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Hello guys!

It's been a while since the last time but the "remaster" announcement woke me up from a long sleep  :evil:

What's the point of this topic and why should it be so important?

Cameras are one of the not yet fully documented things in FF8 but they could provide great help to the 3D reconstruction of many stuff that could lead to new/better 2D background mods for example.

Also later on, when the remaster will be released (if the engine is going to be moved to Unity or something), maybe an actual 3D environment could actually be injected in the game (or replaced for some battle stages for example).

We already can use walk-meshes for having some spatial reference and they helped me a lot to understand the actual depth for some areas.
I'm sure those mesh come from the actual 3D model since some of them kept their relative position (you can notice that if you import most of the garden ones..the central hall ones just overlap each other with no need to move them)

Having exact cameras views in the 3D would help with precise reconstruction and be used for texture camera projection.

I guess we could try to make some sort of inverse-photogrammery to get some raw-3d models of some stuff.

This is what I'd like to get in a more precise way (I adjusted the camera position manually to get this)

Even better would be having a precise reconstruction of the camera movement during cinematics with 3d characters overlay (we need to figure out how to read those data)

So far this is what I think I understood:

-walk-mesh come from the original 3D models then they're a reliable reference of the 3D environment
-the in-game 3D camera probably "render" a bigger region which is later cut from the game (the camera doesn't actually move when you see the background just show a different slice of the same camera render giving the illusion of movement while keeping the character aligned on the background) ---> see camera ranges

So far this is what I'm trying to understand and I'm quite sure about:
Camera position read from Deling doesn't actually match the walkmesh but if you swap the order the position you get is probably correct (X->Y , Y->Z , Z-> X) ..otherwise all the walkmesh position are the one to be swapped.

Camera orientation from my guess is guided from 3 vectors (even though probably just 2 of them should be enough to get the orientation)
1st Vector represents the axis pointing to the "right" of the camera
2nd Vector represents the axis pointing to the "bottom/down" of the camera
3rd Vector represents the axis pointing to the "front/aim" of the camera

So far this is what I'm trying to understand but I really don't know how to handle:

-In the very first "in-game cinematic" there must be some sort of object masking away the characters when they are "behind" the column... I would guess that should be some sort of mesh (similar to the one for the walk ) that serves the purpose of hiding 3d models... could be that or some sort of 2d mask tracked but I hope for a 3D plane that could give more spatial info.

see here (5:57) :

-I don't get how the "zoom"  value works and how I'm supposed transfer it to a 3D software (like 3dMax or Maya)

-We don't know much yet about camera animation data but the number of "positions" (??) doesn't match the supposed number of frames in the cg animation.. we need to figure out how those data are supposed to be read..!

Support / FFVIII Sounds Effect Catalog
« on: 2013-06-20 10:16:17 »
Hi guys!

I'm working on a FFVIII related project and I extracted all the sound effects but now I need to catalog them..
Did anyone ever started a work like this? or want to help me whith this?

I got a modified version of FF8SND.exe that let me extract all file at once (I'm not sure that the author would approve it so I won't post any link atm ... but I can share it whith whoever will decide to help me)

I'll try to keep an updated list here and I hope someone will help me in this quest about ff8 sounds knowledge.

here's a first fast list ( sound whith "???" must be verified)
00000 - Menu Cursor Move/Confirm
00001 - Step [walk?]
00002 - Step [run?]
00003 - Quistis Whip on air before attack?
00004 - Magic begin cast ?
00005 - Magic begin cast [enemies] ?
00006 - Something Cast ??
00007 - GF Summonig/ Cast Magic ???
00008 - Menu Back/Cancel
00009 - Battle sound [Enemy encounter / battle begin] ?
00010 - Battle sound [Enemy encounter / battle begin] ?

00014 - Menu command ready (if no-limit is active)
00015 - Menu Error

00017 - Battle Summary [Item Aquired]

00020 - Escape from battle [steps]
00021 - Limit Break Cast
00022 - Boss Battle begin (ifrit)???
00023 - GF Summoning (Some GF end of cast for example Shiva - when characters disappear)
00024 - GF Summoning (Some GF end of cast for example Quetzal - when characters disappear)

00026 - Item Consume (potion)/Menu Magic use (cure)

00028 - StartMenu [Begin Game]
00029 - SavePoint Found
00030 - ???
00031 - Menu Junctioning
00032 - Battle Summary [Calculating ???]

