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i love what your doing man

i kinda like it. looks more anime-ish :)

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: [WIP] Mike's custom models
« on: 2010-07-25 23:30:01 »
i also love that buster sword :D

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2010-07-17 04:31:25 »
wow, the battle cloud is amazing and i wouldnt change a thing  :lol:
the only suggestion i have is that in the chibi version the elbow/bicep area doesnt look right to me so thin, maybe it could be beefed up just abit. maybe like 25% bigger

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2010-07-13 02:51:59 »
this just goes to show how much of an incredible job everyone is doing when the original model looks so out of place  ;D ;D

Graphical Modding / Re: [WIP] Battle-scene Enhancement
« on: 2010-07-01 22:57:08 »
jeff, i like your version much better  8-)

Graphical Modding / Re: [WIP] Remus's Sephiroth Model
« on: 2010-06-24 14:23:25 »
im liking it  :)

Graphical Modding / Re: Hi res sephiroth (fmv style)
« on: 2010-06-24 04:16:55 »
i just laughed out load at fruzball's comment. i think it looks good, id love to see it with some hair

Completely unrelated / Re: Anyone lift here?
« on: 2010-06-19 02:30:10 »
i work out all the time and i think just good old fashioned free weights get the job done  8)

General discussion / for a laugh
« on: 2010-06-05 00:36:40 »
saw this on youtube and it made me laugh so i thought id share

i just installed windows 7 and now im getting the same error as angebleu, this pops up in yellow at the bottom od the screen when i start
GLITCH: Something tried to use hardware accelerated lighting, expect funky looking models

its pissing me off cuz it stays at the low 640 by wat ever resolution. any ideas?

Team Avalanche / Re: Stepping down from WMRP
« on: 2010-02-24 20:59:01 »
First Pyro, it sucks that you that you cant work on it as much as you did before. thanks for everything youve done :)
and Grimmy, if that disc was released in Japan with the game, i have to agree with obesebear on that one. but like willis said Halkun is the boss so its his call

Team Avalanche / Re: Romeo Materia Final
« on: 2010-01-29 13:18:52 »
ok guys i updated the first post with a fixed versiom that doesnt have the stupid pixel. that should really be the final version now lol

Team Avalanche / Re: Romeo Materia Final
« on: 2010-01-28 21:41:30 »
ok thanks for the feedback. ill try to fix it when i have a little time but with college i dont have time just yet to fix it. and im not sure how im gonna fix it cuz when i look at the PNG in paint shop i dont see a stray pixel anywhere so ill just have to keep playing with it till its right

Team Avalanche / Romeo Materia Final
« on: 2010-01-27 20:14:35 »
thanks sl1982 here they are all fixed now, the edges look much better than they did before and that stupid one pixel on each on is gone lol

Team Avalanche / Re: Romeo14 Materia v2
« on: 2010-01-23 03:55:34 »
i wish there was a way to get .gif files in the game. imagine seeing this in the menu or in the field blinking lol

this is great, cant wait for a scene to get done and get to test one out :)

Graphical Modding / AC Custom Models
« on: 2010-01-22 21:00:51 »
i know man, i cant wait for a sweet Tifa model to pop up lol

Team Avalanche / Re: Romeo14 Materia v2
« on: 2010-01-22 20:51:09 »
thanks guys, and sl1982 feel free to replace my other materia add-on with these if you want

Team Avalanche / Romeo14 Materia v2
« on: 2010-01-22 17:35:55 »
got bored and made another set of materia. you guys like it?
just put the files into the MenuArt folder

Graphical Modding / AC Custom Models
« on: 2010-01-20 04:14:06 »
that looks awesome. normally im a purest and like to keep it similar to the original but this looks way to good for me not to use lol. and i never even thought about doing something like that for the final battle model, thats a wicked good idea, props to you dude :-D

Graphical Modding / AC Custom Models
« on: 2010-01-18 16:56:49 »
this is amazing, nice job dude :-o

Team Avalanche / Re: Resolution
« on: 2010-01-02 23:38:51 »
these are my settings, and my desktop is the same resolution
window_size_x = 1152
window_size_y = 864
preserve_aspect = no
fullscreen = yes

has anyone tried messing with the postprocessing bloom setting? as it is now its too strong and doesnt look good but i think with some tweaking it could be a very cool option

Graphical Modding / AC Custom Models
« on: 2009-12-28 18:44:45 »
thats coming out awesome dude. keep it up

Team Avalanche / Re: Romeo14's Files
« on: 2009-11-16 00:52:22 »
i know man. im trying to get permission from the guy but its like he died or something. wont respond to my messages on deviant art or emails

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