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Support / Kleyon's APZ Cloud Field Model
« on: 2013-01-02 09:08:20 »
Hi everyone,

I'm making this topic for sharing pics (and maybe model if I can) of my revised APZ Cloud battle to field model. In fact this converted model is not brand new, I made this one during previous year, so this is based on old APZ Cloud model but using new textures ! So there's no problem concerning face texture, and old 24Bit Textures are now new 32Bit Textures.

I have to thanks many modders, starting by APZ of course, but also many others that helped me with a lot of great advices, not especially on that model but on modding.

I have to thanks elfinea too, it's because of her converted APZ Cloud that I decided to improve mine.

Old                                            New

Added Black Suit & Dark Cloud textures :

I will not share without explicit permission from APZ and any Qhimm staff member. But since there are new textures, I think there's no problem for releasing it !

Edit : New one isn't smaller than old one, this is just an effect from Kimera screenshots...

Hi everyone,

EDIT : I make an edit on top but it's volontary because my message is a block !

So, because I received authorization from Timu Sumisu for releasing my converted HQ Barret field (can been seen on that topic), I edited topic's title. As a beginner, I'm doing my best to have valuable models, but I know it's not perfect, so please, be indulgent (as for my english, because I'm french ^^)

I have to thanks many poeple for this field model :
- Original Model : Timu Sumisu & Millenia
- Converted Field Model : Megaten (his model helped me at first, understanding and doing it)
- Model Fix : Obesebear (pointing legs lenght problem, I done my best to resolve), Grimmy (helped me on improving my model on my last left leg problem)

Of course without them, and many more, I couldn't do it. So many thanks to all of them and others FF7 modders who motivated me by their mods.

Well, I have labelled it with my nick, without forgetting original authors (as you'll see, RAR file is named T&M for Timu sumisu and Millenia. Sorry it's a way shorter ^^ Readme file give credits to them too... and for those you don't know how to use it, it's on the readme too (NOTE : you will need HQ Barret Battle model by Timu Sumisu & Millenia in order to have battle model of weapon ingame ! Shared texture !)

Now here links :

As I said, it's not perfect, some said there's still a legs/arms ratio problem, I tried to fix it but result wasn't good enough for me, so feel free to do what you want with it, BUT don't forget to credit ORIGINAL authors, I mean NOT me !

OLD TOPIC : I'm back since my first contact with this forum and modding FF7. I've used time to understand and did what others wishes (and I don't doubt, what others have done), converting HQ Barret battle to field.

I have to thanks too many people for that.... to start, Borde, Mirex, and all of those who make it possible ! Without their programs this will be hard....  Many thanks to those who helped me understanding FF7 modding, no private message, I've found tutorials by Trish (Mike Strife) and cie... Not really appreciated in the community by their models import, but well, they know how to do it... so thanks to them, they have learned me more than one trick by their tutorials !

I have to thanks Megaten too, because I've used his field model to redone the original Barret, some who knows modding, will see, I haven't only modified the texture...

I would like to add to anyone who love FF7 like I love FF7, who would like to do their modd too, just be VERY patient, it need time, a lot of time, you know, is forging that one becomes blacksmith... Now I have my first working model, and believe me, this is the start ^^

Now, I will not release the model for the moment, need to have a validation by Timu and/or Millenia and Megaten to release it (I think it's normal !).

I am waiting for an answer for releasing it or not... I know I'm not the only one who was searching for the original T&M Barret for field.

A little view :

Have a nice day ! :) One again, many thanks to all of them who make it possible !

EDIT : Fully tested models (Barret normal, Barret with parachute and Barret with two arms) without glitches or bug (modders know what I'm talking about...)

PS : Yeah he have a HQ AM Canon... it takes me so little time to do this... I didn''t understand why anybody have done this weapon.... the texture by Millenia was for the full weapon.... But I agree, it could be better, just my first shot, ported to battle too...

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