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General discussion / Re: FFVII steam release
« on: 2013-07-04 09:54:36 »
Maybe we should make a petition for steam workshop support=D

General discussion / FFVII steam release
« on: 2013-07-04 09:50:10 »

Finally it's out in steam ^^

No problem) I'll be still be 1 year missing from the scene due to russian army service. After that expect some good stuff I'm getting ready for the comeback) And prey for DLPB coding skills)

I want it on steam T_T

FF7 Other Mod Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2012-06-11 20:08:07 »
Dan, contact me on skype when you'll be free.

I'm finally free as a bird btw :P

Graphical Modding / Re: Widescreen hack
« on: 2012-02-12 10:54:27 »
interesting idea=)

Also a good way of learnin blender:
1) you see an option
2) save
3) try that option on your model
4) mess up everything
5) learned what that option does
6) load the save

You have to figure out yourself most of the things, that way you won't be chained by common presents and methods, and you'll be able to do something on your own

looks interesting=) thx for the info

Completely unrelated / Re: do you like eve
« on: 2012-02-03 09:57:00 »
eve online or parasit eve? Or a girl Eve?

Completely unrelated / Re: I found Millenia!!
« on: 2012-02-02 14:08:02 »
It all depends on why the artist is doing a project and what he expects. So for some even 1$ is a great thank you (you can buy an icecream with it >_<). And some will not take money at all, cause for them art is for the soul.

Maybe Millenia reached it's goal here, not to mention that on skyrim it's far more easier to create a mod=\ Personaly I can't say that it's convenient to create a mod for FFVII due to limitations of the tools and the game engine itself. Most likely money will not return Millenia, but more advanced modding tools will have a chance.

imho, it would be great if there was an app which would automatically create UV maps for current FFVII models. Then the artist would not face the PITA of reconverting the models, and would only need to paint on the canvas (UV's). (Dreams, dreams...)

Completely unrelated / Re: I found Millenia!!
« on: 2012-01-28 16:21:30 »

Money makes things complicated. You're putting someone under an obligation, but you're going to be paying them less than market rate. That's not a good equation.

There are two systems:
1) payment to make something -> future work
2) released work <- donations
The first one is really like an obligation. It's really better to find a job and get paid more.
The second one is a form of thank you which encourages the artist a lot.

With the original world_us it just blends better.

cid model is ready?^^

I'll release the magic mod after I finish my first university (too busy now). It'll be in march)
This applies to Cid also cause his arms, t-shirt and shoes are not quite done yet

You should check out Kela51 ice spell texture:
It still looks like original in terms of shape but the textures are more improved in my opinion

It looks like snow to me, not like ice=/

Personaly I don't like it either that the white blends together into a stronger one=(
iirc there were other blend modes, maybe they will help

When the model is animated the old ice texture effect was noisy as hell (cause of 1px dots), so I had to change the effect.
Though I can return the edge lines from it:


How about this then?

Ice2 Final

Oh, just saw an interesting concept how ice should look, will try to do something like that tomorrow=)

I turned off the global sound option in windows 7 and then enabled it for each programm except ffvii, that was the only way to turn of every sound in ffvii

I'll release the magic mod after I finish my first university (too busy now). It'll be in march)


Redone ice2 cause the model was kinda shitty even with texture

Dear Santa, let it be animation support ^_^

FF7 Other Mod Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-12-09 21:27:06 »
Dan, contact me tomorrow on skype, I need the new font=)

It's all about lightning and face texture if you ask me.
Put him a mean face and some wrinkles and he's top notch.

That is for the end (cause I messed up one thing :P )

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