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Troubleshooting / the widths of the narrow font
« on: 2015-03-26 16:25:44 »

I don't find where exactly stored the widths of the narrow font on Final Fantasy VII PC Steam.

I know one are stored in window.bin and the other ff7.exe, but I don't know where are exactly on the exe.
Besides, I was looking documents of Reunion mod.


Troubleshooting / Editing Opening credits in PC
« on: 2014-12-14 15:23:57 »
Hi, guys.

We have some problems when we are trying to edit the graphics of prelude.

Here an image:

The graphics are cut across the width, but no high in each block.

We don't know how to move  the pointer where the graphics stand to refocus those appearing on the right side.


Troubleshooting / Texts in the Submarine game PSX
« on: 2014-10-20 13:51:37 »

I would like to ask about the texts of submarine game.
I would like to edit but I don't find them.

I know the name of file submar.bin which is a gzip file.
But I don't find the text for example: Limit Time or Target. (In Spanish: Límit de tiempo and objetivo)


Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Replace models FF7 PSX
« on: 2014-09-12 22:10:42 »

We would like to replace the model of materia MP Turbo in the map TRNAD_4 which is yellow but it should be blue.
It is impossible to replace with makou reactor, only works in PC version.

We don't get to localize the modele in archives BSX.

I hope an answer, thanks.

Gameplay / Little Fix Element-w PSX
« on: 2013-10-10 17:29:58 »
I don't know if this post is correct in this section.

With the information which did Kranmer with PC VERSION, and some codes found by Oregon. See this link:

It has been possible to do a little fix. This little fix does the bug is the original in first japanese version which
does not return the item to the player and the item dissapared.
This "patch" is done with the spanish version PSX, but it can be used with others.

Original post where did the "armips" by CUE:


It puts it all together, with "armips.exe", "gzip.exe" game files "BATTLE.X" and "YAMADA.BIN", and run "w-item.bat". If an error is indicated, but if it has been so good already that you can use the Element W poop without the damn bug, and those who use it will begin to run objects, smartass and cheat.

The default is assumed to be in the Christian version of the game. To switch to another version you have to edit the file "w-item.asm" and change the line ". Start_SP org" to put the "start_XX" desired, which are already defined in the same file.

The file "YAMADA.BIN" is updated with the final size of "BATTLE.X", although I think it would work without it because it takes the same number of sectors.

Troubleshooting / Bug element-w some doubts
« on: 2013-07-02 22:19:21 »
Hello everyone! Some time ago I've been wondering if there is any way to fix the glitch w element in the PSX version. I read some posts on this forum and seems to be more difficult than it seems at first.

Then I realized that the first Japanese PSX version does not have this glitch (actually, the problem that's in this version is that you lose the object if it is canceled). So I thought, Is possible to compare the file where functions the commands with other versions iin order to "fix" that problem?

I read other post, Krammer created a dll which does the same in first japanese version.

I wonder in what archive contents the information about the "element-w" and their functions.


Troubleshooting / FF7 PSX I don't find a graphic
« on: 2012-08-26 19:12:19 »
Hello, people. Sorry to be a pain. We are trying to find a one graphic, yes the only.

The graphic is the "slot", when you fight in "Arena" in the Gold Saucer, I uploaded the image for it can see, the image I extract from PC VERSION. I have been finding in the .MNU of psx because in PC version was in the MENU, then I thought that it could be there, but not.
Also, I have been finding in the folder MINI and others, but nothing, I don't know where can be.


Greetings, and I hope an answer.

Hello, guys, I don't want to be a pain with anybody, but I have some doubts, and sorry my English, I am not English speaker.

In first place, I have posted other posts about a Spanish re-translation, and we changed the font of the game,
but we have seen that the windows of dialogue are big, and they don't adapt to the font. For example in this

By xuliko_91 at 2012-08-03

In the images, the window of dialogue, is some big, and doesn't adapt to the small font, it adapts like the default font.

I would like if there is a way to autosize with that font we have edited to the windows dialogue.

Other doubt, is the Kernel.bin, we have edited the kernel.bin with wallmarket, we have considered the limit
of size, as says in the readme or "help archive" the program, 22Kbytes or 22598 bytes.
The archive we have translated his size is 21,9 KB (22.473 bytes).
The doubt I have, is, how to import this archive if is more big that default? I think, I should modify yamaha.bin, but I don't understand how modify the size in yamaha.bin. According to yamaha.bin, is a table of archives,
the kernel.bin size is in position 14 and LBA 10.

I hope some answer :), I only I would know it.

THe iso we are using, is spanish version, 1.1.

Greetings ;)

Hello, maybe I commented in other post, we are doing a spanish translation in FF7, and I looked the
FF7 international of Gemini.

Well, the original font is some big, so we looked the font of Gemini, and the PC version there were
two fonts, one narrow and other wide, the wide is like font of Gemini. So, my partner dumped the narrow font. Later, with
Hack 7, we extracted the font of psx in format TIM and later with Timviewer, TIM->BMP.
My partner with photoshop, ajusted the palet and the font, and then we did reverse, BMP->TIM
and with Hack 7, insert font TIM, and voilá, the result was great.

Here the images:

The first image, it can see that the font sees good.

By xuliko_91 at 2012-06-11

But, the second, I have the big problem...

By xuliko_91 at 2012-06-11

The name's objects, name of configuration, and equip, dissapeared, and if you quit the menu,
the game crashes. Other experiment I tried, it was changing the witdh of the font with Hack7, not
replace the wide font for narrow font, but the problem was the same, the object names and other
sub-menu, don't appear or the game crashes.

I have many questions about script, graphics and about minigames, but so far, I wish solucionate this problem.


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