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you've all convinced me.  it's real.  I'll run through some tesrs but replicating this won't be easy.  how often does it happen and is it always when speed is increased

covarr created that border for my old menu project.  if you extract it from 7h IRO file, it's v easy to add to reunion

this is being looked at.   im creating a full hext file for modders

...Okay, but why is this happening exactly?
This sucks. There's no way I'll be able to force myself to play with the joystick for more than a day, and that's being very generous. I guess I wasted those ten bucks. (Until this gets fixed, of course. Hopefully.)

Joypads should work.   Pop onto Discord at some point and I'll run through it with you.

anyway we can get the menu overhual mod as a seperate mod.

This has been asked about 100x.   The help file says it's mandatory with Beacause.   I'll add to FAQ if it isnt already there.  The only way is to create your own translation folder and copy across relevant files to it.  As long as new translation option is 'y' then it will work.  This means putting original files into correct custom paths.  Again this will likely require a tutorial before people are comfortable doing that,


Thank you for your hard work with this project. I noticed that on your TODO list is a user interface for the options. This seems like a fairly easy job for a volunteer contribution. I can't make any promises, but I'd be happy to take a wee stab at making something if you'd be interested?

If you are, a couple of questions for you:

  • Is the ini file parser you use fixed in its use of # for comments and y/n for booleans, or would it accept ; and true/false respectively?
  • Are there any requirements other than just a UI to allow users to set what's currently in options.ini, such as adjusting other options (Reg keys, etc.), being able to launch the game, etc?
  • Are there any other options you plan to add in the future?

First question - test yourself ;)

Second question - see installation post to-do list.

third question - no but see installation post and help file to-do list.

I'll try to replicate.  i have a feeling this will be tough to spot

I've never seen it before.  im wondering if 2 game instances were in memory.  if it happens again check process list

The battle music kept playing through the victory animations and exp gains.

If you mean the battle scorpion bombing mission music.... that's what the PSX version does.  It's 100% normal.  Please check videos online and if that's the case, please only post when it's an actual confirmed bug.


Then both the battle and reactor music were playing

I can't replicate that at all.   The new audio engine doesn't allow 2 ,musics to play together unless there is a serious bug.  I need to know if you can replicate.  is it possible you had 2 games loaded. 

Are you sure those logs were taken immediately after the issue?  There's nothing relevant there.  I also need to know EXACTLY when it happens and whether you can replicate.  You have to appreciate without more info it is 100% impossible to diagnose.

need more info.  need applog and audio.log and save file.

Other Modding / Re: Further polishing the FF7 cinematics
« on: 2020-02-20 21:51:08 »
it will be out of sync since it's hard coded to play on a certain frame.  It's easy to alter with hex editing. Oh NFITC1 mentioned it.

Hmmm so what's changed?  The full screen mode ignores all the other settings apart from preserve.

nah - at moment Option 2 is just some field updates and i overdid it at junon since the CPR thing is a bit too unforgiving of a mistake.

It will take time for me to start work on weapon properly. 

Also, sorry, where is this help file you mentioned?

It's in the zip file you unzipped.

I just installed R06c for the first time, and I'm having this problem where I can't move the arrow on the start menu. So I can't begin a new game. Also, the popup showing the controls doesn't appear (not sure it that's supposed to be normal). When I disable the mod, this problem doesn't occur. Am I doing something wrong?

There is no arrow on the start menu.  Also, check the help file I supplied as it explains the other issue.

Bug Report
1. I think there's a problem with Vincent and the 60FPS mod. Using option 2 with interpolated frames, Vincent's animations are extremely fast, faster than the other characters.
2. Happens only in battle.
4,5,6. No crashes. 

See The Reunion Database.  Speed issues with 60fps is noted.

that structure doesn't require any further charge.  it requires a tutorial.  also turn on trace texture option and it will show you in app log what's missing

it doesn't.  ddraw.dll does all the work and as long as that's there, the mod is active assuming the option.ini file is there.  Although I may default to activate which would be a mistake.

nah because the bullet case drops also happen

for some reason it seems to depend on combination of enemy - or it's randomly happening.  Is this a bug in original game?

There's gotta be a few bugs here?  Where are you guys to ruin my day?

So, how can I only get the new traslation without those changes?

You can't.  Ra-ga etc are canon names and also correct to Japanese.  Your only option is to use touphscript and manually change them - and also change ff7 exe text (see base folder) and adding it to a custom folder (better than editing base as i always overwrite it with install). 

touphscript version will be out soon that supports R06c.

Also, you know the drill by now for posting bug reports.  See the first post.

please leave mirrors off a few days.  need Torrent to be healthy first. 

pretty sure the modpath name ignores case.  none and NONE are the same and unused

try by renaming ini entry for post processing file so it isn't loaded. try also various options.

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