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So I just tested the battle with Airbuster with and without Reunion, and there's something off with the Reunion version. In the vanilla version, attacking Airbuster from behind does 5x the damage whereas in the Reunion version, it's only does maybe twice as much? Is this an intentional change?

Ignore post, I just saw the changelog in 06E stating the change by Sega Chief.

:P  Sorry.  Being way too confrontational and I can't help it. Just a lot of stress in general.  I might need to just expand this thread for general bug reports because i'll be forever telling people to use the other thread, won't i?

Nah, don't worry about it. I've been here since the beginning and have seen the stuff you go through and the people you deal with. It's understandable. However, I do want to note that I treat all bugs as Reunion bugs by default simply because I don't touch vanilla anymore as stated. Reunion is a necessity nowadays. To play FF7 without all the bug fixes and QoL stuff that Reunion adds is just too much of a regression for any sane and logical person to do. It's like choosing to drive a 1903 Ford Model T vs. a 2020 Tesla Model 3. Why...?

not a reunion bug - please post this on the general bug thread

First post

Apologies Dan-man, I don't play vanilla 7 anymore ever since your mod existed. Can't go back once you've had a taste of paradise. :D

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but on the way to Reactor 5, in the first car that you're in where you can get a Phoenix Tail from the hobo in the back, the dialogue with the Shin-Ra Manager doesn't stop your character from moving like with all other dialogue. So you can talk to him and keep moving towards Tifa and activate her script.

General discussion / Re: FF7 Remake Teaser
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General discussion / FF7 Remake Teaser
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Just going to leave this here...



Omnislash and Double Summon should have some sort of indicator to say that they've already been bought.  Perhaps their entries should be removed from the list?

There's also two things I couldn't activate (not sure if it's just me...).  First was Esto's dialogue about you winning 10 times in a row for the Chocobo race.  Second is the special battle at the arena.  I bought both Omnislash and D-sum, and killed and obtained Ultimate Weapon, but I never get the choice to fight in the special battle.


Already reported on the spacing of the number 1, but apparently if you happen to get enough 1s in BP, it breaks the dialogue box.  The box usually indicates how much you earned, and how much you have total.  As you can see, that isn't the case in the picture.

Earthquake skill is glitched

Found an exploit in the battle arena.  If you cast double anything (magic or summon), and you manage to kill all the enemies with the first iteration, you get to act first the next wave.  And you can basically repeat until you've won the entire run since it just resets your turn rather than continuing your actions.

When you get lucky 7's in the handicap reel in the battle arena, it doesn't actually remove all handicaps like it says.  Any items that were broken stays broken for the remainder of the run.

Quote from: Covarr
Item names are always capitalized, including... *ahem* key items.

Had to reply, but technically the key isn't an item, much less a key item.  Doesn't exist within the game.  Could be argued that it's just a notification. ;D

Quote from: Covarr
All sorts of reasons. Some people might like to use empty slots as spacers for sorting (keep in mind you CAN sort manually), whereas others might want to use them as swap space WHILE they organize.

If anyone manually sorts their item list, they should burn in hell....  :x

Gonna be a long post...

So I finished the game today (finally), and I must simply say... bravo. *slow clap*

First off, the current issues:

The adjectives used to describe the key, after the first one, are capitalized.  Not sure if this is intentional or not, but they shouldn't be.

Is the bottom message in the controls dialogue box for the Steam FF7 removable?

You can only buy 6 stalls.  The fenced area comes free of cost.  The message needs to be revised to state that the stalls specifically cost 10k gil each while the fenced area can hold 4 for free.

I didn't take a screenshot of this, but only the Cloud model is corrupted in the chocobo mini-game.  Cid is fine.  Didn't check Tifa's model (lazy...).

Even after the date scene, there was still an action that affected Tifa's affection.  If you could double check this.

At the City of the Ancients, when Bugen goes to put the key in, his signature phrase, "Ho, ho, ho", has every iteration of the word capitalized...

The two bottom menu boxes in battle has a 1-2 pixel gap.

Just noting this, but the item menu has 24 extra slots, and the key item menu has 16 extra slots.  This is after considering being able to hold/contain every single entry in both menus.  Don't see the need for the extra slots (manual sorting should be removed from the game...).  I understand the space for materia since you can gain them indefinitely.

When trying to discard materia, you cannot quick nav with L1/R1 like all other menus.  This is a pain because the list can be very lengthy.