00034 - Battle Summary [Calculating Exp Aquired]
00035 - Save Folder Opened
00036 - Saved successfully

00041 - Vehicle sound ??
00042 - Vehicle sound ??
00043 - Vehicle sound ??
00044 - Vehicle sound ??
00045 - Vehicle sound [car]??
00046 - Vehicle sound [car]??
00047 - Vehicle sound [car]??
00048 - Vehicle sound [Car stops at balamb harbour before dollet mission start]
00049 - Vehicle sound ??
00050 - Vehicle sound ??
00051 - Vehicle sound [braking]
00052 - step ?
00053 - step ?
00054 - Turnstile sound (Balamb Garden Entrance)
00055 - Vehicle sound ??
00056 - Vehicle sound ??
00057 - Vehicle sound ??
00058 - Vehicle sound ??
00059 - ???
00060 - Vehicle sound [clacson?]
00061 - Vehicle sound ??

00064 - Item bought at shop
00065 - Draw Point Found
00066 - Draw Point Aquiring

00067 - Vehicle sound [inside train]
00068 - Vehicle sound ???
00069 - Vehicle sound ???
00070 - Vehicle sound [inside train?]
00071 - Vehicle sound [inside train?]
00072 - Vehicle sound [train stop]
00073 - Vehicle sound [train braking]
00074 - Vehicle sound [train stop?]
00075 - Vehicle sound [train stop?]
00076 - Vehicle sound [train start??]
00077 - Vehicle sound [train stop?]
00078 - Vehicle sound [train stop?]
00079 - Vehicle sound [train brakes?]
00080 - Ambient sound ?
00081 - Ambient sound ?
00082 - Ambient Sound [Fire Cavern??]
00083 - Crowd sound
00084 - Ambient sound?
00085 - Vehicle sound [train ?]
00086 - menu something?

00088 - Triple Triad Game [card sound]
00089 - Triple Triad Game [card sound]

00093 - Vehicle sound ?
00094 -  Menu command ready (if limit is active)
00095 - Ambient Sound [Dripping]
00096 - Ambient Sound ???
00097 - Ambient Sound ???
00098 - Shootings sound ??
00099 - Shootings sound ??
00100 - Shootings sound ??

00105 - Ambient Sound [Sea Waves]
00105 - Ambient Sound [Seagulls?]

00112 - Menu Something
00113 - shield activation on hit [protect] ???
00114 - Draw ??

00117 - Menu something ????

00120 - Ambient Sound [Bell][Dollet Mission?]
00121 - Ambient Sound [Bell][Dollet Mission?]

00124 - Ambient Sound [???]

00145 - Ambient Sound [Wind]
00146 - Zell Attack [Punch 1]
00147 - Zell Attack [Punch 2]

00153 - Gunblade Hit
00153 - Gunblade Trigger
00154  - Hit evaded

00156 - Whip Hit ???

00160 - Selphie Nunchaku Attack
00161 - Selphie Nunchaku Attack [hit]

00164 - Seifer Attack ???
00165 - Seifer Attack ???
00166 - Seifer Attack ???

00173 monster sound (grat???)
00174 monster dead (grat???)

00191/2 - Monster Appear/Death (RedBat???)

00203/4 -Monster Appear/Death (Thruslavelis???)

00205/6 - Monster Appear/Death (Bomb???)

00370 - Quetzal Summon [???]
00371 - Quetzal Summon [???]
00372 - Quetzal Summon [???]
00373 - Quetzal Summon [???]

00374 - Shiva Summon [first part]
00375 - Shiva Summon [when she break the ice]
00376 - Shiva Summon [she load the attack and cast]
00377 - Shiva Summon [ending - when the ice explodes]

00395 - zantetsuken

00398 - Shiva Diamond Dust attack ???

00410 - Moguri summoning

00412 - Doomtrain
00413 - Doomtrain

00462 - Eden???

00481 - DrawCommand??

00487 - Chaos???

00607 - Renzokuken Rough Divide

00615 - Angelo Cannon [incomplete]

00619 - Renzokuken
00620 - Renzokuken

00625 - Renzokuken
00626 - Renzokuken ???
00627 - Laguna's Desperado Limit ?

00631 - Renzokuken
00632 - Renzokuken
00633 - Renzokuken
00634 - Renzokuken
00635 - Renzokuken (vs some boss)
00636 - Renzokuken
00637 - Renzokuken
00638 - Renzokuken
00639 - Renzokuken
00640 - Renzokuken

00642 - Renzokuken [Lionhearth]

00668 - some boss defeat???

I know it's a really boring work but I need all the sounds that you can listen at the very beginning  of the game (untill you exit the fire cavern) for the demo I'm working whith my team..(It'll be just a demo covering the Fire Cavern test made whith UDK.. full 3D and so on..)


Whoever will help us to find useful sounds for our project will be chosen for beta testing (if he/she wants) when the alpha/beta version will be ready... maybe I could open a thread about the project (but I don't know which section is the fittest..)

