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Completely Unrelated / External HDD problem
« on: 2012-10-31 23:05:25 »
Hi! Had worst luck last night :'(.. for some reason I can't access my external HDD all my ff7 modding stuff are there and some other important files..

It says that "windows can't access the disk" and the drive appears to have zero on both used and free space..

Does anyone here encountered same problem before? or knows a way around this without re-formatting, I really don't want to lose all those files, it has all the mod projects I'm working on..

Thanks! ;D

Troubleshooting / Resizing battle models?
« on: 2012-10-02 22:39:57 »
Is there tool that can resize battle models?
It's a bit tedious to resize bones and parts one by one in kimera and theres the possibility of kimera crashing whike resizing.

[EDIT] Just noticed the "Please don't start new thread" Sign, I'm really sorry. Please delete this post or move to a more appropriate section. Thank you very much.

Releases / [FF7PC] whitERaven Model Revisions (2012-12-06)
« on: 2012-09-30 03:47:37 »

Hi, I've been making enhancements on some battle models I've seen in this forums,
Models I'm currently working at and those that are completed will be posted and released here


[Original Model Created By ApzFreak]


-Minor Adjsutments on body proportions and face texture to give him a more grown up look-
-Used the black uniform instead of blue(more personal preference if you like the blue uniform I can always change it back)

STATUS : RELEASEd beta testing

[Original Model Created By megaten]

-Enhanced Textures-
-new face-
-minor parts resizing-
-fixed number of textures issue-

STATUS : RELEASEd beta testing

[Original Model Created By Jinkazama]

-Enhanced Textures-
-Resize body parts-


LINK UPDATED 10/6/2012:

[Original Model Created By Grimmy]

-New Texture for the face-
-enhance texture for the clothes-
-Resize body parts-
-Fixed animation glitch-


LINK UPDATED 10/2/2012:

[Original Model Created By Grimmy]

-New Texture for the face-
-enhance texture for the clothes-
-Resize body parts-
-Fixed hair transparency issue-


[Original Model Created By Jinkazama]

-Enhanced Textures using millenia's barret texture as base-
-Resize body parts-




Original Creators of the Models I'm using

Borde for his Awesome program Kimera  which allows the likes of me who's
not a pro in modeling to actually make some revisions to FF7 models

Members of Qhimm Forums community like JLOUTLAW who helped me during the
beta testing and others who gave their inputs in making this models

Hope you all like this models, I had fun working with them..
I'm still new at this and still learning so I'm open to comments and constructive criticism to make this better.

Bugs and Issues on the models please post them here.
Also some ingame screenshots will be much appreciated.


I've been working on a retexture/resize parts and fix on grimmy's yufie battle model,

here's my work so far..

ORIGINAL by Grimmy                               RETEXTURED/RESIZED

-New Face Texture
-new textured Skin on arms and legs
-Glitch fixed
-Body Parts resized

to be done
-new texture for clothes (optional)
-fix overlapping/broken parts (Must)

-Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome and much appreciated-

do you guys know why there are so many files for yufie?
Unlike tifa yufie has like 7 sets of battle files..

Graphical / [REL] Grimmy's Tifa-Retex/Resized Parts
« on: 2012-09-17 04:42:40 »
I was tweaking with grimmys Tifa model (particularly on the Textures) so I think I might as well post my work in progress here..

Battle Model is here with field, chocobo and world version converted by JLOUTLAW.. have fun!
original model is by Grimmy..

CLICK LINK TO DOWNLOAD:Check my new thread at release section

For Comparison..

Graphical / [REL] Barret AC Version Retex/Resized Parts
« on: 2012-08-18 08:43:36 »
Hi! I've been tweaking with Jinkazama Barret model, I'm more of AC style fan so I tried editing his model using textures from timu sumisu's & Millenia barret model but I made my own texture for the jacket, I also resized some parts of the model to give it more realistic proportion, I have no experience in modeling so all I did was use resources already available in here..

This was intended for my own use, but depending on the feedback and if there are no problems with the rules and the original makers I may share this model, so here it is, please let me know what you guys think of this.

EDIT: Since JLOUTLAW took time and effort to convert my battle AC barret model to Field version we decided to release it as a pack:


Base Model - AC Barret model by Jinkazama
Base Texture - Timu Sumisu & Millenia Barret Model


screenshots taken by JLOUTLAW, thanks a lot dude.

CLICK LINK TO DOWNLOAD Check the new thread in the release section,

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