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The harder part of this is the Opengl stuff.  At moment, the chocobo racers are all missing - and the sleep icon (Zzz).  So clearly there's an issue.

There's a constant error message when using post processing

And audio for FMV doesn't work at moment because we've had to change it to work with a later FFmpeg release.

Until those issues are rectified, this mod can't be released...

But i've got a few things of my own to complete and there is massive progress being made. 

I thought it was too (someone in discord said today)...  but then - it will likely miss that one too.  I mean... it's not far off - but there's work needed.

So... another deadline missed.  How time flies.  But we're closing in on it now.   Still need Luksy / JWP's help in regards to Opengl issues.

They definitely will. There's no way they are going to rerecord them all.  They don't need to.  It's one money making churn after another.

To be honest, in terms of not adding content but sticking to the original graphics and so on... the answer is almost no. At least, that's the case for me.

I haven't wanted to use anything except Reunion, which does include some Team Avalanche updates but The Reunion is generally just the original design with better alignment (graphically speaking). The Reunion also comes with a full model overhaul by various people and now maintained by Kaldarasha.

The only thing I can think of that I use besides this mod is  FeliX's world map update - but it needs to be completed.

In terms of not sticking to the original style, one day I may play New Threat.

It won't be fully complete in r06 but theres nothing to worry about.  8-)

Because they probably touch the same files to some degree, so you have to merge the changes they make together somehow.

That's exactly it. And it would be a logistical nightmare anyway given the process of changes.

Reunion will have options for all my mods - but allows easy selection of alternate and additional mods by simply adding them to a custom mod_id folder (and there can be many of them).  I've created a very very useful framework.

It's not a known issue with Roses and Wine.  It's not related to my mod.  8-)

That wasn't an issue in the first release back in 2012 - read the help file.  Use the ini options file as well.

If using Steam, the eyes on me in data folder will be renamed.
If using 2000, you need to turn on the cd version in the  RaW options.

no idea.  All I know is a lot of people will be dl a 300m file.

Need seeders... especially permanent ones.  I will stop seeding in a week.

Any ideas as to how we keep large files like this from going dead?

I imagine placing it on Google Drive will mean sooner or later they stop me having it?

W07 is HERE
W07 Lite is on the first post.
Please donate HERE



W07 07.Sep.2018

1. Hext functionality is now built-in. This is great for modders, as they no longer need to ship HextLaunch or make any edits to the FF8 executable at all. For more information on Hext, see the file 'Hext format.rtf'.

2. DLL loading is built in.

3. Shumi Village will now play the correct concert music (Irish Jig / Eyes on Me), just as the PSX did (once the side-quest has been fully completed).  The two pieces have been recorded from the PSX and do not use the FF8 midi files.

4. The following music files had a bad loop point, which has been corrected:
077 The Castle
071 Rivals
083 The Residents
513 Eyes on Me (Concert)
097 Compression of Time
063 A Sacrifice
053 Starting Up (Looped)
049 Heresy
019 Waltz for the Moon
018 Love Grows
020 Ami
089 Ride On

5. Music file IDs are now three digits instead of two (as you can see above).

6. Options can be set from 'Options.ini'.

7. LOOPEND and LOOPLENGTH tags can now be used when making looping OGGs.

8. Global / Custom folders added. The main music files now reside in [Root]\RaW\GLOBAL\music by default.

9. Latest bass.dll

10. Hacky fix to stop wrong music (051) playing just before the first time the Ragnarok theme plays.

11. The FH concert instruments are the updated midi versions by biggs.

12. Sound logging added.

Known Issues
Because this mod is actually emulating the music operations and not taking over functions directly (unlike my music mod for Final Fantasy 7), there are some issues. These issues are rare and don't impact on most people's enjoyment of the game.

1. Music can play at the wrong time.
2. Music can play where it originally didn't (so far I have only noticed this at the Fisherman's Horizon concert, where the victory fanfare will play after an instrument is selected.
3. Incorrect transition times (as this is all hard coded in Roses and Wine).
4. Concert instruments still use the midi .sgt files (albeit the higher quality ones by biggs.
5. Shumi Village will play Eyes on Me or Irish Jig (if you played them at FH) - but not a combination of instruments.
6. When using the 2000 version, Eyes on Me will play from the CD. In this case, set Eyes_On_Me_CD to Eyes_On_Me_CD = y in the 'options.ini' file. When using the Steam version, this should always be Eyes_On_Me_CD = n. This is also the default setting.
7. The sgt files have to be moved out of their folder to stop them playing at the same time as the OGGs from Roses and Wine (the installer does this for you automatically).

If I ever revisit this mod again, I will add a proper music replacement for Final Fantasy VIII.


But the log indicates it's loading... assuming he's using that.

Not for me.  No chance.  I have no time or enough love for ff8 ;)

The issue should be there with the original midis.

I remember going over this - the command to fade out there is in script.  It's not RaW.

The triple triad game is also a scripting error.  It occurs in PSX too if i recall.

Both of those are PC field coding/porting errors and not Roses and Wine.   The latter is intended.  The former probably needs Deling to fix it and I am not sure how.

It does - but not after every instrument.

There will be for many of the options.  But not until R06.

Beacause retranslation will need to have a commitment from both myself and Sega Chief and is unlikely to be compatible for quite a while.

@C  It won't play incorrect combos.  It will play nothing if you didn't get Irish Jig or EoM.

@Y  There is no fault condition there [my logging system is intricate - believe me].  It's changed everything.  So unless the change required a delay (unlikely), there should be no issue.

Unless PS1 buttons used HextEdit... in which case, mem addresses need to be used.

And I do need some feedback!  Nothing worse than me having to change something and reupload.


This is a temporary download and installer. It *should* be every bit as the one I'll release tomorrow.  But you never know if any bugs have crept in.  So get testing :)

Also... i've accidentally named this R07... instead of W07.

Moving and renaming files won't work universally... so best not to do it at all.  The installer may be out tonight if I'm happy with it.  It's literally the odd tweak away.

Also, Lite is meant for end usage - but for modders to ship.  Or users who don't want the music mod.

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