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Hi there, I'm sure a couple of you guys remember me  :o lol
I'm ANXIOUS to play my FF7, and the last time I posted here I just about gave up on modding the game. I went back to the original FF7 on PSX and eventually said... "know what? This can't cut it no more. I'm sorry "black label", you've been good to me, but I've found a better you... for now." And then, my black label copy of FF7 went and cried in a corner... I feel bad for 'em. I'm gonna go get him after I'm finished with all this. But yeah...
I'm trying to get back at it, and I seem to be having some trouble with a couple things.

I have some models that are not allowed on this forum, but that should not matter. A couple of you have it already, and it was taken down due to copyright laws from S-E (you know what I'm talking about... the infamous ****** ******** Complete mod by Kula Wende. also, not sure if this specific one was taken off the internet, but you get the point).

Anyways, getting to my problems.

1) I'm trying to mix some models together which would include APZ Cloud, the "infamous" mod, and Millenia's Custom Weapons. Pretty much I want to take Cloud's battle model, possibly slap another face on it from the infamous mod, because there's something about APZ's face model that just creeps me out... don't ask why, because I couldn't tell you lol. I'm just weird like that. BUT ANYWAYS, yeah. APZ body, infamous face, and Millenia's custom weapons. Okay, now that I'm done beating around the bush, is it possible to take the face model from another one and leave the APZ hair intact??? If not, then I guess I will be able to live with my creepy ass main character.
UPDATE: I FIGURED OUT WHAT CREEPED ME OUT ABOUT THAT MODEL... it's the eyes vato... the eyes....

2) Then I wanted to change the "infamous" mod "buster sword" and put it in the Ultima Weapon's place, and then keep APZ's amazing buster for the first weapon in the game. Would it mess up the model if I did that??

3) What is the name of the certain models..? I'm going through my mod folders and when I UNLGP, they have the 4 character titles (example: rtaa, rtab). I'm trying to figure out which one of these are the buster sword and which one is the Ultima Weapon.

4) When I installed the APZ Cloud model, I noticed in both normal and file battle folders, there was a file that was the same... I'm gonna go look at it right now and find out which one it is.................................. its rtcy. If I took the final battle rtcy and replace the normal battle rtcy, would it make a difference in game? Would the final battle portion of the mod not work because of that???

5) After installing the "infamous" mod, Barret seems to punch AND shoot at the same time in the bombing mission, and that's not right... is there a certain software that will let me change animations throughout the game so I can fix this issue?

6) Can I rename weapons/items with a certain program? Or would that be done manually..?

7) On the menu overhaul project, I noticed that in the mods folder DK, there was a missing picture. That picture would be young cloud. Would I just put young cloud's new picture in that folder? Or would I have to unlgp again?

Any help would be appreciated, and I'm pretty sure I posted this in the right place, seeing as these questions have to do with mods and not the actual game itself (hence, troubleshooting). I didn't want to PM the people that made the mods, because I'm sure they get questions like this everyday and they are probably annoyed by now, so I decided to just post it here where other fellow modders can help me get back on my feet :) any help would be appreciated, and I SWEAR that if I could give you a chocolate chunk ahoy cookie for every questions answered, I would  ;) swear on my mama!

General Discussion / FFXIII?
« on: 2011-08-14 04:47:22 »
Okay, honestly I want to know what people in this forum think about this game. I've seen people love it, and I've seen people hate it. It's basically a linear-rpg. I bought it less than a year ago, played right up to seeing that little blonde chick (was her name Serah or something?) and I stopped there. I sold the game, but later regretted it because of the "hype" around the game. I'm easily suckered into video games even when I know they suck. (ex. I played Duke Nukem Forever demo, hated it, and then recently traded my BRINK for a copy). So yeah, I bought it again, and I got up to the Shiva sisters..... then I never touched it again. How does everybody REALLY feel about this interactive movie?

General Discussion / Custom FMV's
« on: 2011-08-14 04:27:59 »
Hi I'm working on new fmv's for my final fantasy vii. they're already finished and I use sony vegas 10.0. i render the size to 1280x960 and then I either compress it or leave it uncompressed to avi (which makes my 30 second clip like 3 gigs...). THAT however is not the problem. The problem is whenever I use one of MY fmv's, the audio stays normal but the video plays fast forwarded, thus cutting my fmv crucially short. I'm not sure if there is a certain way to render the videos or if there's a cool converter I can run my videos through. I been up since 8 oclock this morning trying to fix the problem and same with the day before. If someone could please be of assistance? I tried to msg a certain fmv someone in the forums but they blocked my msgs before I could even talk to them  :-o why? I do not know lol.

sorry im new to this forum. I have an idea for a final fantasy vii mod that I would like to discuss with some modders.

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