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General Discussion / Hey
« on: 2004-01-26 01:54:55 »
i'll just pretend i knew what u just said cause its way over my head but cool!  :-? what type of game are you trying to make?

General Discussion / Hey
« on: 2004-01-25 09:09:21 »
how do u find the time and/or will power? i couldnt put up with it

General Discussion / Hey
« on: 2004-01-25 02:26:09 »
Kia Ora! just thought i'd say welcome and man C++ good on ya  :D

General Discussion / ?
« on: 2004-01-21 03:36:38 »
to get int version youd have to get it from japan wouldnt u?

General Discussion / Al-Bhed Language
« on: 2004-01-11 18:56:55 »
if any of you can be botherd translating
tuk "fuuv" ehdanacdehk luhlabd tuh'd i drehg ?

General Discussion / Damn!
« on: 2004-01-10 04:05:31 »
Sephiroth2000: Damn u im on level 62 and i havent done everything but  u left out a few things u got all magic to its highest and got the secret 4 secret wepons and finished all mini games? and when u say clocked collousiem do u mean you have done every cup with everyone then just sora then on time limit?

General Discussion / Kingdom Hearts Anyone?
« on: 2004-01-06 01:33:43 »
na i wont one of 2 reasons 1. dont have GBA 2. heard its bad
and Seph i know what u mean by easy but have you fully clocked it?

General Discussion / AC website
« on: 2004-01-04 11:41:33 »
could be and that does make alot of sense but then cloud is a clone of sephiroth when u think about it and also if cloud can beat sephiroth he should have no trouble beating a clone right?

General Discussion / AC website
« on: 2004-01-04 11:34:38 »
here fabdub this is a very simple translation for the trailer

Little girl: i thought nothing more will happen but

*Cloud drives on a motor bike and has a breif fight with Man who looks like Sephiroth*

Cloud: I think i want to be forgiven.. yes i want to be forgiven

*Man who looks like Sephiroth and Cloud have a little sword fight*

Cloud: I'll live on for your sake that's what i have decided but...

*Man who looks like Sephiroth kneels down to a cloked person in a wheel chair*
*then you see Sephiroth walk though flames* :D ok cool

General Discussion / Kingdom Hearts Anyone?
« on: 2004-01-04 07:49:18 »
anyone here like KH also does anyone kow when KH-2 comes out in NZ?

Archive / ?
« on: 2003-11-28 00:57:26 »
Just wondering Qhimm on other forum sites i've been to they allow you to get a picture of your hard drive but you have to shrink it yourself so mayby if you get more time or something you could give it some thought?

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