards would have access to such supplies. But I digress...

This is definitely one of those AIs that could be simplified.

It just affects damage done by actions that inflict the status

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