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i went fishing around in magic.lgp and found bimu1.tex (beam) which i suppose is one of the files it uses.  there is also a bimu2.tex, so i figure it probably swaps between them.  not sure what the other files are for.  the funny thing is it was probably much easier to do all this the first time around when they made the game than to go back, reverse-engineer it all, and try to tweak it.

thanks for the help

I see a lot about swapping the magic animations for different spells, but I can't seem to find anything about artistically editing the spells themselves. 
For instance the grunt's beam gun looks pretty clunky to me and i'd like to make it "prettier".  What is known about doing this?

my registry entry was in a weird place, that's probably windows 7's doing, but so far everything seems to be working fine now, thanks!

how do i make it point to the ripped video file rather than the disc version?

vincent could also auto-drain like 5% of his attack damage as HP.  and maybe a script that auto-resurrects him with low hp when he dies in limit form

k, so i got my original discs from my brother and did the maximum install.  it works fine until you select "new game" and it goes to a black screen but never does anything.
 i installed the 1.02 and Aali's, but to no avail (also, i'm a little hazy about what to do in the .cfg file ).  part of me just wants to do a windows 95 partition and get it over with.  okay, not really, but this is frustrating.  anybody have any ideas? 

i'd rather have a "we'll rationally discuss and weigh options" and approve SOME things while denying some others rather than a "nanananaboo-boo, i can't hear you".

no one person should get total control, but neither should the president have all his power blocked before he even opens his mouth.

I'm not exactly impressed with the state of affairs of the US, but I have to say oil spill aside, he's pushing for big changes, which frankly...we need and nobody else will do.  What irks me is the "anything you do, we fillibuster" attitude from the right.

granted, that should be a cue to rethink some policy issues. :lol:

also, i think war on terror is about like declaring a war on whistling.  we're the only country that's ever gone to war with an ideal...which, by nature, can never die.  i figure changing to a winnable war is a step in the right direction.

thanks for the info, guys.  i figured this would be a safe post because the topic remains relevant and it seemed wildly redundant to make a new thread when there was a sticky that so nicely summed up the topic.

so, using an iso image doesn't affect anything like moving crucial memory addresses or pointers?  i want to play it safe because i know what a b**** it is to debug that kind of stuff sometimes.

im not super familiar with the system, but maybe an increased dodge rate for vincent and yuffie would make sense.

 i like the low magic-resist for cait sith and maybe high defense and hp, low dodge, and provokes attack?

Obviously I'm a newbie here, so please be gentle to me and my non-existent post-count.

I bought the cardboard-triangle-abomination that contained FF7 for pc like 11 years ago.  My pc disks are now scratched beyond repair.  is there a technical difference in using a cd-r backup i have of my disks?  I did it way back before i even knew what an image file was.

in lieu of that, does anyone know of a trading-post or the like where i might find the game for cheaper than ebay/amazon?  I'm looking for like 30 bucks-ish.

I also found a version on a UK website, but I don't know how/if at all that will affect modding.

Any ideas?

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