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FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.3.0)
« on: 2020-01-28 12:37:55 »
Some feedback from myself.

Note I am running this on Windows 8.1 64bit.

The dump feature seems to not do anything, I get an entry in the log reporting the registry location, and nothing else.  In the command window I do see a bunch of numbers indicating it is reading the flevel file, but nothing gets written, so I am unable to get text files from flevel.lgp.  This happens regardless if I set the paths or if I let it use defaults.

Download link to latest version is broken 1.3.1.

Sega is their a missable's guide for NT?

I have the steal spreadsheet and text file for ultimate weapons/limit breaks.

But I am curious about missable side quests.

General discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] 03.2020 - New Trailer
« on: 2019-12-23 18:23:27 »
I ended up ordering the psn digital deluxe edition as its the only version that has all the digital content except a clothing patch.  But will miss out on the steelcase though.

That's why i realy want to see in what way r06 deal with mod, and realy hope you'll release the full source code of your work so the project can be upgraded even if you vanish too (you never know what can appens tomorrow and that's why i HATE close source projects, lots of cool project never have been upgraded because of that)

Just want to point out 7h is not a dead project.

TrueOdin and unab0mb are the current maintainers.  A new version is been worked on, alongside a newer driver.

I've encountered this error on Windows 10, but don't remember it happening in Win 7. It's weird. I'll have to look at it when I get time. I'm not sure there's a work-around.

Same here on windows 8.1, I assume a dependency library thats newer on newer versions of windows is causing the issue.  Will try on a Windows 7/XP VM.

An update posted to enhance battle UI a bit based on some feedback, recommended to update.

try recuva, its free made by ccleaner guys, but dont write anything else to the drive if you want a chance of recovery.

important bugfix posted to fix an issue, I recommend all users to grab the update from the link in first post.

Thank you for posting Asherdoom, since you are using New Threat, I suggest you mention this issue in the new threat support thread.

Also please be patient when waiting for a response.

problem came back again. exp bars are going all aroud the world: any one can hel me fix this?

Two things.

Please post the result of clicking on "profile details" in 7th heaven.

Also please provide the save file, I will take a look tomorrow.

The buttons would be affected.  But you can redo that modification the same way as you did on the old MO.

You can patch the game using hext patches.  Its a way of patching the game code without overwriting the actual executable.

If there is no guide for doing this on qhimm, I will see if one can be posted.

yeah those are fine, 60fps fine, always run fine, fmv skip fine.
All field/world/model textures fine.

However if reporting battle issues I prefer 60fps disabled prior to submitting report.

Its as unab0mb said, I will rephrase the first post, you can do what you want in your own ff7 setup, but rather we can only support problems on a standardised executable.  If the patch only adjusts shop prices, it might be ok, but its for you to try and see.

no problem, I hope you enjoy the mod.

The top one, ff7_bc.exe is not ff7.exe.


I will expand on it tomorrow as I am tired now, basically a ff7 exe that's not had custom patches applied to it, so the one generated by the ff7 convertor tool here "step 1".

The mod relies on a lot of hext editing, so a modified exe could cause this to fail.

Use the basic ff7.exe.

Completely unrelated / Re: Player's Poll
« on: 2019-11-22 16:19:49 »
Dont forget audio, audio can be and often is as important as graphics.

Right now it cannot be used with R06.  I had no knowledge of the R06 modding framework so as such I couldnt develop for it. For the future I dont know.

Also thanks to both of you for the praises.

very nice, thanks for releasing these. :)

unab0mb is a committed modder, I would value his feedback, I have not installed it yet, but I think his point is very valid about having a modular aspect.  Some people might want the translation and no other part, other might just want the UI changes (I do think the battle UI status effect stuff is quite neat in the video).


Brief overview.

I didn't do a great job, I know.  But what can you do?  :o ;D

Suggest watching in high res or you won't be able to read text.  1080p 60fps is there.

My question is from a mod distribution point of view.

Is there a specific packing type tool to package mods, and then users just have an easy way to install a mod.  Or is it a case of supplying something like a compressed file and giving end users instructions to copy files to the CUSTOM folder?

Would a mod that is different to a core function of Reunion such as the menu changes, be something that is possible to do with this modding framework?

Been playing (and streaming) this and so far I think its very very good, the balance is very well done.

Well done sega chief and definitely it breathes new life into this game.

Also it works fine with my enhanced stock UI as well.

I am very sad to read this thread.

I do respect DLPB for his work on reunion, but it is sad to see him diss 7thheaven so bad when right now its by far the best modding tool for the game.  It is buggy but its still the best.

I dont like installing mods that require their own installer, primarily the issues are I dont know whats been replaced/updated by the installer, and also that typically these mods are not modular in the sense they play well with other mods.

For this reason my ff7 installation remained in a static configuration for several years as I didnt want to change any of the files from the working setup I had, I then discovered 7thheaven and the way it works by allowing you to setup a profile of mods to work together and dynamically load on top of a static install of ff7 is brilliant.  Ironically the only real flaw I found with 7thheaven was reunion, as it used a custom exe that was overwriting my custom changes.  This is when I realised the flaw of using custom exe's vs hext patching.

This was a prime motivator for me to look into making enhanced stock mod after I seen the hext version of reunion iro posted a while back.  As I wanted a higher resolution UI without been locked into using a specific exe and in a modular fashion.  Of course looking at all the hext code in that mod I also can see the sheer amount of work that has gone into menu overhaul.

I cannot comment on r06 modding features as it seems only a few developers have been allowed access to it, so I am completely blind as to what it is capable off, how mods will be integrated and as such enhanced stock is in a iro only format.

The problem of not been modular may still exist with r06 it seems because if I as a gamer cannot use r06 alongside mods installed via 7thheaven, then its made absolutely no progress from its r05 form.  The community should work together and not be split like this. :(

The issue raised by DLPB losing control of MO on 7thheaven I assume could be resolved by a conversation with alyzza to get it removed from that catalog and then making his own iro which he maintains by himself, sega chief maintains his own iro for new threat.  I have never heard of anyone who thinks 7thheaven is the actual mod.

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: [FF7PC] Enhanced Stock UI
« on: 2019-10-14 21:03:46 »
Thanks for the report, in the latest version there is no crash but there was an issue to be fixed, when catching chocobo's which I made a fix for, if you come on to the qhimm discord, and want to do more testing you can contact me there.

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