Cait Sith limit break reel sound persist even after you cancel out of it.

Not sure if you can do this, but some materia can use descriptions as they are not exactly intuitive (i.e. Swap, Aqualung).  A brand new player may ask what is being swapped, and they may confuse the enemy skill version of Aqualung vs. the actual materia.

When party splits up in the Northern Crater, there's no warning that the current party member's equipment was removed.  There should be a warning dialogue so players can know that it happened.

On map las2_4, when you grab the yellow materia at the top, it says obtained 'Multistrike' instead of 'Double Magic'.

Mentioned this before as well, but the interaction between the newer models and certain objects are weird/funky at times.

Now for what I think can/could be improved in future revisions:
Mini-games can and should be more enjoyable.  Not saying you should make it significantly easier, but the margin of error should be greater than what it currently is.  So say for the marching mini-game, 45-50 first prize, 40-45 second, 35-40 third.  This is considering how fast you can gain/lose points.  Top prizes shouldn't require a top 1% performance to be obtained.  I had some really hard tests back in school, but regardless of how hard it was, 90%+ was still considered in the 'A' range.

Models can be more refined much further.  Lots of clipping and lots of silly, out of context details like Cloud laying on his bed with his gigantic Buster Sword.  Some models also act really funky at times.  Obviously this belongs in Kal's thread, but you can relay the message. ;D

Not sure how this can be worked around, but Reeve's accent was played upon heavily.  Without voice acting, his dialogue was a bit difficult to understand immediately at times.  It required several rereads to become comprehensible (for me anyway).

I think you talked about this before, but perhaps one day you'd consider adding in the redone backgrounds into Reunion as well.  It'll be a nice addition to everything else that has been touched up.

Currently, gil almost has no value.  Resting at inns should cost a percentage of your total.  I was thinking at least 50% of your total.  This also adds value to the villa you can buy.  You should also increase the price for the villa to something much higher.  You should also remove a lot of the instances where the party gets a free restore to their HP/MP.  But all this should be under the Weapon mod I suppose.

Reunion has been a spectacular and warming experience for me.  I already told you this, but Reunion is no longer just a mod, it should be required if someone is a true fan of FF7.  Therefore, Reunion should be treated like so.  You've pretty much touched every aspect of the game, so I'm not sure why you'd want to separate things from Reunion.  Everything is and will be under the Reunion umbrella anyway. ;D

Like I mentioned earlier, I'll probably return when Reunion has been even further refined, but I'm done with FF7 for now.  I don't really want to burn myself out by playing the game too extensively.

Can confirm it's the 60FPS mod causing the freeze.

Also, seems to me that playing without the 60FPS mod, but simply speeding up the game with Select+R2 works better since you're just speeding up the game rather than duplicating frames.  The game feels just as smooth, but without bugs; not to mention that things like the battle help bar doesn't flicker as much (like a 99% in reduction), if at all.

After a bit of testing and tinkering, seems like speeding up the game is a much better option rather than enabling the 60FPS mod. (For me anyway)
Flickering of texts and objects are virtually gone, the battle speed is back to normal(?), and the game feels just as smooth without bugs.

You know what I'm gonna say for the second issue :P Separate thread.  It's not a Reunion issue(?) - but clearly it needs fixing.

First of all, I PMed White about it already.  Secondly, not sure if this issue is related to Reunion or not, or if it only affect the Cid model.  It could affect any other model that sits in the chair.
I honestly didn't test this one properly because I didn't want to keep uninstalling and reinstalling Reunion every time just to confirm if it's a Reunion-only issue or not.  It's a pain in the ass to do so every time just so I can verify the bug and not tilt you any further than I have...  :-\


Just found a game breaking bug with Reunion.  The bug just makes you stuck in battle forever and you can't do anything.  For this bug, I actually tested it quite extensively and made sure it's reproducible.  Already tried to replicate it after uninstalling Reunion, and it doesn't happen when playing vanilla.  If you have Added Attack + Hades and you manage to inflict an enemy with poison, toad, confuse, sleep, the battle freezes.  The game would continue to play music, and you can try to perform any action, but nothing happens.

Here an example of what I mean:

Edit #1:
I can't even force a game over screen during the battle.  It's literally dead...  8-)

Edit #2:
I'm gonna disappear again and may resurface when you release R07.  Honestly too lazy to keep reporting bugs.  :cry:

Submarine controls...
X should say reverse.

