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Hi!!! I done a new textures for the ff8 main characters.
Its posible put in the pc game?
I made a test using a Texmod and epsxe with next3d 13.5 plugin, a bad plugin but the one plugin with works texmod. I need your help for put the textures in the pc version!!! Xd
Was a really fun and a hard work done this Xd
I try finish the all main characters :P
Here de images, I use noesis for edit the character textures and for took screenshots:

the main characters:

And this its work in progress:

And the test with texmod and epsxe:

I Relase a first pack with many characters!!
First pack:
this pack contain the rinoa,quistis, selphie, squall and irvine textures and model in collada format.
this textures are the finals version, anyway I must drawing the closed eyes for each character and retouch the rinoa weapon.
Second pack link:
this pack contain: zell,zell uniform, Laguna, Fuujin;ulyimecia and seifer

Troubleshooting / Submarine Help!!!
« on: 2011-12-21 14:41:42 »
Hi! I have a error with the spanish submarine lpg file so I can not play the game :/
I need a USA version of submarine lpg file!!!
Thanks for the help :)

Hi I am Magochocobo I decided made a enhancement some battle scenarios.
I made Three packs with improved textures for the battles.
Here some sample images:

pack 1 Lpg files version: upload the all battle backgrounds that I made:
corel, corel prision, corel reactor, corel passage, corel railway, railway brigde, rope brigde , desert corel and cosmo cañon.

pacl 1 Png files version:
Areas in the rar: corel reactor, corel passage, corel railway, railway brigde, rope brigde , desert corel and cosmo cañon.
pack 1:

Corel, Corel Prision and bonus Sefiroth Vortex:
pack 1.5:

Pack 2:
cetra altar, ancient forest, cetra temple 1,2 and cetra temple dragon, ancient city, shinra mansion, nibelheim basement, wutai temple , don corneos, da shao hand and da shao.

pack 2:

A album with some images from this pack:
the left part in the pictures its the original textures and the right my new textures.

I really proud from this:

New pack!! I made the all crater battle scenarios!
sefitot bizarro lef,Right and center, crater spiral, crater jungle, crater entrance, crater cave, crater cave2, crater lifestrean, crater jenova, sefitort vortex v2, final battle, aeris church, gelnika, junon aerodrome and battle square

pack 3:
pack 3 lgp version:
pack 3 lgp version link by UGerstl :

Mediafire links by UGerstl
pack 1 Lpg files version (magochocobo ff7 battle.rar)

pack 1 Png files version (magochocobo png battle files.rar)

pack 1.5 (corel prison and bonus.rar)

pack 2 (magochocobo ff7 battle pack 2.rar)

pack 3 (magochocobo_ff7pack3.part1.rar + magochocobo_ff7pack3.part2.rar)

pack 1/1.5/2: The links between MediaFire and MegaUpload are interchangeable.
                      That means, if one link goes down or the download speed is terrible
                      slow you can use the other host.

pack 3:          The links between MediaFire and MegaUpload are not interchangeable.
                      For decompressing, only the "magochocobo_ff7pack3.part1.rar" file
                      must be selected.

If you use the Bootleg installer from PitBrat, you don't have to decompress the files.

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