Troubleshooting / FF8- WalkMesh - Import/Export
« on: 2013-03-21 13:06:34 »
Hello guys  :)

I'm actually here because I need your help about ff8 walkmeshes..

The thing I need is a tool or a method to obtain somehow the walkmesh into a 3D format or at least a list of all the vertices.

I read many posts but actually I don't have the skills to understand everything..

Anyway from what I know The Walkmesh Data is contained in the .ID files..

Actually the only tool I found which seems  to be able to read the WalkMesh is Deling by Myst6re (Thanks for that man  :) ) but the only thing that tool allow to do  is to see /and maybe change the triangles coordinates one by one ..

The thing I need is to have all coordinates written down toghether...or better a script/tool to import it in blender 3dsMax or Maya etc or export it into any file format (.obj or whatever)

Till now I copied vertices reading them one by one from deling but I can't really continue this way..

I'm gonna rebuild in 3Ds Max few enviroments from FF8 and I wanted to use the original walkmesh for reference but I need a faster way to import them in a 3D editor and unfortunately I'm not a programmer so I need your help.. plz  :cry:

I'm not sure about this but FF8 still keeps some secrets models hidden somewhere and i hope that what I'm about to post can be usefull somehow..

G.F. Models (Siren Shiva Eden Carbuncle.. etc) NPC and Terrain / City Models still can't be viewed or extracted whith any tool (but if i missed it plz tell me!) so I tried to extract them whith another method but my success was only 66,66666666% v.v

Here some screens:


Quezacotl (in different poses during animation):

I used 3d ripper DX  epsx and 3ds max for this but the problem is that the what you see is just flat (there is no depth at all..)

If anyone think these flat 3D screens can be helpful to understand any still mysterious file format of the game just ask me and I'll be happy to help!

Just 1 more thing..

Whith same tool i extracted some textures from the Balamb Garden ground model (i'm quite sure) and other from battle 3d enviroments..

here some examples:

I extracted lot of things whith other tool but i'm quite sure i'd never seen these textures before..


I found a similar post here:

Hello Everybody  ;D

I just started to play ffvii and I decided to try to make a new version of FFVII intro using some scenes from the Tech demo and then share whith you but I have a problem..

I can't find an HQ version of the Tech demo for ps3.. someone got that video in HD? 720p or higher quality for example?

and even i saw some videos whith cloud on a train in CG but I don't know where they come from.. (;13753102;/fileinfo.html )
I'd like to find the original scene in HD..

I hope someone can help me ^^

I'll use After Effects for the editing and i read somewhere that the video should be 1280x960 and 15 fps according to the (Aali's?) patch for hd movies.. if not right or incomplete plz tell me (I'm not sure about codec..)  :roll:

Troubleshooting / ff8 - G.F. and NPC
« on: 2011-05-15 21:40:27 »
Hello guys I'm new here.

I'm developing whith some friends a little project and I found in this forum a lot of wonderful stuffs.

I succeeded in exporting most of the combat model and all the background images from the game and movie clips..and last (few minutes ago) NPCs..

my problem is whith G.F. models.

I found for example the Ifrit boss model and model from all G.F. you can fight before obtain them..
what about other GFs? Where and how can I extract for example Shiva , Siren , Eden etc..(I'd like export animation too if possible..)

The only thing i found are those files from folder battle:
mag184_d.dat (99kb)
mag184_e.dat (56kb)
mag184_f.dat (1kb)
mag184_g.dat (1kb)
mag184_h.dat (98kb)
mag184_i.dat (1kb)

in mag184_d.dat (99kb) i found these textures(seems to be texture for the model):
texture 0
texture 1
texture 2
texture 3

and in mag184_h.dat (98kb) i found these:
which are supposed to be textures for ice effects of Shiva's attack

well.. i guess in mag184_e.dat(56kb) there is something interesting but I was not able to find out what and I hope someone in this forum can  :|

Aniway i found similar groups of files which seems to be related whith G.F. animation:
mag186.. .dat should be Odin
mag190.. .dat should be Doomtrain
mag217.. .dat should be Gilgamesh (not sure)
mag325.. . dat Odin and Gilgamesh (i guess this is related to Odin's death animation..)

I found even Quezacotl textures but no model or animation in files related to mag115:


but i found something only in files .00 , 01 , 02 ,03 ,04 ,06 , 09 , 11 , 13 , 14 , 17 , 18 , 21 (the following textures)

even in this case some files have a mysterious content for example mag115_h.22(96kb)

I hope someone can help me  :'(


sorry for my bad english  ;D

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