You currently have X saying retreat, which doesn't make sense since a vehicle goes in reverse, not retreats.

After winning the mini-game, Cid disappears from his seat completely.

Carry Armor model has a something floating behind it.  Could probably be checked again.

Also, only the Cloud model is corrupted in the Chocobo races.

Dan, please don't kill me, but I have to for this one... I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  :'(

"I really wanted to play out with everyone, but you never asked me to join you."

You mean "play with everyone"...?

During the memory gathering scene with Tifa and Cloud.  Cloud's transparent model is grabbing his head using the back of his hands.  Double check that when you can Kal.

Do you want me to PM White regarding color anomalies or still report them here?  Not sure since you've been handling those by passing it on to Ilducci.

After the final battle at Fort Condor, when you talk to the old guy for the Huge Materia, he uses the word "sneaked" instead of "snuck" for the American version.


So I happened to save it right in front of the store.  Was running around and checking new wares, and noticed that for an accessory shop, they sell mostly weapons...  Pretty sure this is intended right?

Also, whatever you see in my save file... note that it's for testing purposes............... Not that I'm a huge cheater or anything.  :evil:

On the glitch - can you supply me a Save?  I'll have a look. I bet it's Steam related again.

Sure, I can PM you a save.  And yes, I play the Steam version since it's the easiest to obtain legally. :P

Perhaps you can add in the square button here?  If you press and hold square + a directional button, it strafes in that direction.  Seems odd not to have it in the controls list.

A new thread needs opening, WatashiWaZero, for these type of bugs, because most of them are definitely not Reunion related. They do need reporting, and many of them I will try to fix, but they need to be in a separate thread and then they can also be added to the bug database (not mine - White Wind's).

Not sure that one can be fixed, though... -- Post is going to be longer than usual, but I'm going to start off with the images...

One of them is just to confirm what Galm posted earlier.  The buttons are swapped.  This is probably an easy fix for you though.

Going back to our conversation about gil being capitalized or not.  You're sticking with not capitalizing it, and I don't mind, but then you capitalize it on the loot screen when the original game had it on lower case.  I can see why it would be upper case in the bottom right box since it's the only word, but the other two boxes should be lowercase.  This is all for consistency sake.

One of the other pictures is the transition to the FMV.  As noted in the description, this probably cannot be fixed, and I'm 99.99% sure you can't.  Just wanted to note since it stood out to me.

Last picture has to do with what I said and your response quoted above.  It shows you what I said earlier with the models not getting back up after being knocked down.  There you can see that the second Dance is about to be cast by the Maul Dancer (I got the enemy and skill name for you this time), and the team is still on the floor.  It actually has something to do with Reunion, most likely the models again.  I uninstalled Reunion and played the game vanilla, and tried to replicate the bug, but to no avail.  After I reinstalled Reunion again, I can replicate this glitch with every battle against Maul Dancers 100% of the time.

And finally, no pictures for this error, but on the map fship_23, when you first steal and get onto the Highwind, Tifa is seen on the bottom left of the map.  As the camera pans/shifts upward to show the rest of the area, Tifa suddenly teleports to where Cid is standing and walks towards the middle.  You can probably fix this as the error is similar to the one you fixed for how Tifa enters the map in the initial Avalanche meeting downstairs (mds7pb_2 I think)...


I know I probably come across as nitpicky at this point, but I'm just trying to contribute what I can to this project.  It'd be nice if you could doubt my reports less than you do now.  :P

Also, wouldn't it be cool to end Reunion on R07?  8)

Something else I wanted to report:

In the battles that take place while you're on your way to the City of the Ancients, specifically the map that contains the Water Ring, I experienced an anomaly of sorts where characters would freeze in whatever animation they were going through.  The enemy (I think the seahorse looking ones) that casts the whirlwind of leaves skill that hits the entire party.  After the party gets knocked down, they stay down, but aren't dead/incapacitated.

Sorry to be super vague, but I forgot about it until now.  I'm also not sure if it has happened elsewhere.

By the way, you can interact with Holzhov from below... Might wanna fix that. :P


All color anomalies. Enjoy!!
There's probably a lot more in the glacier area, but I probably won't visit every screen.

Is it normal to replay the snowboarding game again and again if you left the glacier and ran back up to Icicle Lodge?
I thought that once you've completed the snowboarding mini-game, you can leave town without being forced to play it again..?

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