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Hi all,

Final Fantasy 12 just arrived to steam. Anyone checked the file system? What about the text, there is any way to translate the games?

Hi all!

I'm just bought an android mobile and i really would like to play with hungarian translated FF8 when i'm traveling to work. The problem is the translation made to the pc version and not to the PSX version. Anyone know, there is any way to play the pc version on android mobile? Or there is any tool to put the PC translation to the PSC version?

Thanks for the help!

General discussion / Final Fantasy X Translate [Steam]
« on: 2016-06-02 07:43:58 »
Hi Guys!

Final Fantasy X finally arrived to Pc!!!! Me and my friend want to translate it to Hungarian but we don't have big programming skills. Can someone check the steam version? Export text is possible?

Thanks for the help!

HI all,

I'm hungarian and i would like to know which Final Fantasy episodes have tools to translate it to other languages.

Hungarian translated episodes:

- Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
- Final Fantasy VII (PC,PSX)
- Final Fantasy VIII (PC)

If i know good, Final Fantasy IX can be transale with Hades Workshop (0.25).

Anyone know any tools to other episodes? FFXII? FFX?

General discussion / How to translate Final Fantasy X?
« on: 2013-06-24 14:24:17 »
Hi all,

Anyone know any method to translate this epic game? I didn't find any topic on the net about extract/edit Final Fantasy X files.

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