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General Discussion / Battle model names?
« on: 2014-07-30 08:35:54 »

Is there a list contaning all the battle model names? I managed to find the names of all main chars (e.g. RTAA for Cloud, RUAA for Tifa, RVAA for Aeris, ...), but I'm still looking for Safer Sephiroth and Sephiroth's final battle model (the one that has only 1 HP).

Can someone help me here? :)

Troubleshooting / SOLVED: [FF7] G-Bike scene freezes
« on: 2014-06-22 00:48:08 »

For some reason my char.lgp causes my game to crash at the G-Bike minigame. Just before the game instruction screen should appear, everything freezes and the message "Ooops, something very bad happened" pops up.

I just swapped the modified char.lgp for a raw version with original models and it worked fine and I was able to continue playing.

My char-file contains:
- The Reunion R01 Model Overhaul
- TA Materia
- TA Save Points
- cmh175's Red XIII Shaded
- cmh175's HD Cid
- cmh175's HQ Barret 2.0
- cmh175's TA Cloud 2.0 (black uniform, with sword)
- Bloodshot's Tifa
- Yuffie by Kula Wende
- Aeris by Kula Wende
- Sephiroth by Kula Wende

Unfortunately I didn't keep a save for further testing... :/

Do you have any idea which of my models is causing trouble? Or is that crash probably a known issue?

Troubleshooting / Trying to get up to date
« on: 2014-06-16 09:56:08 »
Hi there!

It's been three years since I modded my FF7 installation. Yesterday I went back into the game and noticed all those remaining low-res backgrounds. So I decided I should get some updates.

This is my setup from three years ago:

Comprehensive Game Enhancements:
Team Avalanche Beta 9
Team Avalanche GUI v2.0.8

Remastered OST

FL's Battle-Scene Enhancement

FL's World-map Enhancement

Field backgrounds:
Project Blackfan by yarLson
sl1982's Field Enhancement

Character models:
Phoenix Rejuvenation Project


I studied "The Big List of Mods" for quite a while and I think the following mods should be a great enhancement to my current setup.

FFVII Battle Scene Enhancements by EQ2Alyza

59 Textures For FF 7 PC to go with Felix Leonharts by Ste41k

Field backgrounds:
Omzy's FFVII Field Pack

Character models:
char.lpg- & world_us.lpg-models from The Reunion R01 by DLPB

Now I have a few questions...

01.) Are there any "better" or more recommendable choices out there or should I go that route?

02.) Is it save to combine Omzy's (field) and EQ2Alyza's (battle-scenes) files with those of yarLson/sl1982 (field) and Felix Leonhart (battle-scenes)? I would just copy the PNG-files of yarLson, sl1982 and FL into the mod folders of Omzy and EQ2Alyza to overwrite the existing ones.

3.) Can you recommend any additional mods? e.g. I never tried customized weapons (all I found were partial releases and I always wonder if it's hard to integrate them) and I'm sure there's other stuff out there.

Thanks in advance for any help! ;)

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